In the afternoon, after understanding the current scenario of all participants, Ashu thought to experience this hierarchy system. He was interested, because he wanted to know about, what his friends experienced, during his training period ? After surveying around the river territory, Ashu thought to change his appearance; he soon found a follower of river territory in forest and knock him out unconscious with a sneak attack. Ashu put that person into a safe cave and after 2 days, he will wake up naturally and resume his competition. Ashu summoned Ghost Mask from his soul sea, a black mask appeared on his face, like a cloth it covered his face and soon it merged with his face and his appearance changed into exactly similar to that person. Ashu soon also performed a ghost world technique, called 'Soul Search'. He found out various important events happened, in these 5 days; this technique was dangerous, if not correctly performed, then the other person can become vegetative due to his soul being damaged, but Ashu was an ancient legend, therefore there was no harm to other person.

Ashu turned himself into a boy with average look, 6 ft height, slim body, white complexion and moles on chin, called Ma Tulinga; he hided his cultivation to 5th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' and walked towards the base of 'River Territory'. As soon as Ashu came near the base of River territory, he could see, there were blue flags being raised near the territory. The followers here had an arrogant attitude; Ashu had already taken the token and storage bag of Ma Tulinga, because he already knew that, after the tournament will end, Ma Tulinga will be automatically teleported out of the Medicine Valley Forest. As Ashu came in front of the gate, there were two guards; Ashu showed Ma Tulinga's token and his blue band to those guards with neutral expression on his face and entered the base.

As Ashu entered the base, he found that base was situated on a ground field and there were many tents in the ground, there were barracks and there were few luxurious tents constructed for leader and his personal subordinate; the base was bustling with activities and there was continuous flow of in and out of people. Soon, Ashu found Ma Tulinga's tent and entered inside and started to ponder his next strategy. Through Ma Tulinga's memories, Ashu came to know about that, Ma Tara and An Ren passed through this base camp and they didn't wanted to be part of 'River Territory', but friends of Yun Jyusen captured An Ren; they started beating and tortured him. An Ren and Ma Tara were unable to defend themselves, due to cultivation being low i.e., only 2nd stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'. Tears started to roll down from Ma Tara's eyes and she pleaded them, not to harass them; suddenly, 'Yun Jyusen' came and stopped them and said, ''well, well, isn't this our Miss Ma Tara, younger sister of Lady Lin Sophie ? You are not able to protect yourself; I don't understand, from where Lady Lin Sophie gets the confidence, to beat our team leader, Kun Mengmei's team ? You don't want to join our team, that's fine too, but if you want your friend to be not tortured anymore, then you have to do our, one task''

Ma Tara's sobbing stopped slowly and she said, '' this is being despicable, you want to threaten me ? where is your manly pride? your cultivation is distinctively higher than mine, why would you need me to search something ?'' Ma Tara thought about what her elder sister and elders said to her, during this journey; it is never too late to take vengeance. She thought of a plan and started to negotiate with him. Yun Jyusen said, '' Lady Ma Tara, you are intelligent and correct about whatever you said, but there is one thing you should know that, if we were able to do that task ourselves, we would not have asked you for this task. Actually the task is simple, you just need to enter a forbidden zone and bring back, a 'Sunshine Fruit' from 'Eastern Yin Creek Region'. It is a forbidden zone and in this zone, the more participant's cultivation is high, then the more Yin coldness will attack them; similarly, lesser the cultivation, then lesser attack will be on cultivator. Your friend will be kept here as hostage, until you bring me that Sunshine fruit''.

Tara was left in dilemma, whether she save herself, while pretending to do work and leave easily without bothering for An Ren or She should risk her life for sunshine fruit, to save An Ren. Tara replied to Yun Jyusen, '' fine, I will do your task, but nothing should happen to my friend and remember this is just beginning of the tournament, so don't be too cocky, because I will remember this event; give me map of that location and An Ren, I am your sister, I will definitely not let anything happen to you, so wait for me.''

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After hearing this, An Ren's eyes started to roll down tears and said that, '' sister Tara, you don't need to risk your life, I will just quit the competition.'' Yun Jyusen's friends immediately snatched his token and storage bag from him and said, '' you don't have that luxury.'' Seeing An Ren further hurt, Tara immediately said, '' stop it, I am going, don't harass him and An Ren believe in your sister. One thing remember, all of you, if anything happened to my brother, I will not let you go and one more thing, my team members are still inside the competition only.'' Immediately Yun Jyusen replied, '' deal, nothing will happen to your brother.'' Yun Jyusen, suddenly saw images of two monsters red eyes, one was Lady Lin Sophie and the other was Dev Ashu, a mysterious boy and felt shiver ran over his spine, but he immediately retorted, '' I am not afraid of your team members; so, don't try to outsmart me, otherwise it will be harmful for your friend.''

Tara looked one more time at An Ren and nodded, then Tara left River Territory, immediately; while An Ren was being held captive in prisoners barrack. All of this event was observed by Ma Tulinga, because his status was not so low, he was good friend of Yun Jyusen. After reminiscing all these scenes, Ashu's eyes started to turn red in anger; he knew in which barrack, An Ren was being held captive and Ashu felt remorse, because his friends were being tortured and harassed, near his hideout. He felt that, he was so near to them, but was busy in training and unable to feel external phenomenons happening outside of cauldron. He also realised that, even if he was outside, he would not be able to help much, because his cultivation was less, but he still felt, he could have at least faced the danger with them and he could have provided his help in escape, which would have alleviated pain of Tara, during that time. Now, he discovered his top priority was to rescue And Ren and find Tara, while saving her from that forbidden area's dangers; Yun Jusen's punishment could wait for a while.

Ashu came out of the tent and started to stroll around the barracks and base camp; he was trying to memorise the structure of base camp, power authorities, timing, shifts, amenities, etc. He analysed the basic running system of the base camp, to rescue An Ren easily and he had already started to execute his next plan to meet An Ren.

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