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This is a self-assesment, and it's based on the assumption that you, as a reader, aren't used to slice-of-life romance stories. I'm uploading an existing back-log, and the first 150K words or so are line-edited twice. If defining 'Writing Quality' as my mastery of the English language I dare assigning five stars here. Well, there was this back-log. As long as I'm happy with a daily update I can keep this story going for another year without writing a single word more. Make that a year and a half. So five stars (for that a year and a half). This is most definitely slice-of-life. I've become fond of the format, but for a lot of readers I have to admit it could feel like watching paint drying. For the slow pacing I'll assign three stars to my story. It does develop after all. The problem with multiple third person point of view stories is that personalities tend to bleed into each other unless you're a fantastic author. I try to keep my characters apart, but I'm nowhere close to being a fantastic author. I believe I'm fair enough though. So, a modest three stars. Placing the story in something extremely similar to an existing setting makes building world a lot easier. It's simply hard to go wrong. Since this one is based upon an archetypical type of manga/anime -kind of story there are certain tropes I follow. There are both benefits as well as drawbacks to doing this. All in all I feel confident in placing four stars here. So, all in all, a self-review from the author that runs at below average compared to the all five stars reviews here. This is my attempt at giving you an honest opinion of my own story.


The writing style is great. Initially I had trouble understanding it, but after reading two three times, I became more acquainted with it. Also, would like to mention this is first kind of a novel I have read and highly impressed by it. The plot and character development is good, the way they transition and the talks just hooks the reader. 5 star for all. However, personally I think if you would change your cover to an anime one rather than a photograph, it would attract more readers. Just voicing my opinion. ** you have a new reader, that's me😃 Keep up the good work 👍


This story is really a great read! The start is befuddling but in a good way! Story improvement is great, The plot is so intriguing and one of a kind! The writing quality is really descriptive and keeps you captivated. The character design is heavenly as well! It was worth to read from confusion then sudden clarity. I will keep reading this, but for now, here are my thoughts about the story!


The story is unique and interesting, several characters were already introduce. It's Yukio and Urufu-kun dou that caught my interest the most. Then a fifty years old CEO in a teenage body, that would be Urufu aka Ulf? Correct me if am wrong. Or maybe I got confused, lol. Anyways, it's my first time reading a manga based story. I finished reading 'till 11 chapters. Am curios about the Club. Anyways, writing quality is excellent. Flow of the story is well structured, character design is flawless, world background is well established. Am sure SciFi lovers and manga, anime lovers will flocked to this novel and devour it in no time. As for me, it's interesting and a different kind of read since am used to romance fiction genre. All in all, the story is well written. The Author can introduced you to a different world, which I find entertaining. You got the talent! Keep it up Author.


Before I started reading this novel, I expected something like 'Relife'. At first, I got what I expected but when I readed more the story started to betrayed my expectation. The author claimed that he was inspired by light novel but the story had so many elements that you can't find in light novel (I think most don't use those plot because it will make the reader want to drop their novel). To those who expect a lighthearted romance novel commonly find on this site, I don't recommend this novel I recommend this novel to those who want a unique romance novel in a bad and good way


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This review is part of a review swap: But regardless because of how good this story is, I'm keeping it in my library 😊 (Review valid for chapter 15) Writing Quality: I was actually surprised. There's seldom any good original novels with good writing quality around. If you're after a story with good grammar, this story is the one for you. Only minor mistakes in some areas as far as I can see. Story Development: In terms of development, I'm liking how things are going so far. Looking forward to how all the mysteries are unveiled, and see if there's any connection with appearing in each world. Character Design: Very impressive. Though there's a lot of characters and the Japanese use of surnames unless they are close may puzzle people. But the characters are developed very well, only on chapter 15~ However I can see the author is going to focus and develop the main cast very well. World Background: The setting seems very realistic, and it's easy to mistaken this as an actual book than a novel. The first few chapters may be confusing, so I do suggest to go back and read them once you've read at least 5-10 chapters. Overall: It's not your average story, and I like how unique it is from all the stories on WN. Definitely a hidden gem. I'm looking forward to reading more.


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Honestly speaking, for me it is hard to find a novel on here that can get a perfect score. So ladies and gentlemen, I present one of those rare novels. Especially with next to nothing in grammatical errors. It flows beautifully that you can easily get absorbed. It took me a bit to realize I was reading the auxiliary chapters and not the actual story but it serves its purpose. You get every character and the world in one go. It keep fresh in your mind at the very beginning without really compromising the story itself. You still get descriptive scenes and more character information as you go but it's a nice change from going into a chapter that's jammed with description and no story or vice versa. Characters, you get to very distinct nationalities in play. As everyone is very used to Asia backgrounds it's rare to see English characters and even rarer to so characters from anywhere else in the world. So to see Swedish characters and to outright say they are from Sweden is truly a joy. Next, to throw in an older soul into a different nationality teenage body but not from a different world, just a different time. *Muah* kisses to you imagination. Overall an outstanding read that will stick in your memories. One of the best ones I have read so far in to the fall season. Will definitely by keeping this little gem in my library to find out the conclusion. Great job.


