Ashu woke up in the afternoon, still feeling dizzy, but there was an energetic aura surrounding him; giving vibe of a powerful person. He immediately hid his aura to 5th stage of 'Tempered body Realm' and stood up; while looking outside of 'Tree House', looking dark clouds in the sky. There was a smile on his face and he started to laugh majestically, ''ha ha haha, this God has finally reached 9th stage of ' Tempered Body Realm. Now I am, among the peak contenders of this tournament; it will be interesting to fight now in the tournament''. Ashu looked in the 'Star Array' and found all the spirit stones were already reduced to ashes, he impatiently checked his green colored treasure chest and found 20,000 middle grade Mortal Pills were used; Ashu said, '' well loss is heavy, but it was worth it''.

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Ashu heard the thunder in the gloominess of clouds and his attraction was attracted towards the surrounding area; after observing area, he said, ''clouds are giving dangerous vibe, birds are not chirping and beast carcasses are thrown all over area, without any care, that means something has happened during my training period, I need to find out, what's going on ?'' Ashu further thought about his team and this tournament's dangers and started to feel apprehensive, he suddenly took out his token and said, '' let's see what's the status of my team and other teams, how their progress is going on ?'' Ashu put his spiritual energy into token and observed the ranking, he found there were only 7000 participants remaining on the ranking list, that means 5000 participants quitted the competition. He was surprised to see the ranking; there was a list of participants shown on token in which names of 7000 participants were illuminated and 5000 names glow had disappeared. Further participants whose names were not shown on list due to credit score being less, earlier; now were being showed. Some of participants credit score was not shown due to unable to reach requirements. When these opponents reached the required score, their rankings were shown according to their score, but before that, only name was shown. Now, these rankings were changing after every hours. Ashu, observed the ranking list, but didn't found his team members name on the list of quitted participants; their name were on the list of remaining participants, but few of them had unknown credit score i.e., they had not reached the required credit score, to show their rankings. He soon found the name of

Ma Tara and An Ren with unknown credit score; further, he found the name of Wang Golan on the ranking list, at rank 478 with credit points 78,000 and Gu Isha at rank 556 with credit points 60,000. Later, he also found Li Reiju's ranking 660 with credit points 50,000 in the ranking list.

In the token, Ashu had already read about some opponents information, such as Mengmei's team and many others. Now, he decided to see the status of other opponents; he first observed participants of Top 10, of ranking list. On the 1st rank, there was a girl from 'Dragon Clan', called Sen Riyana i.e., a human tribe, which had their techniques based on 'Dragons' and they had bloodline of Dragons; her cultivation was 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' with credit points of 5,00,000 and she was a graceful beauty with strong explosive power. On the 2nd rank, there was a boy called 'Hao Chen' from the 'Tiger Tribe' i.e., a human tribe, which had skills based on Tiger and they had bloodline of tigers; he had a credit points of 4,20,000. He had a dangerous vibe with black stripes on his body and his cultivation was 9th Stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'; he had a wild appearance with spike hairs. On the 3rd rank was a girl, name Yun Megha with credit points 3,60,000; her cultivation was 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' and she was beautiful as flower and sharp as thunder with white robe. On the 4th rank, was a boy from Mengmei's team Yun Jyusen, he was younger brother of Yun Megha and his credit points were 3,20,000; his cultivation was 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' and he was charming with valiant figure in white robe. On 5th rank, there was a boy from blood sect, called Yan Shifan i.e., their techniques were based on the sacrifice of their blood and animals; his cultivation was 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' with credit points 2,90,000, his robe was red in colour with handsome appearance.

On the 6th rank was also a girl from Mengmei's team, called Fu Rosalin with credit points 2,50,000; her cultivation was also 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' and she was the heir of 'Fu Clan' of medicine with great battle experience.

On 7th rank, there was a girl from 'Elf Tribe', called Re Yasmine; a beautiful girl with pointed ears, blonde hair, green pupils and graceful body with white complexion. The elf tribe had dexterity in healing powers; her cultivation was 9th stage of ' Tempered Body Realm' with credit points 2,20,000. Her elf tribe, had male and female experts with beautiful appearances; they have supernatural powers of healing and acrobatic abilities to combat. On the 8th rank, there was a boy from 'Wolf Tribe', he had canines protruding out from his shoulders with fierce body and look. He had bloodline of wolf and have strong fighting abilities of wolves with tracking powers. His cultivation was 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'; his credit points were 2,00,000.

On the 9th rank, there was a boy called Xiao An, of 'Refining Valley Clan' from 'Yemen Nation'. He had an astounding dexterity in artifact refining; a handsome figure with outstanding talent in refinery. His cultivation was at 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'; his credit points were 1,70,000 with strong fighting skills. On 10th rank, there was a girl called Xu Reisha, from 'Rock Bird Clan'; she had great speed due to her bloodline. She was a damsel figure with great fighting skills; her cultivation was at 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' with credit points 1,50,000.

Ashu felt that the current ranking of opponents was really very strong. So, if he wanted to enter the ranking list of Top 10, he could enter very easily, but if he wanted to enter with his team, then he need to help them; with total effort from team, they can enter Top 10, because tournament is very fierce. Ashu further glanced towards the ranking list of Top 20, then 30, 40, 50....100, etc, and got the overall understanding of ranking of opponents. Finally, he found his name in the ranking list, but his ranking was unknown, due to his credit score being less than the required credit points.

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