1 They Find You

Optimus Prime POV: "It was a gloomy and rainy day," I had only just finished patrolling the city for Decepticons. I was about to reach the Autobot base when I heeded a cry coming from an abandoned building. "I must be hearing things," I thought to myself. A moment ago as I was about to drive off, I heeded another cry. I then transformed into robot mode, making sure there were no humans around. I placed my head into a large opening on the side of the building; upon searching, I discovered a human girl who was covered in dirt and looked like she hadn't eaten in days. "What is your name Little one." The little girl then spoke up" my name is Avery, What's your name. "Optimus POV" My name is Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots, where are your Creators."Avery's POV" The bad men came to our house when we were sleeping, "Daddy told mommy to take me and hide somewhere but she stayed behind to help. "That's the last time I ever saw them again," said Avery. "Optimus Prime POV" I knew there was no chance that Avery's parents could be alive after what she told me. I knew there were bad people in this world, and I would have to tend to Avery myself. "How would you like to come and stay with the Autobots," I asked ? "Avery POV", she then stood up walked over, and said yes I would love to live with you and the Autobots. "Optimus POV" Then I changed back to vehicle mode and let Avery climb into the car. I noticed she was shivering, so I turned up the heat. Halfway back to base camp, I saw that Avery had fallen asleep so I put on a soft lullaby to prevent the girl from having nightmares. When I arrived at base camp, the Autobots took note and came over to greet me. "Ratchets POV" why are you not transforming Optimus, is there something wrong, "Optimus POV" Meanwhile I was busy trying to ready Avery so she could meet the Autobots. Avery, you need to wake up so I can introduce you to everybody. After a couple of minutes, she finally woke up from her slumber but was slightly confused as to where she was. "Optimus POV" I need you to crawl out so I can transform and then I can introduce you to everybody. So I subsequently opened the passenger door and Avery climbed out. I transformed back into Autobot mode and scooped Avery up in the palm of my hand, "Everyone I would like you to meet Avery. I will be accepting the role of a father to her and if anyone wants to complain then they can take it up with me. Only one being in the room was brave enough to speak up. Director Theodore Galloway possessed the actual courage to say something, "You can't take care of a human child; she should be placed with human parents, not a freak like yourself."The silence in the room was so deafening you can hear a pin drop from outside."Optimus POV" How dare this human try to seize Avery from me, then something unexpected happened, previously I had placed Avery down on the ground to let her explore. Director Galloway perceived this as a chance to take Avery from me; he grabbed Avery by the arm and started dragging her away. When I saw what was happening, I tried to intervene by scooping up Avery and holding her close to my spark to try and soothe her. "Optimus POV" Shhh Sweet Spark, I've got you, Daddy's here it'll be alright. After I had calmed her down a little bit, I retreated to my bedroom to take a nap. After a few hours of sleeping with Avery on top of my chest: I woke up, saw her sleeping, and went back to bed knowing everything was alright with the world. THE END?

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