Ashu laughed and took back his domineering aura; he asked, "little girl, what are you doing alone in this cave? Don't be afraid of me, I won't kill you, just don't attack me, otherwise I would have to hurt you." "Who are you elder brother?" asked that beautiful little girl and she further said, "you, suddenly barged into my territory and I thought that you were a bad ghost and will harm me, therefore I attacked you." Ashu laughed and seriously said, " Ho Ho Ho naughty little girl, you just not wanted to attack me, but also eat me, as nourishment. Let me introduce myself, I am Dev Ashu, A Primal Transcendent Star God; due to sneak attack from my enemy, I was injured and reincarnated into this world. During reincarnation, my powers disappeared and now I am training myself to restart my path, to reach top once again and what about you? You don't look so simple, little girl."

After listening Ashu's history, she was very shocked and surprised; she glanced towards Ashu for few moments and then suddenly started to cry, while big drops of tears, started to roll down from her eyes. Ashu was unable to understand this behaviour of this silly girl, but he knew, there must be a reason for this girl to cry; therefore, he persuaded her politely, to stop crying. Ashu lightly spoke, "Hey girl, you are so brave and you are crying; you should know that, brave girls don't look cool, when they are crying and listen, nobody will marry a cry baby girl." Listening to Ashu's words, as if, her sore spot was touched and she started to cry more vigorously; finally, Ashu hugged her and patted her back. He affectionately touched her face, while saying, "I don't know, what happened with you, but I know that, in my past life, I had good friends from 'Ghost Universe'. So, I know, ghosts are very peaceful beings and I can also see that, you are also a good girl, so, stop crying and tell this elder brother, what happened with you and why are you staying here, alone?"

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After being hugged by Ashu, she felt good and slowly her sobbing and tears stopped, she once again looked at Ashu and felt shyness, she timidly said, "Elder brother my name is Misr Eyana and I am Princess of Yin Poison Nation; I am a 'Royal Yin Poison Ghost' and my father is an Emperor of Yin Poison Nation, 'Misr Yumar'. My father emperor is an, 'Yin Poison Ghost God',but 2 years back, he went to 'Yin Tower of God' for his cultivation training and in his absence an incident happened; our neighbour nation, 'Scorpion Poison Nation' attacked our nation and wanted to kidnap and transform me into a Ghost Pellet, to increase the quality of their poison and strength. Fights in between countries for border annexation was a common occurence and it was happening for many years, but 'Scorpion Poison Ghost God', got a scroll from an 'Ancient Ghost Realm', in which, a method to increase the quality of Scorpion Poison was given, where, by alchemy they can make a Ghost Pellet, which will increase the quality of his poison and strength, but for that, he needed 'Yin Poison Ghost' with purest bloodline. In absence of my father, Scorpion Poison Ghost God, called Gu Lan Emperor, tried to abduct me, from my home; he was going to be successful, but, at the last moment, my mother 'Queen of Yin Poison Nation, Lady Misr Riwana came and saved me; she was also a 'Yin Poison Ghost God'.There was an intense and great battle in between my mother, Lady Misr Riwana and Emperor Gulan; both sides suffered injuries and finally emperor Gulan, stepped back. He had suffered heavy injuries, during his battle and my mother was also injured; in these circumstances, to keep me safe was very difficult, therefore, my mother did an ancient ritual, called 'Ghost Heavenly Destiny Revolution' ; she sacrificed her 1000 years of life span to do this ritual. She froze me in that, Yin Poison Ghost Tree and I am trapped, inside it; she did this for my safety, unless the 'Chosen Ghost Heavenly Destiny Guardian', touches that tree, until then, I will be trapped, inside this frozen tree or I will have to wait and continue my cultivation by absorbing ghost energies here and when my cultivation becomes stronger enough to break out from this seal, then only, I can come out or I could, only wait for Destiny to take its turn. What you are seeing now, is my clonal body, but my original body is trapped inside that tree; six months before my mother performed that ritual and put me in the 'Destiny Summoning Array', which she built with great effort. 'Mother told me at the parting moments, "Daughter I am waiting for your father's return. I also wanted to go with you, but I have responsibility of this nation's people safety. You are my special child, I know, you will be lonely for some period, but trust me, as soon as your father returns, we will both come to take you back and if you found your 'Chosen Ghost Heavenly Destiny Guardian',then, he will protect you. My child you are very dear to me, I can't bear, you to be used by somebody else, therefore believe in yourself and believe in your destiny, we will meet soon again.'

Soon a huge force pulled me towards sky and I disappeared in the sky and was teleported inside this cave, in this pond. From past six months, I am trying to increase my cultivation, but now I am at peak stage of 'Ghost Tempered Realm' i.e., in humans, it is similar to 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'. Elder brother, as you know, my home is very far from here and I can't go back easily; therefore, I was trying to increase my cultivation and that's why I thought, you were a bad ghost and I tried to eat you, I am sorry," she said it with her innocent puppy eyes. She further told, "My home is in 'Ghost Universe', under 'Hemlock Starfield' and 'Poison Galaxy', on Planet Ivy."

After listening to Misr Eyana, Ashu became very emotional and he patted her head once and said, "little naughty girl, you addressed me as elder brother and I am very happy with that, but do you know, if you relied on yourself to break the seal of tree, with your strength, then you will have to wait for, at least thousand years, because your mother's cultivation was 'True God Realm', when she sealed you. You have to understand that, if you tried yourself, then it will be very difficult for you; allow me to help you, show me, where I have to touch tree ?" Misr Eyana was very much touched and she said, "Elder brother, you have to touch at the base of stem with your bare hands and it's very poisonous; if destiny, 'chose' you, then seal will break away successfully and you will not be affected with poison, but, if you were unsuccessful, then you will have to take antidote of my poison. Elder brother, do you see, those medicinal herbs at the base of my tree, if you chew those herbs, then poison in your body will be neutralised."

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