5 Miserly Exchange System

This of course makes Adi even more speechless, what does this diamond mean, why is it economical, just like humans?" "Well, please display items that can be exchanged on the economical system" Adi replied with a bit of a mocking tone, the system was annoying.

"Yes sir" then there is a list of available exchange items

Seasonings (Salt, pepper, candlenut, garlic/red, spices, mirin, soy sauce, sauce, etc_) = 5 Points

Simple camping tent, fit for one person = 20 Points

Command Knife = 30 Points

Waterproof lighter = 1 point

Cold-resistant blanket = 3 points

Medium size frying pan = 10 points

Medium size pot = 10 points

Shoes = 1 point

Cooking knife = 10 points

Spoon and fork pair = 5 points

Pair of plates or bowls = 5 points

Petrol lamp = 15 points

Kerosene 1 liter = 20 points

Medium first aid kit (bandage, plaster, red medicine, cotton, alcohol, small scissors, small scalpel, ulcer medicine, diarrhea, heat, cough, and anti-inflammatory) = 30 points

Medium size toilet paper = 2 points

Toiletries = 5 points (for soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and towels)

Raincoat = 15 points

Compact food = 25 points (for 3 meals for 1 person)

Machete = 20 points

Ax = 15 points

3 liters of rice = 15 points

Complete set of clothes (shirt, pants, and the underwear) = 10 points

Seeing the list of needs, Adi is happy and grateful, because, with these basic items, he is now able to live and survive better.

And after looking at the list of items and points, Adi is a little confused about how the calculation of these points can appear, "Diamond, how is the calculation for prices on items in the catalog?"

"For the calculation of the price points for each item in the catalog, sir, you don't need to worry, it's already there, which Intan knows, it's all based on the priority of needs that a person needs, when it comes to survival, the rest of it, Intan doesn't feel like it. important and pointless sir to ask"

Adi, who initially heard Intan's explanation, listened very seriously, didn't reach the end, he had a few black lines on his forehead, what does that mean it's not important and it's useless, lazy to ask again Adi is now confused about how to get points for exchanging goods because he was confused so he asked Intan again "Intan, how do you get points?"

"Master can get points, by exchanging or doing anything that the system considers valuable into points, for example, animals that are hunted by the master, whether on land, sea, or air, then valuable plants, treasures, or heirlooms, helping sentient beings, and each will be judged according to a system with fair points"

Adi who heard Intan's explanation was happy because it wasn't too difficult to get points, but he had doubts about the fair points of the system because he felt the system was a bit unreasonable.

"Ok then exchange this rabbit meat for points" Adi orders Intan

"Are you sure sir?"

"Sure, already in a hurry to exchange!!!"

"no yet sir, look are you tired of catching it?" asked Intan with a slightly teasing tone

"Mmmmm, yes,but I've never eaten rabbit meat bar-bars" Adi replied with a little contemplation.

"Well, that's why you think carefully, sir before you exchange it, " Intan suggested again in a friendly manner.

"Yes, but I want to exchange points too, Intan, to buy other things, but I also want to eat rabbit meat, how about that?"

"Intan has a suggestion, sir, what if you sell half of it, so you can still exchange points and can eat rabbit meat"

"Is it possible to switch half of it?" Adi asked confusedly

"Yes sir, especially this month, the system has a promo, exchange half get half, how?"

"wow, here is a good promo, just exchange half diamonds"

"Ok sir, the rabbit meat is exchanged in half, please, sir, cut it in half before changing it"

"Why is it so complicated, Intan?" he muttered while still cutting the rabbit meat in half with wind magic

"Ok, now the system acacceptssaster now gets 50 exchange points, please exchange for existing goods"

"50 points, that's pretty good, ok, I'll think about it for a second"

"Ok please exchange the Seasonings, Knives, Plates, and bowls, then spoons and forks, now that's temporary"

"Ok Master's order has been confirmed, and the total points have been deducted by 45 Points so that Master's points currently remain 5 points, please take Master's items within Master's Dimensional Space"

"Ok thanks, intan, possess now it's time to roast the rabbit, heheheh... finally this is the end of eating rabbit meat" laughed happily because he felt he could finally eat

Prepare a place to burn the rabbit, don't forget to wash it clean, and then hang it over the fire to be grilled, don't forget to add the seasoning throughout the roasting process, even if only salt is sprinkled, to maintain the authentic taste, before further processing.

After almost an hour, smelled the sweet aroma of roasted rabbit, and saw the meat was cooked and looked very delicious, Adi slowly sliced ​​a small piece of rabbit meat with a Combat knife, tasting the taste Adi widened his eyes in shock at the taste he tasted.

Because this rabbit meat feels very soft and fragrant when eaten, and there is a warm feeling after it goes into the stomach, thinking about something I couldn't help but ask Intan.

"How come this diamond has a different taste for rabbit meat? Is there a secret?" asked Adi eagerly waiting for the answer he was thinking of

"Yes sir, this rabbit meat has an aura that helps you to level up and restore strength"

"It's not just this rabbit, right, but all the animals on this island?" asked Adi thinking about the conclusion he had thought and felt.

"That's right sir, all the animals that live on this island, have a good aura to raise your level and restore your strength, and the effect is that the higher the level of the animal the better for you, but animals from the ocean do not contain mana, just taste. then their flesh is tastier"

"I guess right now, Intan can you tell me the level of this rabbit?" Adi asked because he felt that this rabbit had a decent level, deduced from the results of the battle.

"The rabbit that the Host defeated has a level 3 Master and belongs to the lowest level on the island"

"Waaaaaaaaa, level three you're not wrong Intan? With this power isn't it over level ten?" Adi asked with an incredulous face and expression accepting Intan's explanation

"Diamond is not wrong sir, rabbits belong to a low level, as far as the scan that Intan has done is 1 Km from your position, and Intan doesn't know how tall the ruler on this island is, so sir, please be more careful" " explained and suggested adi.

"Uh-huh, you can only scan 1 km, how come? What's the reason, and you also don't know how high the level of rulers on this island is?" Adi started asking again with a thoughtful face about how dangerous his future on this island would be.

"Intan's scan is only 1 km because Master's level is weak so the data that Intan can provide is limited, so please do your best to raise Master's level, because as Master's level increases, the scans and information that Intan provides will be bigger and more accurate" Intan speaking as if encouraging Adi to challenge the danger of leveling up

"How come I feel like you're fighting me, Intan!" There are some black lines on Adi's forehead

Never mind, everything has happened and it's just a matter of how to deal with it, for now, let's eat first, which will be later, don't bother

Continues to eat bar rabbit meat, which Adi thinks is very tasty and full of satisfaction, looking forward to other types of animals that he will defeat to level up and taste the island's cuisine.

Imagining all that makes Adi who was initially nervous now turns into enthusiasm.

After making his stomach full, and resting for a while to digest the food, then continuing to hunt for another bar rabbit, Adi smiled a little at the corners of his lips.

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