In this world,there are many Mysteries which are unknown.There are Mortals, Gods,

Buddhas and Transcendents which are

above God.There are many Universes and Multiverses.

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By twist of fate, Strongest Bodhisattva ''Tara'', reincarnates in Mortal World and Primal God Star Ancestor ''Ashu'', injured by the Celestial God Clan prince ''Rougan'',meets by Destiny.....

6 years old innocent girl Ma Tara, climbing the mountain in her neighbourhood to collect medicinal herbs on the Mountainous plain. 'Tara', was born into a village called 'Deodar' near 'Haim' Nation, which was part of 'Mei Sect'. She was born to Daoist Couple, later her parents died during war due to invasion of foreign nation enemy, 'Shadow Clan', when she was 3 year old. Daoist Couple used an ancient flame technique, 'Nirvana Destroyer' to kill the major forces of enemy. They burned their life essence and were unable to survive, but before leaving, they initiated an 'Ancient Ceremony' and awakened 'Nirvana flame Mark' and transferred Nirvana flame Seed' to their daughter. There was a flame mark in between her eye brows, on forehead of their daughter; they sealed their soul into the flame seed and died. The head of 'Mei Sect', Lady Lin Bao, felt sorrow that she was unable to save her childhood friends and leader adopts their daughter and swears that she will eliminate the 'Shadow Clan' from this existence..

Tara was diligent from childhood; Lady Lin Bao took care of her and treated her as her own child and Tara also had elder sister Lin Sophie, daughter of Lady Lin Bao. Tara was darling of Sophie. Tara was given very high education in her childhood; she didn't have any past life memories awakened, yet. In Mortal World, girls were married earlier, due to superstitions of defamation caused or she herself chose her partner, if parents didn't allow, many girls elope with their lovers. Girls family have to give dowry to Boys family. So, Society thinks girls as a burden; Thus,to overcome those problems, they do Child Infanticide or Child Marriages; Whereas in Cultivation World, 'Life is relentless', childrens have to start tempering their body and start cultivation practices early. It is true, cultivation path is dangerous but freedom to roam this 'Myriad Universe unhindred' is what attracts people to climb that path and Transcendent their Self.

Unknown to such things,Tara sometimes plays herself or sometime she pick riped fruits from trees, enjoying juicy fruits. She was not happy this much at her home. Home is boring to her, where she have to practice cultivation techniques all time. She doesn't get chance to play at home and she sometimes feel lonely, while reminiscing her parents. She doesn't understand much about such things; so, she is stressed at sect and therefore whenever she gets a chance to play on this neighborhood mountain ''Nazure'',she comes.

Today, early Morning, when she came here to collect medicinal herbs on this mountain; there was fog all over, sun rays were light, she thought to explore Mountain. As a child of cultivators, kids like her

were never treated pamperedly. Even small childs had to toil hard for their livelihood, so she was not much afraid of insects or harmful animals. She uprooted a Sugarcane stick from a nearby farm, then started to climb above mountain by hopping, while chewing sugarcane.

She walked few kilometers, while sweating. Such huge trees, bountiful flowers, she had never seen; Such beautiful butterflies, she had never seen them. She tried to catch a butterfly, but may be butterflies were also playing with her; So, she was unable to caught anyone, but today was such a pleasantful morning for her.

As she was climbing, she saw a large hole in the mountain, which was covered by a big boulder. She thought it was natural, it attracted that childs curiosity; she walked carefully near to that boulder, where that hole was filled with darkness. First time in her life, she felt closeness with such darkness, she felt, there is something in darkness which needs her or if she didn't go, she will regret it later.

As she stepped in the mountain, she saw dense darkness, which was very fragile, which was unable to break the childs courage; as she continued further, there were many stones which were glittering with bright light and some Stones light were vanishing. There were dense greenery around such stones; Butterflies and Birds roaming and singing. She was astonished and such scene deeply enchanted her.

After sometime, she saw bright light radiating stones, were reducing to ashes and quality of air was increasing, it seem like to her that she was in a mother's womb, feeling such comfortable. Among those stones, there was a giant Stone which looked like gem, which was glittering with brilliance, it looked like, all light was entering into that Stone. It seemed like, there was something in that giant stone. It appeared as a creature was sealed in that stone with his closed eyes, which was absorbing radiance in the form of a Human.

