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Transdimensional Marketing

Three Rows of Books

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What is Transdimensional Marketing

Transdimensional Marketing is a popular web novel written by the author Three Rows of Books, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.15/5 and 260 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 362 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


I am merely a reviewer, albeit the products I review are slightly different. For example, I review quantum computers, artificial intelligence, anti-gravity mech armor, planetary engines, sublight colonial ships, stellar detonators, etc... Chen Yu: "The technological product I bring to everyone for today's episode is—a dual-vector foil! W-Wait! Everyone, please calm down! Let me explain..."

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Raw title: 超时空评测 Status: 415 Chapters (Completed) ..............................................................................................................................................


Very entertaining. It is fast-paced and may not be suitable for all readers but it doesn't involve a lot of clichés. Read at least until ch10 before dropping!


I have a soft spot for comedic novels, hell my favorite novels come from the author You Qian who is a comedic mastermind to me at least. This novel rivals them in my heart, Heck I laughed harder than I did reading the greatest secret agent of all time. If this was in the previous batch I wouldn’t have wasted all my coins on other stories but now all I have is a measly 29 to give. It’s grand, it’s amazing and it’s short at least according to Winters_Rain and so we won’t have to deal with the author dropping it. All I see here are good points and I think anyone with a good sense of humor would love reading this! I love it and I hope some of you rich people with coins could help vote for this one because I think it deserves it, I really do. The story is also kinda slice of life and it’s well done I think. It sets up a lot of jokes and I think it’s somehow... relatable? I don’t have siblings so I don’t know but I feel like it’s down to earth if that makes sense. So yeah, I basically like everything here. The characters of the school (especially the teachers), The Mc’s family and every other character on the story so far. I think it’s quite the unique one and if I haven’t convinced you in anything just try it out and don’t take anything here seriously, this story is made to make you laugh and if enjoyed it then the story did it’s job. So go ahead you would at least get a couple chuckles, I give you the Cat_King promise. ^_^


Receiving items from the far future to market in the present. I would split the novel into two sections, the reviewing and the MC’s life. I like the idea. He reviews products from the future on the internet via videos/livestreams and is paid with the product. He uses the products in his life and that’s what the novel is about. He gets a cool toy and we see what happens because of it. Most of the content is on his day to day life, mainly consisting of humor, character interactions, and random events (as I would describe it). This is by no means a serious novel (so far at least) so have an open mind as you read. The humor isn’t my cup of tea. It’s exaggerated and sometimes drawn out for too long. I’m also not a fan of the character interactions, his three younger sisters, yes three, are all bratty in their own ways. The way they act is fine but sometimes the way they act is not fine. Like when they work together to exploit their older brother, the MC. The parents I liked sometimes and sometimes not. And the teachers I definitely dislike. And then what’s left are random events that are scrambled in to show character interaction and bits of story to keep everything moving. For people that have read, the random events would be like the amusement park, the soda prank on the boy, and the jumping event. The story would be the dinner meeting, running from the teacher, and the exam. Breaking everything down, it doesn’t seem like that much or good at all but I enjoyed reading it. This review is pretty bad but what do you expect when it’s almost 7 AM.


Would not recommend this. The MC is just too immature and childish. It has a nice premise but the actual story isn't executed nicely. 1 star.


Ahhh another story with an interesting enough premise, made worse by a turd of an MC and the "comedy" that comes along with one. There's the usual trash trope of doing everything he can to hide what he's gained, while saying he needs to stay low key, but then does idiotic things for seemingly no reason that draws attention to himself. The translation is good at least, and the score is bumped up due to the fact it's a trial read and I'm not gonna drop the score for stability of updates. But the story development seems to be going nowhere fast as it keeps getting sidetracked with shenanigans, along with him only getting new products weekly so there'll likely be a lot of filler between things actually happening to improve his situation. For characters the MC is naturally a turd as mentioned before (greedy, scammy type that can't pull his head out of his posterior long enough to make use of what he has), while the comic relief in the form of his family isn't the worst, but will likely get old fast. World background is what it is, modern day but the MC's family is lower class and struggling, while the turd MC is making things more difficult for them through his greedy, scammy shenanigans. Sure he brought home a lavish meal he used his cheat to get from a restaurant in a nonsensical scenario, but the idiot can't even remember to pick up his sister from class which causes his mom to lose her job when the school calls and she has to pick her up. Overall, gave up at chapter 20, might read the rest when I'm out of everything else to read.