This story is off to an excellent start, and is one of the few things I've found on here I have actually added to my library. You write better than many English natives on here, for being a non-native speaker. I like that you aren't explaining anything or holding the reader's hand, and are instead letting the world reveal itself slowly and organically. That takes actual skill, so color me impressed. I'm looking forward to reading more!


Interesting plot. Read the synopsis, it caught my interest, Read 21 chapters.. I can say that novel is pretty good till now. a hidden gem. Story line is very interesting.. The characters development and the background is also good...it keeps you engrossed. I am going to continue reading it.


It doesn't matter if I'm not a romantic Daoist, this is a good piece of work. Good writing quality, good story line and good world building. The best part are the characters, they are portrayed well. Good job. 👍


What I love mostly lies in the realistic portrayal of everyone's emotional struggles. Anyone felt out of place in school because they think they were wiser than other kids would find this relatable. I have a weakness for teleported characters, so I find the plot intriguing although the slice of life element is what really draws me into this story. I kept re-reading the first chapters because I always forget who's who. Somehow I feel that it would be easier to understand this story if it is in comic form than in web novel since I am so bad with names. I found some characters memorable, others not so. This novel is the kind of story that I can't read while doing two million other things --it's bad for multi-tasking. I feel like the story has several layers and I can't help but read between the lines and pay attention to what I'm reading. I’m still trying to find the perfect time to catch up on this story, hopefully soon.


I wonder how the second chance theme is reflected? Knowing in advance what will happen, can an ordinary person, without a magic system, change his own destiny? Or is this novel not about that? But in any case, interesting reviews, interested, while added to the library, read, let's see what kind of story! Thank!


https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kgvYDaUxuAMnYBLnM2l9JgZMZFi0VKygULuFCOImQ4M/edit?usp=sharing Read the doc which can be changed at will, if a random viewer trashes it before you can see it let me know.


This is truly an entirely new take on any reincarnation novels out there. Writing Quality: top notch, of course. Nothing much needs to be said here. Stability of Updates: 5* Story Development : Get ready for a wild ride in having your brain teased and twisted. Author does this magic trick of dropping hints then revealing them in later chapters which makes you go WHOA. REALLY?! Sometimes my brain hurts cuz I am such a ****** person. So many things happening at once and yet, so inter connected. Character Design and World Background: believable, brought to life. Fantastic. Initially, I did have trouble in the first few chapters to understand what is going on. However, stick with it and suddenly, you will find how everything makes sense. Looking forward to more revelations! Great story indeed.


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Back to front. Front to back. In between. This is pretty much the feeling I had when I read the story. I think the title is fitting. The beginning chapters took some curve balling to understand what was going on. I realised after some rereads, the story began at an absolute present time. It jumped to a past of a character POV. The chapters following track through the earlier lives of the six key characters. This is an ensemble story, so there are 6 x MC to get to know. I’m going to be honest, I found navigating through each six was sometimes a bit of a rough read. The many chopping and changing of time periods and perspectives disjointed the story flow for me that learning the characters didn't come quite naturally. I had to reread over earlier chapters to have it all sink in. It does become more structured towards the end. I was impressed with the character writing within chapters. Their perspectives were honest and real that I saw different relatable sides to a personality. It was top quality. I also felt this story was more slice of life with sci-fi themes than a romance fiction. It did have slow building romance between characters. I think this story is unique and original to what is on this site. The writing of characters is gold. Keep writing and thanks for sharing.


Great story! Though it's a bit confusing at first! But the plot is quite unique and interesting! The details are perfect as well I look forward to read more! Keep writing! :)


It’s a well progressing story. I haven’t finished reading all 70 plus chapters yet and I struggled to understand the first three to four chapters but once I figured it out the rest of the novel moves along. It’s definitely very unique and different compared to what I’ve read and seen here. Which makes it good. I am no grammar expert but I’m very impressed with how well it’s written so far. That’s why even though it’s part of a review swap I’m keeping it in my library because it’s one of the stories I find interesting and admire the writing technique. The character’s are interesting especially Urufu (hope I spelled that right). Author consistently releases chapters and the way he describes the world by not turning it into an info dump is good. I also think the author has a skill at writing believable dialogue between characters.