1 Chapter 1-Rise of a fallen god

It was midnight, and deep in a cave lied the corpse of a young man. Surrounding his body was a crimson circle created through his blood.


After a few moments the red circle shone with indescribably brightness, and through the void, a god's soul was awakened from it's slumber. Heaven and earth shook, and the skies above the cave was surrounded by lightning. The azure soul then entered the lifeless corpse, starting the story of the man capable of rivalling the heavens.

After a few hours, the soul and body synchronised and the youth opened his eyes. He had delicate womanly features, a face of immaturity and black hair. However as time passed the soul further fused together with the body and changes occurred. After all the soul of a god will change the body of a mortal.

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His original black hair turned in a deep azure colour, his eyes shone like red rubies and his fragile body transformed, the skin, blood and bones became sturdier, releasing an feeling of mightiness. The once hopeless expression in the youth's eyes turned to one of great confidence. He bore the bearing of a king and the aura around him contained disdain, not towards others but towards the heavens.

One might ask why a god doesn't look down upon people ? The answer is very simple, gods don't place people in their eyes, this is especially true for the man once hailed as the ruler of gods - Xu Feng. A man who once even view other gods as ants.

Once one has lived through thousands of years, not many things can surprise them, especially if your a god, but now the youth was surprised.

Reincarnation wasn't unheard of, after all god's have a small possibility to reincarnated after their deaths, but as time goes on, the chance decreases. After 10,000 years of slumber, his soul force was almost depleted, so to reawaken and posses a body is almost impossible. That only leaves one possibility, Xu Feng was summoned. Summoning is an ancient art, even in the god realm not many array masters could do this.

Xu Feng was summoned into the body of a orphan but the name of Me Tang. Before Me Tang died he scarified his soul, and burned his blood essence to activate the forbidden soul summoning array. This is what brought back Xu Feng from the realm of the dead. For a mortal to summon a god's soul, would be impossible, however since Xu Feng's soul was on the verge of destruction, it was summoned.

Xu Feng stood up, and his chaotic eyes once again regained it's calmness. One who was a god will be surprised by reincarnation, however for someone with as much experience as Xu Feng he gained back his calmness within a few moments of time.

He then inspected the array that summoned him. Shockingly, it contained a small strand of heavenly aura. Such a profound array even in the realm of the god, is somewhat rare. Only those who are near or above the Lord array master stage can create something this profound. This piqued Xu Feng interest, as he knew that he was in a trash mortal realm by the quality of the Qi in the air.

For something this profound to appear in the mortal realm is unheard of. Looking closely into the array, Xu Feng soon understood that it was at least older that himself. In his previous life, after attaining the god realm, he was bound by heavenly shackles and was unable to advance into the legendary realm of ancients. He was a once in a millennium genius. So from a young age he learnt of all types of array's in his sect, so for such a genius to figure out the age of an array was extremely easy.

Later on in life, since he advance to the god realm under 10,000 years of age, he had plenty of time to learn more. Whenever he was bored, he learnt more. This was one of his hobbies. He was a genius, not only in array formations, but also in alchemy, weapon forging, martial arts and fortune prediction.

When he was 50,000 years old, he became the first person in history to become a god of Alchemy, Weapon forging, Arrays and Fortune prediction. He was at the peak. Now he is nothing but a mere mortal in the first stage of body refinement.

Looking around the cave, Xu Feng could easily figure out that this was an inheritance, presumably from an peak array grand master.

This made him confused. Array grand master's only appear in the immortal realm. An Array grand master's inheritance was in the mortal realm! This is absurd! Continuing deeper into the cave, Xu Feng soon came across a door made of green jade.

This door gave him a sense of extreme danger. Continuing onward would be stupid. But often rewards and risks come hand in hand. Arrogance shone within his eyes. He may have lost his cultivation, but he still has some soul force left. Using his soul force he check the nearby area for danger.

After conforming that nothing was dangerous, he proceeded and opened the jade door.

Inside was a small room with shelves full of pills and various other cultivation resources. In the middle was a stone tablet. Words were etched into it. It read " Xaio Chen's inheritance ". On top of the tablet was a small ring. Upon closer inspection it was a spatial ring! Such a thing was rare within the mortal realm. This inheritance was weird.

Xu Feng cut his hand and dropped some blood onto the ring. Then he merged his consciousness into the ring. Inside it was a paper will. Xu Feng opened it and it read " I am a peak grade 9 array grand master, this is my inheritance, i leave it here before ascending into the realm of gods in the hopes that a mortal may find and benefit from it. This is near my hometown and i place this here in the hopes that one day my successor may ascend into the immortal realm..."

Xu Feng wasn't bothered to read the rest of this crap. He then threw this paper away. Then he waved his hands and kept all the various potions and pills into his spatial ring. The ring was nearly full as it only had a meagre 5 cubic meters of space.

Xu Feng then walked outside the cave and proceeded onward. On his arm was a mark. Along this mark was a curse. The person who summoned him obviously did so with a reason. Until he completed the task, the mark would remain on his arm. Touching the mark, Xu Feng sent his consciousness into the mark and received a message. It said " Kill everyone of the Cheng family in Floating cloud city".

Along with this statement came other memories of this bodies previous soul. Memories of how he was bullied from a young age by the younger generation of the Cheng family. How his crush died by after being raped by the Cheng families patriarch. How his parents were killed due to them offending the Cheng family.

Although Xu Feng felt indifferent towards worldly affairs after lives for thousands of years, he still felt rage upon knowing the manner in which this young boy was treated. After all he now possessed this body, he was given another chance at life due to this youth who summoned him, so he swore to avenge his death, besides he had little choice... He had to do this to get rid of the mark that binds him or else he would never be rid of the soul curse that was planted upon his soul when he was summoned. He could get rid of the mark, however with his current strength that would at least take a hundred years till he reaches the lord realm.

Although he possessed a gods soul, after years of weakening, his soul got cursed by a weak brat. Thinking about this Xu Feng let out a low sigh. He had truly fallen. The man who stood at the apex, the god of gods, is now nothing more than a mortal stuck in the 1st layer of body refinement in a backwater realm.

Thinking about his current task, Xu Feng made his way back to the city. Then he entered the bodies previous owners house. It looked like a bunch of crumbling rocks with a rusting metal roof.

He! He!

Laughing at his current situation he went inside this shabby house.

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