Ashu was surprised to hear this playful girl; He thinks in his mind, ''this girl is just a child, and wants to marry this 'God Ancestor'; well I am really handsome God, even after so many years'', he blushes.

''Sister, how are we going to Medicine Valley? Medicine valley is very far from here! It will take us one month, if we travel by our rides''. '' Hey girl, do you know, what was your sister's last mission ?' asked Sophie'', no sister'', Tara innocently said. ''Hahaha, just wait and watch'', Sophie laughingly says; she whistles and huge waves of wind started to gush from the sky and a huge bright blue coloured Condor appeared in the sky and landed in front of them. '' Sister, is this your ride? Tara asks astoundedly ; ''Yes baby! see are you surprised?'' sophie asks; ''Yeah sister, it's so beautiful and pretty'', Tara shouts exciedly.'' Yeah Darling, your sister likes this Condor too; It's Ancient blue Condor and it's cultivation is foundation establishment realm. Your sister's last mission was to capture this Condor and tame it; he is very fast and due to his help, I was able to come back, early. With this ride , we will reach Medicine Valley in a day'', Sophie explains Tara.

Condor was huge size; It appeared to be 20 meters in height. '' Let's hop on it everybody and remember to sit near me'', Sophie said. As everyone, climbed on the Condor and sat near Sophie; Condor took flight and a great pressure attacked everyone, surrounding them. They immediately pressed the feathers of Condor and tried to withstand wind pressure; Sophie observed this and laughingly said, '' don't worry my little babies'', as she brought a Artifact of 'Core formation stage', which was a silver plate and as it appeared, she poured her spiritual qi in it and a shield was formed around team. It appeared as a transparent dome which separated them from external environment. As silver plate, started to glow, the air pressure was gone and it appeared as they were sitting in a transparent room and can observe everything around them in sky.

'' Sister Sophie, you are great,'' everyone praised, while wiping sweat on their faces, due to fear of wind pressure, if they were not protected by Artifact, then they would have been blown away. Tara asked, ''Sister this Artifact, you won in the fight against that guy, who was saying that you won't be able to defeat him in the Zither competition in the 'Flute City', right !'' Sophie spokes, ''Hahaha, yeah little Tara, his name was 'Su Reiko' and he is grandson of 'Umbaryu sect's' Grand elder, in 'Hudan Nation'; who told him to underestimate your elder sister? he deserved that''. Tara further speaks, '' well sister, after losing to you, he said, he will compete with you in the Martial tournament of Haim Nation''. Sophie explains, ''little Tara, that's the spirit of cultivator; atleast, he has that courage; In the path of cultivation, once you fall back, your heart will be captured by 'Heart Demons'. It is very difficult to overcome that dark shadow, unless you overcome that dark shadow, which hindered your path of cultivation; that's why, we should have, strong faith in our beliefs and keep on walking forward on the path of cultivation''.

listening to these words, Ashu thinks about his problems in cultivation and heart demons, he would have to face and restarting his journey, once again from childhood, really the path of cultivation is eternal. Ashu, gets into epiphany on Condor and introspects himself and observes his body and founds that his Divine seed of soul was damaged. With the help of epiphany, he tries to connect, with his Divine seed, while bearing sharp pain his head, as if sword was pierced. He shouts in is mind, ''I want, one chance, just one more chance on this eternal path to reconnect with my Divine seed''. His soul enters in Divine dimension of Divine seed. A huge vast sea was formed and a bridge appears, whose another end is unseen; he took his 1st step, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on, he didn't remember, how much distance he travelled? How many days? How many years? how many centuries? It seemed like he was walking on this eternal path and he even forgot, why he was walking, but he still kept walking. Suddenly, the path in front him, disappeared and everything was gone but sea was still there behind his back. In front of him was a dried seed on a barren land and sources of water were dried. He picks that seed and sow it in land and imagines about a pickaxe in his hand and it appears and he starts to dig . He digs for few months, later for many years and finally he created a huge channel to reach the water source and finally reconnects barren land with water source. The place, he sowed seed was moisturised and a seedling was born. In that moment he felt, that he had reconnected with his Divine source and he was very happy and started to laugh loudly, '' Hahaha....hahaha...haha''. Tara, wakes him up and Ashu comes to his senses and looks around him, and saw, everybody around him looking at him, as he is stupid and everyone giggles and he feels embarrassed and says in his heart that, '' this God is in good mood , laugh as much as you want kids''. Tara asks, ''Ashu, why were you laughing; something good happen to you ? tell me, tell me, I am your friend Ashu, right''. Ashu, to shift the topic says,''okay, okay, I will tell you, when we will reach Medicine valley. Tara smiles in a teasing manner and says promise me first, then I will , believe you''. Ashu is annoyed, '' fine, promise, but you can't tell anybody, about me, even to your relatives; you, also need to promise me, okay; Tara thinks and says, ''fine, we are already friends, so I promise''. Both give high five to each other and giggle.

