Next day, everyone gathered at plaza of 'Yaowu City'. There were many teams of various sects and there were total 12,000 participants, after final announcement of registration, it was concluded; in the tournament, many 'Rouge Cultivators' were also participating. In the plaza, there was a giant Hour glass, kept on a Minaret for observation of time of the Tournament. There was a big stage, in the centre of plaza with staircase leading upwards; plaza appeared like giant stadium, where 100 thousand people can sit comfortably. Plaza was crowded with audience; on the stage, participants started to appear gradually and stage was also occupied by participants. Elders of various sects were standing below the stage patiently and observing progress of tournament. Guardians of Medicine Valley were also patrolling and there was a barrier, which covered plaza completely. At the end of stage, Teleportation Array Platform was built, which consumes Spirit Stone's energy for it's activity; Top grade Spirit Stones were used as energy source and Teleportation Array Platform, would remain active for upcoming 10 days. There was a giant screen artifact, hovering in the air and projecting details of tournament in front of audience at the centre of plaza.

All participants were waiting on the stage for the commencement of Tournament. Suddenly, crowd became noisy, as if discussing something important; Ashu and their team looked around and found, few elder guardians of medicine valley arrived on the stage and stood in a disciplined manner and welcomed, a ride coming towards them by flying. As everyone, looked in to the sky, they saw a giant Vermillion bird, floating towards them. Everyone in the audience and stage stood up and sung slogan of, '' All hail Medicine King, All hail Medicine King ''. Vermillion bird, landed on the stage while carrying Carriage. The bird was covered in flames and appeared mighty, it's cultivation was 'Core Formation Stage' and was very strong. It was rare and exotic species of Mythical birds.

A handsome middle aged man, came out while opening chariot with his daughter and some children. His hands were emitting fragrance of medicine; he wore a golden colour robe on which 'King' was written on front and on back, there was a cauldron; It showed, he was a 'King Alchemist'. His face was beautiful with black hair and beard, white complexion, deep eyes and his smile was as if, he has seen many difficulties on the path of cultivation. His personality looked to be honest and gentle.

His daughter was a charming women, standing beside him with her team. She wore her purple robe with cauldron on her back; childrens were wearing white robe. As Medicine King looked towards the participants and audience, he released his aura with large amount of pressure which made everyone unable to stand on their ground. Participating kids started to kneel down on knees due to pressure, but there were few participants who were resisting the pressure; his daughter told him to revert pressure. Medicine King laughingly said to the participants, '' there are always greater peaks than previous peak on the path of cultivation; therefore, we need to preserve ourself and resist the pressure of those peaks, without being afraid, because one day, we can cross those peaks. Hence, the path of cultivation demands everlasting persistence. We will not be able to overcome those peaks immediately, but with continuous effort, you are bound to win. Therefore, you all have great potential. I am grateful to disciples of all the honoured sects, by participating in this tournament, you have raised my honour of Medicine King, Kun Shruti; therefore, I welcome all the participants to this tournament of Medicine Valley. It is my request to all participants, to show a great competition, I wish you all Good Luck ''.

Team members of Kun Mengmei also joined participants, after that gong was heard in the plaza and the hourglass was rotated and finally, the tournament began. Medicine King, Kun Shruti said to all participants, ''you all, willl now enter to that Teleportation Array Platform, you will be directly transported to 'Medicine Valley Forest' to all different places; do your best and for 10 days, you will have to survive in the forest. I am reminding everyone again, there are many dangerous zones in the forest; so explore zones, according to your capacity, your life is precious. I myself will give reward to Top 3 winners and there is also a chance to join Medicine Valley for Top 10 participants'', by saying this, Kun Shruti signalled the elder guardians of competition to Activate Teleportation Array. Soon Teleportation Array started to shine with brightness and radiance; as radiance captivated every participant's eyes, one guardian elder said, '' enter the array'', immediately one disciple entered the array and disappeared; soon 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and as such many participants entered in the array and disappeared, Kun Mengmei's team also entered.

As many participants, were entering, Tara suddenly hold hand of Ashu and said, '' Ashu, we will all enter to different zones in the competition and we will be separated, I don't want to separate with you ! How will I be able to find you in the forest ?'' Tara's eyes became moist, while asking, other members of team also surrounded Ashu and discussed, how will they be able to meet in the forest ? Ashu, felt warm in his heart, that his team members cared for him, Ashu told them, '' don't worry, in the tournament, I will find you all, if you are faced with difficulty during trial, just hide, because today is the first day and we will have more days to increase our rankings; first we will have to find each other in forest, until then don't take unnecessary risks, just do simple tasks as you find comfortable. Try, to remain neutral, if you are unable to handle situation, just escape ! once we are all together, then we will start increasing our rankings, therfore don't worry, now let's enter'', all the team members entered array and disappeared. Sophie, while standing below the stage, clenched her hands tightly, worrying about her team's safety; then suddenly guardian elder of medicine valley announced, '' everyone, don't worry, it is essential for them to take some risks for their development of cultivation but don't worry, we will try to ensure their safety'', after listening this announcement, Sophie relaxed a little.

As soon as Ashu entered the array, he found himself in a black tunnel and he felt as if an attraction force was pulling him towards another end of tunnel; it was completely dark, after few seconds, Ashu saw a dot of light in the tunnel and as he reached near the dot of light, it enlarged while brightness and radiance showered him and Ashu was pulled out from the tunnel and landed in a forest.

