Tara looked over the horizon and found, soon it was going to be evening, therefore Tara thought that if she climbed the mountain, it will be safe for her, she can hide in shrubs, trees, etc., during danger, but in ravine, she was not sure about anything because the river was showing the gloomy appearance as if there were wandering dead souls inside the ravine. She was in a dilemma that if she went through the mountain, she could handle something uncertain, but in ravine, she felt danger; as she was in hurry for reaching 'Eastern Yin Creek Region' because her friend was being held hostage and she needed to save her friend as soon as possible, therefore she decided to cross Snake Mountain through the ravine. Tara made her resolve and soon found some log woods from the forest and tied them together with ropes made from barks of plants and grasses; she chopped those woods with her sword and sculpted those woods into a proper small boat with oars from both sides. Tara's body was very delicate from outside, but her courage was far stronger than mountains and rivers; she attached a mast to her boat and tied clothes on both sides of the mast as mainsail and jib of the boat; soon she pulled her boat into the water and entered her boat while oaring with her both hands, her boat moved forward upon the river flowing in the ravine.

As her boat moved forward, she upheld her courage and remained vigilant to anything uncertain occurring in the surrounding. Slowly evening transformed into the night and the water of the ravine also appeared black, gloomy, lonely; Tara took out a lantern from her storage ring and hunged it at the mast of the boat for some light; Tara slowly lit up her lantern and soon area under boat brightened, it was a mortal grade artifact which was running on middle-grade Spirit Stones, from its help she could at least look nearby boat; she was all alone herself in this lonely night with deep silence in the area. This silence gave her a feeling of uncertain danger, therefore she was fully alert toward anything uncertain; occasionally cold breeze passed through her, reminding her that she was traveling on this boat alone, under this dangerous night in a ravine. As Tara's boat moved forward two miles, suddenly fog started to emerge from the surface of the river and covered the whole area, unable to see forward; stars were twinkling above in the starry sky of night, but below everything was covered in fog. Tara soon saw skeletons of various dead humans, beasts, etc., emerged on the surface of the river, floating around her boat, giving her an apprehensive feeling of a deadly ghost river; she soon heard the cries of people howling in pain, screaming, shouting, crying, mourning, laughing, roaring and various kinds of eerie sounds from the river. There were crab-like black ferocious beasts floating beneath the river, occasionally jumping on the surface of the river; they could gnaw the flesh and bones of living organisms smoothly without belching for a single moment.

In the fog, Tara was feeling very anxious after observing these subsequent changes, but she holds her heart tight by remembering her responsibility of saving her friend from enemies. As her boat was still moving forward bravely, another event unfolded which made Tara speech bound; she saw the appearance of thousands of ghostly human bodies made from fog, illusionary, transparent with no physical bodies, ghostly hollow forms surrounding and circling around the boat making different sounds crazily to increase fear in the heart of another person.

Suddenly an echoing and chorus sound asked Tara, "Hey girl don't you know, this ravine is the territory of us evil ghost spirits and all intruders are devoured by us; we have done so many evil deeds and sins that we can't reincarnate into our peaceful ghost forms." Tara was shocked after listening to them and said, " Respected Ladies and Gentlemen I didn't mean to offend you, actually I was forced to choose this path because one of my friend's life is in danger; as he is being held hostage and I needed Sunshine fruit in 'Eastern Yin Creek Region' to save his life in exchange of that fruit. I wanted to save him as soon as possible, that's why to save him earlier I entered this path and I didn't know about your existence, therefore I unintentionally offended you guys, I deeply apologize for my mistake." Tara looked towards everyone with a dignified expression and without any lie in her heart, she immediately bowed and know-towed in the boat to the 'Evil Ghost Spirits'.

Soon there was a deep silence in the ravine and every activity could be heard and felt; all the evil ghost spirits were shocked with this little girl's courage because she was able to talk with their army of evil ghosts without getting panicked and there was not a single ounce of fear in the heart. Every evil ghost was mesmerized while looking at her innocent eyes, she didn't give the vibe of someone dangerous rather a sacred, pure and holy feeling. Suddenly, there was an explosion in the fog and a giant human-shaped face appeared in the fog and said, " fine girl, since you apologized to us evil spirit ghosts; I Sufi Rumi, the 'Evil Spirit Ghost King' of this ravine, can give you a chance to cross this ravine successfully, but we have two conditions, if you can fulfill them, then only it is possible for you to cross this river.

"The first condition is that you have to keep this place secret as secret only, you can't disclose this place secret to anyone after crossing this ravine and the second condition is that we evil spirit ghosts will enter your heart to see, that whatever you said was the truth; if you are telling any lie to us, then you will definitely die here, but if you are telling truth, then we promise on our 'Ghost Race' that we won't hurt your single hair. Now, then decide yourself and make up your mind for your decision."

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