1 Bumblebee’s land: hour 1

Several dozen little asteroids fly across the night sky, sending the people of San Diego into a panic as a couple of the asteroids crash all over the city. After one of the many escape pods hits the ground, a little yellow bot quickly jumps out of it; Bumblebee. Bumblebee quickly runs around the large patch of dry grass, and hides next to a bridge in the bushes.

Bumblebee: "Alrighty, now for that alt mode."

Bumblebee quietly watches the late night traffic pass by, when a large tan a purple jet soars down.

Bumblebee: "Spawn of a glitch!"

After seeing the jet, Bumblebee quickly rushes over out of the bushes and scans the first car he see; a VW beetle. Bumblebee then transforms into the beetle and drives in the opposite direction. Bumblebee is trying to drive away from the populated streets and back into the large empty dirt patch. The jet quickly changes its direction and follows Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: "Slag..."

The jet fires several missile towards Bumblebee, forcing him to transform and roll across the ground. The jet transforms into the large decepticon; Blitzwing!

Blitzwing: *Angry personality* "DID YOU THINK YOU COULD HIDE?!"

Bumblebee: *Grunts* "And hello to you too, Blitzwing!"

Blitzwing towers of over Bumblebee, and is armed with a large rifle and a long purple sword; Bumblebee has a little pistol.

Blitzwing: *Angry personality* "I'll crush you!"

Blitzwing's face suddenly changes from the angry red, to a chaotic black a red. Blitzwing's voice and personality changes with his face.

Blitzwing: *Chaotic personality* "HAHAHA! Zzthaz would be fun!!!"

Blitzwing goes in for the swing, but Bumblebee rolls up and kick the blade out of Blitzwing's hand. Bumblebee then blasts Blitzwing several times the chest. Blitzwing's change changes to a baby blue.

Blitzwing: *Intelligent personality* "I told you that wouldn't work!"

Blitzwing's face changes back into his angry form.

Blitzwing: *Angry personality* "SHUT UP AND SHOOT!"

Blitzwing suddenly transforms into a tan tank. Not only does Blitzwing have 3 personalities, he has 3 modes. As Blitzwing adjust his turret, Bumblebee jumps on top of him.

Bumblebee: "Here goes nothing!"

Bumblebee starts blasting the top of Blitzwing's tank form, forcing Blitzwing back into robot mode. Blitzwing uses the thrusters if his jet form, in robot mode, and flies up into the sky; Bumblebee is hanging from his foot.

Blitzwing: *Chaotic personality* "Up we go autobot! Haha haha!"

Bumblebee: *Nervous* "Oh dear Primus!"

Bumblebee use his gun, and shoots out one of Blitzwing's fest thrusters. Blitzwing kicks Bumblebee off of him as a result.

Blitzwing: *Angry personality* "You little brat!"

Bumblebee starts falling back down to the ground, and Blitzwing tries to fly down a catch him. However, Blitzwing's propulsion is now unbalanced. Blitzwing mindlessly zips across the sky."

Blitzwing: *Chaotic personality* "Ooooo! Maybe when we hit the ground we'll go BOOM!"

Bumblebee slams into the ground where the battle had originally taken place, while Blitzwing zips around into the bridge where Bumblebee scanned the beetle. Blitzwing's crash causes a massive explosion.

Bumblebee: *Groans* "S-should not have done that."

Bumblebee tries to sit back up, but soon realizes he is paralyzed due to the fall.

Bumblebee: "Spawn of the glitch!"

Bumblebee looks over to right to see an average build male staring at him; Spike Witwicky.

Spike Witwicky: "W-w...."

Bumblebee: "Uhhhhhhhhh... I can explain!"

Spike runs over to Bumblebee in the ground. Bumblebee tries to turn over, but can't.

Spike Witwicky: "You just got your ass kicked."

Bumblebee: *Confused* "My what?"

Spike Witwicky: "What are you?"

Bumblebee: "My name is Bumblebee. I'm an autobot scout from the planet Cybertron. That other bot I was fighting was a decepticon, the sworn enemies of the autobots."

Spike just started at Bumblebee, completely blank faced and stunned.

Spike Witwicky: "So... you're both robot aliens... that fight each other?"

Bumblebee: "Pretty much. Don't worry though, I'm one of the good guys."

Spike Witwicky: "Al...right..."

Bumblebee: "Hopefully Prime won't be too upset. I just blew a direct order talking to you."

Spike Witwicky: "Well then I guess I oughta make it worth it for you. I'll fix you up.

Bumblebee: "What?"

Spike Witwicky: "I see some car parts on your body. My dad and I own a little mechanic shop just down the road."

Bumblebee: "Why would you fix me?"

Spike Witwicky: "You're an alien robot dude! I'm not going to pass this opportunity up!"

Spike runs down the road, while Bumblebee lays in the ground.

Bumblebee: "Prime is going to kill me..."

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