While walking with Tara, Ashu disguises himself as a poor child of native, with hiding his aura completely to mingle in the society; so, that nobody identifies him, but he wasn't able to hide his handsome face and comes to the 'Mei Sect', where Tara stay with other childrens. She introduces Ashu with elders of Mei sect at the gate of sect; Tara tells them, she found Ashu in the Jungle alone and may be he lost his memories and he don't know where to go ? Therefore, she brought him with her.

'Mei Sect' is surrounded by huge mountains boundary and four great mansions in the centre of sect such as, Sword Hall which guides teachings of weapons, their uses and techniques and mainly Swordsmanship; Dragon Hall which guides teachings of body transformation arts and techniques mainly developing Warriors; Array formation Hall, which guides in teachings of Array formations spells, techniques and mainly developing Array Master; Zither Hall which guides in zither techniques and musical instruments mainly developing Zither Master. There are several pavilions with Senior elders handling such as, Library Pavilion,Weapon Pavilion, Medicine Pavilion, Treasure Pavilion. There is also a Tower of Supremacy int the sect, nobody knows who created it, but it is essential, that it is present from many centuries with Unknown origin. It has 12 floors and nobody has ever climbed above 7th floor. As the higher one goes spirit qi increases and the more faster cultivation benefits are obtained; Last 4 levels are unexplored. This Tower is in Rumbal Forest which is territory of 'Mei Sect'.

Ashu is allowed to live in a courtyard with other childrens, whose incharge is elder sister Sophie and surprisingly Tara also stays in this courtyard; This courtyard has 10 rooms, each for a child. In this sect, childrens needs to complete tasks themselves and obtain Spirit Points; These spirit points are transferred to the Badge with the array formations embedded on it.These badges are identity tokens of disciples of Mei Sect and they can't be duplicated; They record spirit points and these spirit points can be traded with each other or obtained by completing tasks. To find tasks, disciples need to go plaza at 'Heavens Pavilion'. Heavens Pavilion is an administrative pavilion, where all tasks are allocated and rewards are given; Disciples details are recorded and they are given their dress, badge, Courtyard allocation, discipline code book for rules and regulation and punishments, as disciples they have to follow these instructions and another book in which history of Mei Sect and preliminary cultivation techniques are introduced. There are three zones in the sect which are Outer Zone for Outer Disciples having dress as blue robe, Inner Zone for Inner Disciples having dress as Yellow robe and Core Zone for Core Disciples having dress as Purple robe and every zone has a Heavens Pavilion for administration; Each zone disciples are provided different allowance and has their own rules and regulations, dress, badge, tasks and rewards. Each zone has common food cafe for disciples known as Aroma Pavilion.

Disciples selection event is a special event, which is organised by 'Mei Sect', every year. Selection process is done by an entrance exam, in which trials are experienced and those who perform outstanding are directly accepted as direct disciples by Senior elders of different peaks; There are 20 Peaks known for Senior elders abode and others who successfully pass the trial are admitted as Outer disciples. If disciples were found misbehaving, they will be punished according to sects rules. In sect, fighting between disciples is strictly prohibited and if there is any vengeance, which can't be solved normally, then there are Life and Death Stage battle arena; In which between two participants, one has to die, then only winner is decided and grudge is resolved. Before life and Death match, both participants has to agree for fight and take blood oath, according to sects rules before judges. Competition between disciples is very fierce and relentless. In Cultivation World, strong prey on the weak; Weaker disciples are bullied by elder brother and sisters or they have to pay protection fee to senior brother and sister's associations.

After full day query with elders and childrens, sitting alone in night and communicating with Stars , Ashu contemplates that after reincarnation he entered a lower level world of Vermillion Bird Starfield in Mythical Galaxy on Planet Yan. He reminiscence about his past life, where he was on the peak of cultivation. To recover his body from damage, he had to let go of his cultivation and living life as mortal is really terrible and painful. He suddenly remembers that during battle with Celestial God Clan's prince Rougan; He got hold of two Divine Stones of Holy life reincarnation. One stone can be used to reincarnate himself and other can be used to create a reincarnated body of Transcendent God with all his abilities, but the most dangerous aspect of these Divine Stones of Holy life reincarnation is that the cultivation is lost. As these Divine Stones are treasures of Celestial God Clan's; They are marked by reincarnation marks of their clan and they can only be hidden or destroyed by strongest flames and every 10 years, these reincarnation marks get ignited and the Celestial God Clan, can track those marks during that period and kill their targets on the marklist of their clan. Now his top priority is to raise his cultivation to God level and subdue this mark on his soul. While engrossed in these thoughts, suddenly Tara wakes him up and asks him to collect medicinal herbs for morning task.

