Ashu wandered around the base camp for few hours and he collected more information. He was angered with Yun Jyusen, but he controlled himself very well, because this was not the time to take vengeance; he had to save An Ren and Tara first. He was suddenly approached by a team of followers to hunt beast and medicine in the River territory; Ashu went with these team members and hunted 2 boars. He killed first boar and kept 2nd boar alive in the storage bracelet; after hunt, he returned with them, while collecting few average medicinal plants, whose 50% credit points he gave them to Yun Jyusen's personal subordinates. These personal subordinates, first receive these credit points in their token and later transfer them to Yun Jyusen's token; they would not cheat in their task, because they had already signed blood oath pact of followers, therefore if they tried to embezzle credit points with cheating, as consequences they will hurt themselves with internal injury and their cultivation path will become mediocre. He further deposited a killed boar of cultivation 4th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' and he was praised by other followers for his work.

Evening came over the horizon of sky and he started to execute his plan for entering An Ren's barrack; these barracks were tightly guarded by strong cultivators of 6th to 7th stage 'Tempered Body Realm' participants. In evening, when darkness pervaded the sky, he used his ghost technique and turned himself into black fog and disappeared in the air; he smoothly entered the barrack of prisoners. There were male and female prisoners being kept in cages, tied with metal chains; there were many disciples kept here, as prisoners. Ashu, after seeing their condition was unable to control himself, but soon he stabilised his emotions and focused on his purpose of coming here. He took a glance over the cages and soon found An Ren, unconscious in a cage. Ashu soon understood one more thing, after seeing these cages that, the 5000 participants who quitted in the tournament earlier, were those who were unable to defend themselves, but there were few others also, who didn't quit or either submitted or they were unable to get chance to quit due to sneak attack from opponent; their tokens and storage bags were snatched away and they were held as prisoners, in this type of barracks. So, those 2000 participants, whose credit points were not shown on ranking list, just their name was shown illuminated due to either unable to fulfill required credit points or their tokens and storage bags were snatched away from them and were held as captive, while their credit points were transferred by stronger opponents; they could only wait until competition ended. When competition ends, they will be teleported out automatically. Ashu counted these cages and found 178 cages; he thought that, even if he rescued everyone with An Ren, but they will not be able to quit competition or continue without their tokens and storage bags and captured once again. Ashu decided that, he will not only rescue An Ren, but also all other captives; he immediately disappeared into fog and came back to his tent and pondered how to recover their tokens and storage bags.

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Ashu closed his eyes and entered star domain, he floated in the starry sky and found one constellation of stars, floating leisurely in heaven near to his planet; he ordered stars to find the culprit, who has all tokens and storage bags of captives; soon after hearing commands from Ancestral Star God, Star Spirits, immediately obeyed and after one hour, answer came. Ashu was surprised after listening answer, because all those tokens and storage bags were in the storage ring of Ru Shen, Yun Jyusen's personal subordinate; his cultivation was 8th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'. Ashu thought about the irresponsible decision about, how such important objects were in the hands of other person, who was sleeping tightly, while snoring loudly. Maybe Yun Jyusen thought that, all the credit points were already transferred from those tokens and storage bags were already empty, while the owners of these objects were being held captive; he never would have thought that, somebody would be so bold to steal from his base, therefore he didn't kept these items with him. Ashu appeared in the tent of Ru Shen in the form of black fog and hid in the air and he used a ghost world secret technique, called 'Ghostly Teleporting Fog'. His smoke surrounded that boy's middle finger, where he was wearing ring; his smoke covered the ring with teleporting power and ring was engulfed in black smoke and disappeared. Soon, fog reformed into a human body shape and Ashu reappeared out of fog once again, while holding ring in his hand. Ashu thought, if he leave simply without doing anything and suddenly Ru Shen woke up and alert all the guards and leader, it will be troublesome for him to handle, all at once; so he decided to knock him out unconscious, therefore he won't wake up until morning. Ashu took out his sword and hold it from the side of blade, while aimed hilt at the head of Ru Shen; Ashu slowly came near Ru Shen and banged his head with sword hilt forcefully. Soon, Ru Shen felt pain in his head, he turned and twisted on the bed, unable to understand anything and finally became unconscious.

Ashu finally relaxed and disappeared from the tent of Ru Shen and once again transformed into fog and reappeared in the prisoners barrack. He didn't appeared in front of everyone, but instead was floating in air as fog and nobody was able to detect him; this time Ashu looked towards An Ren's cage, his face was bruised with wounds and his appearance looked haggard. An Ren was sitting in the cage afraid that, somebody will come and beat him; Ashu thought that, if he go directly in front of everyone and put their cages in his storage bracelet, then they will be shocked too much and they will not be able to hold their curiosity and will ask lots of questions; so, to avoid suspicions, he decided to use another method. He remembered that he had gone today for beast hunting and had also collected some medicinal plants and in those medicinal plants, there was one medicinal herb, called Angel Nightshade; it was a sleep inducing herb, when taken in drink or it's smoke inhaled excessively, causing to become sleepy or unconscious.

Ashu quietly burned those herbs and released it's smoke in the barrack; as smoke spread in the barrack, there was fog all over inside barrack. Ashu immediately saw that all captives started to feel drowsy, lethargic and drop unconscious one by one. As all prisoners observed this scene, they were shocked and started to yell for help, but their voice and smoke was unable to reach out of barrack, because luckily, Ashu had already laid an array before burning herbs. Ashu patiently waited untill everyone was unconscious, then he immediately started to engulf all the cages inside his storage bracelet. His storage bracelet was 'Godly Spiritual Item' with living Spirit inside; so, living things can also be stored inside the ring. Soon, all the cages were stored inside his storage bracelet and he also disappeared in the form of fog and immediately in night, Ashu left for a safe place in the forest, leaving only few words on the walls of prison barrack of River territory, 'WAIT FOR OUR COUNTERATTACK- Ashu'.

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