What is with this batch of trail reads? This is a very short read 400 or so chapters total? That's barely a few months worth or reading! There is also a novel that's up for selection that is only 200 or something chapters and has been on hiatus for god knows how long.


No for me, for every one chapter on Marketing/Future products you get ten chapters on silly hijinks and shenanigans with family and friends from a high school boy. Maybe if i was much younger i would enjoy this. IMO misleading title.


In over 20 chapters of this novel I only liked when the mc read the comments on his review of the technology. Translation wise it is fine. I just don't like the story or the characters. The mc and pretty much everyone he meets annoys me. For whatever reason this story also has to glorify the mc by using misunderstandings for people to think the mc is better than he is. I would much rather the story put a large focus on the reviews and the tech. Maybe this happens later but I don't wish to continue reading to find out.


Holy **** this is bad. it's like reading a story written by a 12 year old who can only use the same plot device over and over. But as you are on this site you don't give a crap about that and will love it! try it out today, you piece of **** with low reading comprehension!


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Why is this novel chosen over the Tokyo Monk novel that is 1000 times better? All the best are the supernatural ones with ghosts that they put to read, and they are NEVER chosen on that drug. I want MONKEY IN TOKYO IN THE PLACE OF THIS CHOSEN romance.


Please pick this book. Now on to the important review. It's nice. That's it. Were you expecting more of a fleshy review???? Well too bad I suck at reviewing things 😅😅😅😅


its not horrible which is alot better than most of the trash webnovels been posting recently its character's are realistic and not idiots plus we don't have a random inclusion of cultivation. the character has realistic wants and doesn't aim to be some sort of god either it has plenty of good humor mixed in and is enjoyable to read plus it doesn't have any sort of adventuring aspect so we get to stay at home the worlds stereotypes are a bit exaggerated but it makes for good plot development and while predicable it's not to the point that it gets boring overall not bad.. or in webnovel standards its GREAT


This novel was picked over My Cell Prison. The MC is retarded. There is no hope. I tried reading it further to see if there was a character development but nope. What a waste.


I just Finish reading the whole novel nad it was ok. The reason being the ending still left a lot of things hanging. but granted the author did say in his fair well message that it was his way to end it completely while they could. Since it seem like author has health problem. So i really can't be to mad with the ending they did what they could do with the time a strength they have. So the only thing i see wrong other then that the ending could have been better, is that the mc is to patriotic and belittles everyone else but then again it seems that this is a problem with Chinese novels they always seem to leave you hanging with the ending and have china as the best and Japan and the USA as the bad guys our as extremely petty. Oh well you get use to it after reading several novels and learn to expect this narratives. So all in all a standard novel only the world background can be considered good.


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3 for writing quality, Some mistakes here and there but not too bad it is average. 1 for story development, Same old same old, The plot just keeps on replaying the same tropes. at the start it was good but as you go on and on it becomes shitty. 1 for character design, The MC is a massive pushover and has severe brain issues to the point that I think the author has brain issues as well. several other characters are also not on point with their supposed characteristics. Honestly? I think 0 is more appropriate. 4 for Update Stability, It has been continuously updating so far. 1. World Background, Everyone is dumb, And no one in the story has been very realistic so far. and I just see bullshit flying all over the place. Overall review for my Library, "I'll keep it, to save it for the most extreme circumstances in which I cannot resupply my cultured library with Fanfic or Translated content."


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3* for both Stability and World Background. This novel reminds me of the concept of Shamless the TV show, with a little bit of a sci-fi twist. The MC is part of a financially struggling household of 6, being the eldest of the 4 siblings. He is also slow-witted and has fast scheme ideas to make money in order to help around. But apparently most of his schemes don't pan out as intended and ends up wasting more money than actually making some. That is until he meets Transdimensional Marketing Co. which hires him to market their futuristic products through his content creator platform. Sounds great right? However, the execution is like the MC, idiotic. I guess it's supposed to be a comedic novel, but instead it falls flat as slap stick. None of what was written made me laugh, but instead question the MC's mental health as he fumbles around with a great opportunity on his lap and wastes its potential by being stupid about it. Overall, great concept, but I think even the novel doesn't know what genre it's supposed to be, lol. Verdict: Dropped.


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