1 Chapter 1 - Meeting with a Goddess

A young man was walking in the streets. He wore a simple shirt and black jeans with white sneakers that complimented his overall appearance. His temperament were rather charismatic if not for his expression grimances

"I should be able to pay for my mother's hospital bills and have enough to pay for  my sister's tuition."

He sighed carefully calculating the money within his hands as he recalled the recent event that conspired after his father passed away from natural causes and unsurprisingly everyone was devastated but they all had to move on. However, fate hadn't had enough of its sadistic cruelty causing his mother to be diagnosed with an unknown disease that caused her lungs and internal organs to be eroded at an abnormal pace. 

Without a breadwinning for the family, the young man was forced to drop out of his high school to provide support for his family. Furthermore, his sister who will graduate in high school and move to college needed tuition. At first, his sister insisted on helping him but told her she needed to finish her school not just for herself but for him and their parents.

The young man stared into the distance reminiscing about how fate was cruel to give such misfortunes. He gritted his teeth and slammed his fist into the concrete wall.

"Fuck!! Keep it together, Caelum!."

The young man motivated himself and kept his morale to stay focused. It was extremely difficult but he needed to work hard for his family.

The young man named Caelum Mercer and like other young men he was an avid reader of many manga, manhua, and anime was forced to sell his collection to just gain more money. This was also the reason as to why he hadn't given up as like how the main characters of Black Clover, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Naruto never gave up even how their lives were screwed.

'Would you like to change your fate!?'

Suddenly a disembodied voice echoed in his mind, he tried looking at his surroundings trying to find the voice but it was in vain. Caelum blink for moments and facepalm himself while giving a light chuckle.

"Hehehe it seem those sleepless night is taking an effec-"

'Unfortunately or fortunately whichever you see, this is not a hallucination.'

Caelum heard the voice and shuddered since it was too clear that deep inside knew it belonged to someone and it's speaking to him. He kept calm and tried to find his answer.

"H-Hello? Is someone there?"

'There is and I'm the one talking to you.'

"Where are you!? Who are you!? Show yourself?"

'Unfortunately, I can't show myself but You will know who I am if you agree on conquering worlds and becoming my…husband?'

After saying the last statement the voice seems to blush which made the young man flustered as well. He didn't have time to experience a relationship though he tried but failed because he had his responsibility.

"What!? That's it?? Why don't you interview someone else? I have responsibilities!"

'But if you agree I could cure your mother and give your family a happy future.'

The young man paused for a moment. He considered the offer only if she could cure his mother and fix the financial problem but the only problem is time and how he would be gone a long time without seeing his family. 

Furthermore, his memory slowly resurfaces recalling a fanfiction and how similar his situation is. Caelum minds pondering if his someone special to gain someone's attention who's able to transmit their voice in his head.

"Now that you put it that way I will do anything! Just tell me what I need to do to become your husband."

"Now that I caught your attention I would introduce myself, I am Sapphire, The Supreme Origin Goddess of Night and Dreams. One of the nine daughters of The Omni-Emperor. I wanted to have a husband because my sister just recently got married and…"

"Let me guess you're a virgin?'

"You don't need to be so blunt!?"

"You do realize you just picked some random guy from the streets?"

"But I know enough about you since I read your records and I'm impressed with how much positive aura you have accumulated."

The young man frowned a bit because he never considered himself as a good person since he only cares for himself and his family. Though, he isn't blood thirsty for innocent blood but someone given the opportunity would do anything for their family. 

The question, why Caelum resulted in crime and the answer is this would hurt innocent people. That's why he sold his collection of manga and anime while stopping his dream of becoming a mangaka.

"I shouldn't ask since you're a goddess, anyway can I just go with you and marry you now?"

"You can't because my home the [Origin Palace] would likely destroy your existence. I need you to become stronger first before coming here!"

"Alright but do I gain wishes like those wish fulfillment stories and can I go to fictional worlds?"

The young man who still had his fascination with anime usually read fanfiction because he disliked how certain characters act. The young man especially likes harem fanfics because the main characters aren't dense and acknowledge women's feelings.

Though not gonna lie he does want a harem, He especially wants to get Xiao Ning'er from Tales of Demons and Gods because how Nie Lie neglected her feelings and only did he accept her when he didn't want her to be sad like he was forced to love her.