In the plaza, of 'Yaowu City', the giant screen hovering in mid air lit up and 10,000 participants name list appeared on the screen, showing their rankings, in which Sophie's team was not on the list, may be it was hidden in the remaining 2000 participants. Sophie was little tensed to see the screen, elder Ji Rem patted her shoulder and said, '' they have just entered the tournament; So don't worry, this ranking is not final, let's go to our courtyard and pray for their success'', Sophie nodded and said, '' yes, you are right elder Ji Rem, let's go''. As they turned to go back courtyard, Kun Mengmei came down from stage and teased laughingly, '' Sophie, your kids are letting me down, why their name is not on the list ? Are they not capable enough to enter list ?'' After hearing remarks of Mengmei, Sophie was irritated and she said, '' what's the rush, this is not the final list, have patience, it's too early to celebrate Mengmei''. As Sophie's team turned back to go, she saw a handsome middle aged man also standing behind Mengmei; as she noticed, she was surprised and immediately bowed and politely said, '' Martial niece greets to Martial Auncle'', Kun Shruti laughed and blessed her while saying, '' it's good that you came, your cousin Mengmei, this naughty girl, always worries me, as you have come, spend some time with us and how is your Mother Lin Bao, my sister; I have heard, she is very busy nowadays, handling matters of 'Mei Sect'. It's good now, that you can help her. Well I was also thinking to meet little Lin'', Sophie was surprised to know that, Kun Shruti cared so much about them, she politely replied, '' Martial Auncle, Sister Mengmei would have been depressed, if I had not come'', Mengmei immediately pouted and said, '' who would depress because of you, such an Arrogant girl''. Sophie smiled and further told them, '' Mother is healthy, she told me to bring my team here to participate with 'little Tara', to get experience and she also sent her regards to you'', Kun Shruti was very happy to hear about his another Martial niece 'Tara', therefore he further spoke, '' Sophie, come with your Cousin to our place and stay with us, until tournament ends with your guardian elders; as for little Tara, I will personally watch over her trial for her safety, don't worry dear, come with us'', listening to her father, Mengmei was overjoyed and immediately hugged Sophie and brought her team elders with her to Carriage. Kun Shruti announced, '' on today's auspicious day, the tournament has started and we will meet again on the eleventh day morning, on the same stage and in same plaza, till then enjoy yourselves and stay in Medicine Valley, as my guests'', after saying this, Vermillion bird took flight and carried the carriage towards the Medicine King's Villa peak.

Deep in the Medicine Valley Forest, Ashu landed on the grass nearby river where fishes were swimming and birds were chirping. Forest was densely covered in canopy of various trees. Ashu sat near a tree and thought about his next strategy in this tournament. He thought, if he tried to collect medicines normally, he will have to struggle with other opponents and it's just beginning, therefore the output will be less; Inspite of that, if he raised his cultivation for 5 days, there will be three benefits, i.e. firstly, he will be much stronger and secondly he will be able to overcome other opponents, while hunting strong opponents and earning more credit points; finally third, he can help his team members to raise their rankings. With these thoughts, Ashu climbed on a big tree and built a Tree house, as fast as possible due to other opponent's arrival. Tree house was on a 160 meter long tree with dense foliage, he perfectly camouflage the tree house with giant plant foliages and entered house; while enjoying scenery of river and mountain, Ashu thought to himself, '' now I have made a good hideout for this tournament. There is a river nearby, where I can get fishes and hunt beast meat. Now, it's time to make an array to invisible this hideout and to protect this hideout from external attacks by protection array; I will have to create traps in the forest and tree house, to catch trespassers''.

Ashu created two strong arrays for protection and to make hideout invisible from beast and human senses; he also made many traps in the house, once a trespasser enters the house while traps are active, he will be shot by arrows made from branches of trees. Ashu supplied his remaining 50 low grade spirit stones for arrays consumption which were sufficient for 5 days. After completing his hideout with active defense mechanism, Ashu came out of hideout and observe in the horizon, evening has arrived; he felt very hungry after today's workout. He went to the river and used his 'Divine Skill Primal Eyes to find the location of fishes; he made few Spears of tree branches while sharpening the end of stick with his sword and forming it as pointed as Spears.

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He threw his Spears and caught 5 fishes, he took them to a safe place and started fire and put all fishes in to a skewers and roasted on the fire with spices and salt; after finishing his meal, he came back to his hideout and rested for few hours. He woke up in the midnight and came for a stroll beside the river and looked in the river which was reflecting full moon and showering his moonlight on everyone; many things were visible in the night, Ashu looked into the sky and saw Stars twinkling with bright light, he ordered them to find out the status of his team members. He found out his team members were hiding in different zones and were safe for now; he looked into the badge by pouring his spirit energy and found that his team members were not on the ranking list. He decided, he also need to increase his cultivation fast, because this time there are even Stage 9 Tempered Body Realm opponents. He once again ordered Stars to find out treasures in nearby territory, especially Spirit Stones; after 1 hour, Stars replied to him and showed a star map of the location of that place. It was few miles away from his present location, he immediately sprinted towards that location. While running he found many beasts roaming and roaring; he used his invisible ring to trick them and easily left them behind. He came near to a mountain, deep in forest, according to star map. He saw a stone array disguised with giant boulders at the base of mountain. If anybody else saw giant boulders, he will be confused, how to solve this array but Ashu, as he looked more towards giant boulders, he found these giant boulders were missing some of their parts; as if there was a hole on every boulder, but on different location and of different sizes. Ashu, immediately understood the gist and soon found some piled up small stones. He took the pieces of those small stones and tried to fit stones pieces on different locations of boulder with different size; after 1 hour, as Ashu completed the stone array, he soon heard a land slide in the mountain and a tunnel appeared in front of him. At the base of mountain, there was deep darkness in the tunnel, even moonlight was unable to pass few metres in the tunnel. After analysing his surroundings carefully, Ashu stepped forward inside with full confidence.

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