As he stepped in the tunnel, he found staircase leading to underground from base of mountain. He slowly stepped forward in darkness, while walking he found himself in illusionary array that showed many tunnels which can confuse many people, but Ashu used his ' Divine Skill of Primal Eyes' and soon he found original track. Sometimes he triggered few traps such as spikes, spears, arrows, etc., on the pathway, but he successfully survived them. At the end of path, he found a large gate of metal which was closed; there was a strong array formation which was obstructing him. At the centre of gate in middle, there was a Pentagonal Plate which was equally divided into five parts and each part had a small small hole to put something in it.

Ashu, looked at the plate and thought about the method to open array and he started to observe surrounding for a clue, but was unable to find solution. So, he tried to study the Pentagon Array and to see clearly he lit a flame torch and coincidentally touched the plate with flame torch and he found a certain part of plate lit up . He further tried to remove dust with air blowing by mouth to observe clearly and subsequently another part of plate also lit up. By observing such scenario, Ashu started to understand the method; he immediately brought a water bottle from his storage bracelet and sprinkled few drops of water, then again he found another part lit up; now he understood , this was a 'Pentagonal Elemental Array'. He picked some soil from ground and threw at the plate and immediately another part lit up; altogether four parts lit up and now finally he took out two metal pieces from his storage bracelet and rubbed them against each other and sparks started to generate which stuck plate and fifth part also lit up. These five parts were five elements of fire, water, earth, air and lightning; few seconds later, Pentagonal Array plate lit up completely and a 'Boom' sound was heard. The large metal gate cracked and a pathway was formed from the gate.

Seeing this Ashu was delighted, he immediately entered the gate and carefully observed surrounding; he found that it was a cave dwelling of a cultivator, who had left this dwelling. He found three treasure chests inside cave dwelling i.e., 1st Treasure Chest was purple in colour, which was shining with radiance. Ashu unlocked the treasure chest by breaking array on the chest and found 10,000 Top grade Spirit Stones in the chest. He was overjoyed with astonishment and he further checked the spirit stones, the quality was genuinely and it was harmless. After transferring all the spirit stones into his storage bracelet and he moved towards 2nd Treasure Chest, which was Green in colour and the fragrance of medicinal pills was coming from treasure chest; this treasure chest was also opened by breaking it's array. It's array was special, where he had to complete pattern on the chest; after struggling for 30 minutes, Ashu finally completed the pattern and chest was opened. There were medicinal pills inside 2nd Treasure Chest, which were filled to the brim of chest; there were 30,000 middle grade Mortal Pills, 20,000 high grade Spirit Pills and 10,000 low grade Foundation Establishment Pills.

Ashu, laughed maniacally by seeing treasures in 2nd Treasure Chest; with these cultivation resources, he can easily step into Foundation Establishment Realm at a very rapid pace and he can even help his team members to step into Foundation Establishment Realm. Ashu thought to himself, '' if this God now doesn't participate in the tournament, it doesn't matter; because I have already obtained my share of rewards. Let's see what's there in 3rd Treasure Chest ?'' Ashu's curiosity was picked and he was also excited to see treasures in 3rd Treasure Chest. There was a portrait of a Ghost on the chest; Ashu captured negative energy available in the cave dwelling by collecting this energy with the help of a secret technique called, 'Ghost hand' of 'Ghost Clan' of 'Ghost Universe' and transformed that energy into a black pearl, emitting dark negative energy. He fed that black pearl to the Ghost Portrait and immediately 3rd Treasure Chest opened. There were two objects in the treasure chest; first was a Black Mask, which appeared to be human face mask and second object was a small Black Stone, which appeared like gem. Ashu already had a premonition that, these objects were treasures of Ghost World; from his previous life, Ashu already knew ghost items need blood sacrifice to activate, therefore he bit his finger and drip his blood on black stone and black mask and immediately, a suction force came from ghost objects which absorbed blood on the surface. After successful blood sacrifice, two fragments of information popped out in his mind i.e., 1st fragment of information was that black stone, was called 'Ghost Stone'. Ghost Race are a spirit tribe born from Stone Race, which are very ancient race; they nurture themselves with negative energies in the Universe. Generally Ghosts are very shy beings, they love loneliness, they don't disturb others themselves and are very peaceful and friendly, but there are some Ghosts in the Ghost World, who surrender to their 'Heart Demons' on their path of cultivation and become Evil. These evil ghosts are banished from Ghost World or arrested by Ghost Grand Elders of various sects; few ghosts which enter in another world by chance, they act as cruel, evil, barbarous, murderer and torturer. They feed on living being's negative energies produced by living creatures, after being tormented by these ghosts for their survival. This Ghost Stone, is a naturally born treasure of 'Ghost Galaxy' in 'Ghost World'; it is formed after accumulation of Heaven and Earth energies for millennia. It is a treasure of a Ghost Tribe, which can help a living being to cultivate Ghost Energy and their powerful techniques.