Sophie's attention, suddenly shifted to Tara and she sees Tara and Ashu chatting, she smile, while looking forward and says to her friends; "keep attention to that boy and his safety".

'' Hey Ashu, as you are new to our team, we should all get to know each other well; So, while we are flying, let's introduce ourselves to our new friend'' Sophie speaks to Ashu and team. All team members sat in a circle and introduction started form Tara in clockwise manner, she stood up and said,'' My name is Ma Tara, 6 years old. I am from Deodar village and my cultivation is 2nd stage of Tempered body stage'', then a young girl of age 7 stood up and and tells her name is Li Reiju, from kyoto village and her cultivation was 3rd stage of Tempered body. Another girl stands up and tells her name Gu Isha, 8 years old from Aroha village and cultivation 4th stage of Tempered body of skin hardening. Further, a boy stand up and tells his name An Ren, 6 years old from Shan village and cultivation 2nd stage of Tempered body; immediately another boy stand up and looks towards everybody and tells his name while, stuttering, '' My my nnamee iis Wa Wa ng G o o ll an, 7 ye years o o old fr o m vi vi ll a ge Dha Dha na na nak an and mmy cul cult ii va va tion iis 5th sta stage oof Tem Tempered bo bo dy sta stage'', hearing him everyone was silent but mysteriously nobody laughed at him and appreciated his courage. '' Darling's now it's our turn now ''. one women happily stood up and said, '' I am Vant Temala, from Man village and cultivation is Foundation establishment stage 5th stage; I am your elder sister, if anything troubles you, come to this sis''. Another Women stands up and says, ''childrens, I am elder Me Neha, from Mehaz village and cultivation is core formation stage guardian elder of yours, Sophie and Tara. Another lady also stood up and said, '' I am also guardian elder of yours, same as younger sister Me Neha, my name is Ji Rem from Shashak village and cultivation stage is core formation ''. Now, Sophie stood up, and Said, '' I am your Team Leader Lin Sophie, babies, from Mei sect and cultivation stage Peak Foundation establishment stage'', Lastly, it was Ashu turn and he stood up and said ,'' My name is Ashu and I don't remember my personal information, due to some injury, while in forest; I am 7 years old and I have yet to start to cultivate, but I will do my best''. As he sat down, everybody clapped for him and he was thinking that,'' this God has just restarted his journey, soon you will understand handsomenes of this God'', Ashu sat down, while feeling little embarrassed about his cultivation.

Condor took flight with very fast speed and crossed two thousand miles until evening reached and they were still 1000 miles away from Medicine Valley. To rest, they decided to camp on a mountain and depart early in the morning. Sophie ordered Condor, to land on a desolate and deserted mountain. They dismounted from Condor and some elders went to hunt beast; They came back with their prey of, Hare, Wolf, Wild Boars; They chopped them with knives and peeled their skin, pierced them with skewers and roasted them. While roasting, meat pies oozed out with fat and spices; as everyone enjoyed their dinner, Condor also took his flight for his hunt. Later, Sophie took every children in the camp and put a array barrier to avoid casualties. She let her trusted Guardian elders to guard campsite with shifts.

As everyone slept, in the middle of night, Ashu woke up and sat, while thinking to take chance for cultivation; He stood up and took out a ring from his spatial storage bracelet. He put it in his middle finger, their was a invisibility charm embedded on it. He was thinking to use it, to go out for cultivation in starry night; it could hide a person's aura, sound and shape i.e, to make him invisible for 20 minutes. It's time period increases according to users cultivation; it can be charged with spirit stones or spirit qi but it's capacity depend on cultivation of user. Ashu remembers, this ring was a Godly Artifact, which was given to him by Phantom Heavenly Pirate in an encounter, when she tried to steal treasure map of Shaakal Pearl planet, which hold a 'Pearl of Enchantress' from him. She failed repeatedly in her attempts to steal from him and finally, she gave in and took out this ring of Invisible God charm for trade in exchange of 'Pearl of Enchantress' treasure map, Finally, Ashu agreed and they traded and also became good friends; infact Ashu, even helped her to reach that planet and in search of that Pearl to obtain it and in the end, they found it. They separated with a promise of forever friends. After few minutes, Ashu came to his senses and he made his resolve and with the help from ring, he hided himself and became invisible and came out unnoticed.