Little did he know that he would gain many wives from the actions that he will do in the future.

"Yes you would gain I would give you three wishes but you cannot wish to become a god like myself."

The young man lightens up as he is really able to be a wish-fulfillment character like Sora from Ascending to Supremacy. 

(A/N: Shout out to Sin and his Discord for supporting me with some ideas.)

"Can I go visit my family first before starting?"

The young man knew it would take some time to do the task he was given though it would be a lie to say that he isn't excited because this is one of his dreams. 

"I don't mind as your time and mine are far different."

Suddenly the time continued to move and the man immediately rode the bus to visit his mother in the hospital. Before going he went and bought her some flowers to make her room lovely.

Upon arriving he wore some protection just to enter her room. What greeted him was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and pale white skin due to lack of nutrients. 

Seeing the state of his mother who had machinery in order to just extend her time. The young man always denies what the doctor said and clings to hope but now his wish was answered. 

"Sup mom I hope you could hear me."

Only the sound of machinery had responded to his words. He placed the flowers nearby while looking at the window thinking of the adventure that awaits him.

Sitting down he bends down as he caresses the hand of the person who took him from the streets and fed him, treating him like a real son. Losing his real parents and the possibility of losing another had made him determined to fix it.

"…I just wanted to tell you that I will be going on a trip and I don't know how long it will take but I promise you I'll return…"

The young man shed a tear as his mother's hands seemed to respond, tightening the grip. He chuckled a bit as he remembered something.

"You know lately Liliena has been avoiding her big brother. I think she is at that time of the month hehehe…"

The room was filled with silence as the young man just quietly cherished his time in this world. He decided to leave, giving one final kiss on her forehead when he left the greedy eyes of the doctor gazed upon the young man but he just ignored them and went home.

He vowed to repay everything be it, enemy or friends. The young man took his phone and called his sister to see how she is doing as she is currently with her friends on a trip.  

"Yo big bro called?"

"Nothing, I'm just checking if you are alright and having fun."

"Yeah Mary has been really kind enough to visit Japan!"

"Wait what!? Damn I wish I could be there!?"

"I did invite you but you said no one will take care of mom."

"…Yeah next time when mom wakes up."

"…Yeah next time. Anyways I gotta go since we are going to visit Akihabara don't worry I'll buy you a copy of Black Clover!"

'Black Clover huh…'

"Thanks, hope you don't hook up with a guy or else his balls will be set ablaze!"

"Geez don't worry about me and take care of yourself as well. Not to mention no one could beat my brother who is a black belt!"

"Hahaha yeah nothing can beat your big br-"

"Just kidding, bye big brother!"

"Hello!? Liliena!!? Dammit that girl! Wait, does she hate me!? Surely not her big brother is the best!"

While he was in his own world the people around him started giving him weird looks and when he noticed he apologized and went to his home. 

Arriving at his simple house that is usually a home for five people. He entered while walking around and the young man went to the counter where photos were displayed. His eyes stopped at a man's photo with a longing gaze.

"I miss you dad…."

He did not say anything and went to his room which was mostly empty beside some manga that he didn't sell because they were filled with memories.

"Hey are you still there?"

'Yes, just lay down and sleep. We'll see each other shortly.'

Giving one last look at his room he proceeded to lay down on his bed, closed his eyes and began to doze off, when he opened them he was floating in the void of infinite nothing. However, for some reason Caelum is able to sense 'Something' in the vast emptiness of this endless void. He scanned his surroundings and then he saw a bright light that dissipated and what was revealed made the young man drop his jaw.

Her hourglass figure and jade white skin with snow-white hair that helps emphasize her otherworldly beauty. She wore a red qipao dress that hugged her perfect size breasts with a golden dragon design coiling around her.

The young man appreciated every corner of her body and thought it wasn't bad for him to marry her. The woman, seeing his gaze, gave a loving smile as if she knew him.

"Greetings, so have you decided on your wishes? Your task is to get stronger and adapt to the world where you will go and don't worry since you will be able to return after you finish your main mission."

Listening to her, the young man recalled a fanfic he read called The Purpose of My Existence which was a great read but beside the point. The point is the main character's task was to conquer the world in order to meet his Goddess. He wondered for a bit but put them aside as he began to tell his wishes.

"My first wish is….."

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