Tara, came near to that stone ; It resembled a God to her, she unknowingly touched that crystal and prayed that, if she had a friend, whom she can play and share her feelings and roam the world; so, she could help people. As soon as, she spoke such words, there were two sharp lights which were emitted from giant crystal and that creature's eyes were opened. There was a gush of air from surroundings, all lights around crystals started to get dim and they turned into ashes and giant crystal was absorbing light, tremendously fast; There was such a brilliance, that entire cave illuminated. Stalagmites in the cave, even the drops of water in the cave sparkled. Slowly, that brilliance reduced and the cave became dark again, but giant crystal started to break ; lines of crack appeared in the centre of crystal, then lines stretched from centre to periphery and there was a loud ''Boom'' sound. Tara was panic stricken to see such event; so, she hid near a rock.

When Tara was able to see again, she saw a boy, of similar to her age. His clothes were like prince of royal family, embedded with gems; There was a gem, in between his eyes at the centre on his forehead. His face was as cute as Himalayan ice, his innocent eyes were like whirlpools of Multiverses, his teeths were like brilliance of asteroids, his fingers were like crackling of thunder, his hairs were like floating glaciers, his laughter was beautiful as waterfalls. There was an aura of dominance on his face, as if he has won countless wars, great battles and have struggles of many universes; It looked, he was the True God. Seeing him was like, it was beyond his dignity to stand on the same ground as any other God; There was a difference of Heaven and Earth.

Nearby Tara, was shocked and she came near that boy and asked timidly stuttered, ''who.... who... are you ?'', that boy laughed and said, ''I am a Star God, Ashu....

A friend''. Tara mumbled, ''Are you God ?....Are you friend ? Who are you ? Ashu spokes, " Well, Ashu is Ashu....Didn't you asked God, that you want a friend ? lets be friends. Tara circles around Ashu and happily asks, '' will you really become my friend '' ? Ashu laughs proudly while putting his hand on his chest and said, '' Ashu never makes fake Promises...Girl ! Let me introduce myself, My name is 'Dev Ashu'. I am an Ancestor of Primal Transcendence God Tribe; A unique species of Star Gods in the Myriad Universe.

This God has lived for millenniums but I am 7 years old due to reincarnation, now ''. Tara, laughs while blinking her eyes and says, '' My name is Tara and I am 6 years old and what...? Star God ? What Ancestor ?'',Tara pouts and says, '' You are making fun of me, this is bad habbit, child should not do this! I will tell your mama ; You are same age as me, okay ? Ashu feels headache to explain his situation to this silly child and speaks, '' lets forget that. I was sleeping here for a long time , you have awakened me; let me give you a token of my friendship.''

''As a God, What can I give gift, to this silly girl ?'' Ashu thinks in his mind, while bringing a crystal in his hand. A Divine crystal appears in the hands of Ashu from his storage space in his bracelet on his right hand ; Ashu converts that crystal into a beautiful necklace, through his spiritual power and mysterious to Tara, how he did it ? Tara asks, ''where did you bring this stone and how did you transformed it into this beautiful necklace, it's pretty ? Ashu replies, '' sshh it's my secret,'' Tara says, is there a need to be mysterious ? we are friends and friends don't hide anything from each others'', Ashu is annoyed and says, '' Yeah,Yeah,I will tell you later on, okay now take this, and wear it ; It is a very precious stone , it will protect you, when your life is in danger. Let's go '', while yawning, Ashu says to Tara.

''Wait, wait, if friends give gift to each other, then I will gift this my bracelet to you. It was said that my mother, got this bracelet while on a pilgrimage to a Buddha Temple...

Thank you very much for your gift, I will cherish it my whole life and if you accept my gift, then only I will accept your gift '', tears swelled up in Tara's eyes.

Ashu is shocked to see this bracelet, because this bracelet is a Divine Artifact of Lotus Zen Temple of God's Domain; Their precious 'Heart Sutra' is embedded on it, by Great Buddha Avlokiteshwara. He finds this amusing and thinks it was interesting to see such a girl with Divine Artifact from Lotus Zen Temple of God's Domain and thinks Tara is not a simple girl...may be she is related to Buddhist clans. Ashu pretends to be normal to maintain his poker face and says proudly, '' Well, if you say so, then ok, from now on we are friends; If anybody bullies you, then tell me okay. In this Myriad World, just call my name Ashu ; This Ashu will be there for your Protection. Tara let's enjoy this Journey.

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