Ashu, climbed down from peak and started to communicate with stars. He looked in to the sky and ordered Stars Spirit to search for spirit stones for him in this area. After coming few miles away from mountain near Wild forest , Stars told him that, there is a cave in the wild forest of a Foundation establishment demon beast, which hunts spirit stones, which feeds on spirit stones. After walking for a few more miles in the Wild forest, Ashu saw a cave and felt the aura of fierce demon beast. He immediately chanted the mantra of ring and became invisible and thrown a stone to gate of beast cave. A ferocious Armoured Panther beast appeared and jumped out from the cave to search for the source of disturbance. Ashu went in to the cave and was surprised as he went deeper; he found 500 low grade spirit stones. Ashu spokes,'' what a waste, only 500 spirit stone'' and immediately put all the spirit stones in his spatial storage bracelet. He further searched and found a beast skin of Medicine Valley, he laughs and mumbles, '' what a lucky encounter !'' He put that map in that storage bracelet and left. As soon as he left, while being invisible, he saw Armoured Panther beast came back, growling with anger, as he entered cave, there was a loud roar.

After leaving behind that cave, Ashu found a hidden place ; he sat down and took out all his spirit stones and created a circular star array to absorb the spiritual energy of spirit stones. Ashu sat in the middle of array and bled his finger while making core of array. After core array formation, Ashu started to absorb the dense spirit energy. All the sparkling spirit stones started to give out spirit qi and it was absorbed into his body, which passed through his body and touched his star core and it responded, first time after reincarnation. It started to absorb spirit qi and which develops the cultivation system of Spiritual energy and developing pathway to spiritual bodies. Another type of qi was gathered around the array called as Astral qi; it comes from the Stars and their network, from Myriad Universe; they absorb surrounding astral qi which develops the cultivation system of Astral energy and developing path of physical body. Further type of qi, which was gathered in array is called as Divine qi; it is absorbed from soul energy from Nature i.e, from Myriad life forms of Universes which forms a circulation of Divine energy which develops the cultivation system of Divine energy and developing pathway of Divine Soul bodies.This cultivation method was given to him by his Royal Father, Primordial Star Dev Ragnarok. This ancient technique is called 'Trinity Diagram of Primordial Star Transcendence', which has eternal transcendence realms. It is a secret technique of 'Dev Tribe', due to practice of this technique their tribe is called 'Primordial Star Transcendence Tribe'. Astral and Divine qi, gathers through array and with spirit stones stones, spirit qi gathers and array is completed and regulated.

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All three Qi entered his body; astral qi tempered his body which opened his accupuncture points and opened his meridians. Divine qi, channels divine energy to Divine seed which made his soul stronger and spirit qi circulated through his meridians and his vessels were filled with spiritual energy. There was a gush of energy surrounding his body and Trinity Diagram was rotating on his head and 3 primal qi were devoured rapidly. 1st 50 stones were instantly turned to ashes, they continued to 60, 70 and crack sound was heard and it seemed body was tempered to the 1st stage of tempered body and then 150, 180, 200, 220, stones turned to ashes and crack sound was heard, it was as if 2nd stage of tempered body was achieved achieved; it continued again 300, 350, 400, 450 and crack sound was heard and as a pleasant surprise to Ashu, 3rd stage of Tempered body was achieved. His meridians were strengthened and their size increased which increased their spiritual energy holding capacity; Astral qi made his body organs stronger and density increased and his height increased 3 inches.Divine qi sprouted the 'Divine seed' and plantlet was formed and it increased 3 inches in length with 6 leaves. Out of all 500 spirit stones, only 50 remained; later he ended his cultivation, as four hours had already passed, he thought it was time for him to return camp. Ashu sprinted with his full speed and in 30 minutes, he reached campsite and once again he used ring and came inside the camp. He covered himself with blanket and slept to wake up in Morning. His mood was happy, as he was also in anticipation of Medicine Valley, to see tomorrow.

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