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2nd fragment of information was that, the black mask was called 'Ghost Mask', which was a godly artifact of Ghost World; by wearing it, a ghost can transform into any living being such as plant, animal, bird, human beings, etc. It can completely transform the body of a ghost or ghost energy cultivator; this artifact only work with the help of ghost energies. This artifact's power varies, according to cultivation of owner of this artifact. As soon as Ashu understood these fragments of information, the mask stuck with his face and entered his soul sea; soul sea is a sea which surrounds the island on which 'Divine seed' is growing. Whereas 'Ghost Stone' entered his chest near his Asral Core and took over a area, through which ghost energies can be used by human body and through human body, ghost energies can be absorbed and stored in in 'Ghost Stone'. 'Ghost Stone' is actually a 'World Seed'' of a 'Ghost World' with spirituality; therefore living beings can use it to develop a 'Ghost World' in their body.

In the centre of his chest was Astral Core , his Primordial energy core, which was his 'Star Core' and 'Ghost Stone' started to revolve around the 'Star Core ' in a planetary motion like planets revolving around sun in their specific orbit. When Ashu noticed the effect of these Ghost items, he was very shocked and thought, '' how in the world, did I got so lucky that I encountered these things? Let alone Cultivators like Old Monsters, even many Gods failed to encounter such fateful things''.

In his previous life, Ashu met a 'Divine Ghost Doctor', called as Van Alcardo, in 'God's Domain' on a expedition. During expedition, Ashu met a large group of Gods, surrounding 'Divine Ghost Doctor', due to him being from Ghost World, information leaked out. They wanted to find out, about the pathway to 'Ghost Universe', i.e., coordinates of Teleportation Portal of 'Ghost World'; to hunt some 'Ghost Slaves'. Ashu accidentally heard these things and became very angry; after understanding, he wanted to protect his 'Home Universe', Ashu was touched by the fact that he was ready to die, to protect his home. Ashu felt his love and loyalty towards his home and thought it was worthy to be friend of this person.

In rage of anger, Ashu created 'Astral Bombs' from many Stars and threw these bombs on those rascal Gods, acting as bully. Those Astral bombs exploded with giant 'bang' 'boom', 'bang' 'boom' sounds and all those Gods disappeared like dirts in air. It was a giant explosion, which impacted that hidden realm and whole realm was destroyed. Ashu with his primitive powers saved, ' Divine Ghost Doctor' and took him out of 'Ancient Realm'.

Van Alcardo was still in shock about the series of events; he looked towards Ashu and bowed towards him and said fearfully, '' This Great One, Transcendent Senior, you have saved my Life, but I am nothing worthy of attention !'' he further continued, '' if you want same things as those Gods i.e., coordinates of my Home Universe, then please forgive me or kill me, but I won't be able to tell you'', Ashu felt touched by hearing his words and said, ''who wants to know about your stupid secrets, this God was just passing from here and heard their coversation and was angered, because they were blackmailing you for coordinates of your Home Universe with your life; this is disgusting and another thing was that, this God was touched by your love for your Home Universe. Your determination didn't wavered for a second and I was touched that's why I helped you, do you understand now; I am not here to know about your stupid secrets''.

Divine Ghost Doctor, bowed once again with gratitude to Ashu and said,'' this Great Transcendent Senior, I will always remember your kindness; let me introduce myself, I am a 'Divine Ghost Doctor' from Ghost Universe, my name is called 'Van Alcardo'. I am called Divine Ghost Doctor, because there are not many disease in the world, that I can't cure and my dream is to become No 1 doctor in the Myriad Universe. I am very famous in my Home Universe; during exploration, I entered a Teleportation Portal and teleported to that Ancient Realm'', he points towards that ancient realm which was destroyed by Ashu.

Ashu was greatly surprised by listening this and asked, '' are you really, telling truth? Let me introduce myself, My name is Dev Ashu; I am a 'Primordial Star', 'Ancestor of Primal Transcendence God Tribe', Van Alcardo was greatly shocked after hearing Ashu. Later they became good friends and roamed many universes; Van Alcardo, told him many things about Ghost Universe treasures to Ashu and these Ghost Stone and Ghost Mask were among them. Later, both also visited to Ghost Universe also, but at that time Ashu was not lucky as much this time, because this time, he found two treasures of Ghost Universe. Van Alcardo also told him that, in Ghost Realm there were even Transcendent Ghost beings, but they live in Seclusion majorly and don't interfere in daily affairs, but Ghost Universe was not weak as it seem, but also a powerful universe.

Thinking about his previous life, Ashu came to present; when he heard sounds of cave dwelling collapsing and cave being destroyed rapidly. He immediately stored Medicinal pills treasure chest in his storage bracelet and sprinted towards the staircase leading towards the base of Mountain. Suddenly, he remembered Ghost Fog Technique from Ghost World and channeled ghost energies from Ghost Stone, which transformed his body into black fog and he disappeared into black fog and easily swept from the cave and tunnel; once again returning to the base of Mountain. Ashu looked towards the horizon in the sky, it seemed sun was going to rise. He thought that, '' my top most priority is to increase my cultivation, until for 4 more days; then the time to take action, will began''. He used a new technique, called ' Ghost Cloud Technique' to fly in the air and reached his self made hideout on the tree and started to prepare for his training for next 4 days. He was looking forward to meet his team members and Tara, once again.

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