Tara looked into the eyes of Sufi Rumi confidently and said, " fine, I agree with you on both conditions because I don't have any choice, okay let's start with the task."

Soon black fog engulfed the boat and Sufi Rumi told his subordinates to follow his orders," Brothers let's enter this girl's heart and see if she is lying, if her heart is corrupted then we can devour her entirely." Sufi Rumi signalled his five commanders to enter in her heart and verify her truthfulness; as soon as they got signal, they immediately entered Tara's heart and disappeared into thin air while Tara's shriek came out. Tara was in deep pain, agony and her breath became heavier as time passed; soon her consciousness faded and she became unconscious. As soon as Tara's eyes closed, her 'Third Eye' opened slowly and golden light radiated from her body which purified evil energies wherever it struck; those five commanders as soon as they entered her heart, they saw a 'Golden World' radiating with buddhist qi which were coming from space in her heart from Buddha World. There was a girl sitting in the golden ocean on a Lotus seat; her appearance was similar to Tara, but her magnificence was myriad times higher than Tara and she had a million times higher dignified presence; everything was radiating in golden brilliance, there was not a single shed of darkness in her heart, it was a place with infinite warmth and divine spark flashing in the golden sky; everything was golden in this world and in a perfect harmony and peace; there were golden animals on golden land, golden birds were flying in the golden sky, golden fishes swimming in golden ocean, there golden trees, golden mountains, etc. She was wearing a crown on her head with golden body and golden robe shining abundantly; she was a beautiful fairy goddess with her great virtuous might.

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She slowly opened her eyes and looked at those poor five commanders with her affectionate gaze, there was a giant golden halo behind her glowing with abunance brilliance of Bodhisattva Tara' herself; due to being surrounded all over by Buddhist qi, they started to get purified and slowly black fog emitting from their body which covered their whole body disappeared completely and permanently while turning them into their previous original form of peaceful and kind ghosts in the golden world ocean. After transforming they were pulled out from the Golden World and reappeared in front of 'King of Evil Spirit Ghosts', Sufi Rumi; as the five commanders came out, the fierceness and evilness had disappeared from their face and rather peacefulness and kindness was portraying from their faces, their aura had completely changed.

Five commanders were very happy about their miraculous transformation, they told to Sufi Rumi that, "Leader from now on, we will follow you, but we will not follow our previous old evil tendencies; we will live with our original nature and will not harm anybody and we are grateful to this young lady because she is not a simple girl, but rather a reincarnation of a buddhist path expert. It is better to make friendly relations with a reincarnation of an expert, then to invite troubles for our selfish greed; her buddhist powers purified our evil nature which troubled us for a long period.

After listening their words Sufi Rumi was in a tranced state because he could still see the golden radiance from the girls body; after coming to his senses he said, "if you are lying to me, then be better prepared for your punishments; for the sake of our evil spirit ghost brothers, if they can get a chance to be normal ghost and practice their traditional ghost path cultivation, through which they can be freed from their evil spirit form, then I am ready to bear this risk." Five commanders said, " Boss you are still suspicious about us, then you can observe us, our evil spirit aura has completely disappeared." Sufi Rumi said, " fine, I trust you guys therefore I will believe in you all and with our all brothers and sisters; if it is beneficial for us, it will be boon for us or at the worst, we will all just die together, what's their to fear about? We need to take this risk to be freed from our evil aura, let's go brothers."

As they were getting prepared to enter Tara's heart, there was an emergence of sensation and thrill in their bodies of evil spirit ghosts. Tara's eyes looked up in the sky of Golden world, as if they were penetrating the deepest abyss of hell and purifying it; her beauty was out of this world, she was kind benevolent and a holy existence, with her existence alone, she was isolated from the world and was living on a different plane, her presence alone was a symbol of sacredness; her heart was filled with compassion and love towards all living beings, therefore she said, " since you want to meet me so eagerly, then I will call you all here at once." She gazed in the sky of Golden world, and outside Tara's body was floating in mid air with golden radiance and suddenly, a huge golden force came from her body which pulled all the army of evil spirit ghosts inside her heart, before they could react, they were pulled inside her heart; they tried with their all might to resist the force, but as their ghostly fog touched golden radiance, it was immediately purified, therefore they were helpless and immediately pulled inside. As they entered inside, they lost control over their bodies, they were even unable to defend themselves and were floating inside all around; as they saw this Buddha World with golden brilliance and an unknown powerful dignified figure seated alone on a Lotus seat; they were confused after experiencing this golden force and as their body were not under their control, it would be lying if we say they were not feeling unsecured and panicked, but soon they were able to pull themselves and move freely.

There were lots of questions in their mind, but one thing was clear in their mind that Tara was not a simple girl, everything which was happening was all deeply related to Tara; hence, deep curiosity emerged in everyone's mind, but they were still alert for any unforeseen event.

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