Ashu wakes up and looks in the horizon of sky and saw Sunrise, he smiles looking at Tara, while thinking he has to recover his cultivation till age 17, as much as he can, because Celestial God Clan will track him and he will have to escape this planet, otherwise it will be tragedy for this planet and decides to work hard. Tara says to him, ''Today we have to go, to collect medicinal herbs from Medicinal Valley, would you like to come with me to collect herbs, Ashu ?'' Ashu says with grin'' Hey girl, this God doesn't serve others, go yourself, this God is busy and he is planning for his future! '' Tara expected this, because she knew, Ashu calls himself God and likes to behave Arrogant, but she smiles and says,'' Ashu, if you don't want to come then don't come'', Ashu immediately says, ''thats like it, pretty girl,'' but interrupting him Tara says,'' but there are crystal stones near that valley, like in the cave; I know you like those stones, but if you don't want to come, then it's okay, I will go by myself '' and she starts leaving courtyard but was immediately stopped by Ashu and said, '' who said, I am not coming, I was just joking, joking, lets go, I will be happy to help you!'',

In this World, there are Mortals and Cultivators with Heaven Defying abilities; Cultivation system have following realms such as Tempered body realm, Qi condensation realm, Foundation establishment realm, Soul formation realm, Soul Transformation realm, Ascendent realm, Divine sea realm, Divine extremity realm, Divine Transformation realm, Earthly Venerable realm, Heavenly Venerable realm, Empyrean realm, Grand Empyrean realm, True God realm and there are also many more Transcendent realms; The path of cultivation has no end and no final realm. The path of cultivation is 'Eternal'.

Tara gives leather bag to Ashu to help her collect medicinal plants for Alchemy peak from Medicine Valley, where various kinds of medicinal herbs can be found near Nazure mountain , childrens have to complete their allocated daily tasks in the sect, which are essential for their livelihood in sect and to earn spirit points for their daily expenses; They have to complete tasks like hunting beast, collect exotic medicinal plants,mining spirit stones, missions given by Heaven pavilion,etc.

Ashu observes the cultivation levels of elders. The head of the sect Lady Lin Bao had Cultivation of Peak Core formation realm; She controls sect with the support of her trusted subordinates. There are also some factions in the sect having competition for power struggle, lurking for the seat of leader and it's complicated. There are also some corrupt elders with ulterior motives hidden in the sect, which abuse their authority but when they are found, they are executed directly by Punishment Hall elders; It rarely happens somebody is found guilty; Sometimes these factions tries to recruit such greedy elders or outstanding disciples by giving generous offers to increase their power influence force. Inspite of everything nobody is able to challenge the authority of the leader, her strength reign supreme therefore sect runs normally.

As resources are scarce, so there are teams struggling for resources, which leads to fierce competition. Tara was in the team of Team Leader Lin Sophie; A beautiful young girl of 20 years age, she is the daughter of Lady Lin Bao. Even though, she is daughter of leader, she follows sects rules and lives with her younger sister Tara and struggled for resources and was not pampered by leader, but she dotes a lot on her darling sister, if anybody makes her sister cry or speak rudely with her, she is very aggressive to those people and beats them, until they beg for mercy to her little Buddha sister. She is an independent young girl, which contributed greatly to sect and became Team Leader of her team. Her team is mostly consist of childrens and her trusted friends; few team members switched sides to the others team for more benefit. As there were 6 childrens and 4 adults.

Tara respects a lot to her elder sister; she is like Guardian to her. Tara was a baby, when Lady Lin Bao brought her and gave to her saying, '' Sophie, she is your younger sister, treat her as my most dearest gift to you; You have to take care of her, as her Mother and Love her as Sister. If anything happens to her, I will not be able to face my dead friends, she is their daughter and a treasure to our sect; you will be her Guardian and Mother loves both of you....don't disappoint me and I am there behind you...don't disappoint me.

When Ashu came out of courtyard with Tara, there were few teams gathered near plaza of Heavens Pavilion and in one corner, a beautiful young women wearing fitting Purple Top and black skirt, looking as a wild beauty with sharp eyes, fair complexion and naughty face was waiting for Tara with her team of trusted friends and childrens. Sophie and other Team leaders spotted Tara in a blue robe, wearing a glittering necklace made of exotic stones and plant seeds, with beautiful hair tied in braid; smilingly holding hand of Ashu and coming towards Sophie, while waving her another hand towards them. Ashu was simply enjoying and observing the scenery while holding her innocent hand and maintaining his Poker face.

''Hey young girl, have you found a friend ? why didn't you introduced him to your sister sooner ?'' asked elder sister Sophie. '' Elder sister Sophie, we met yesterday only and you were on a mission yesterday, so I wasn't able to introduce him to you'', said Tara; later, she fabricated a lie and told them she found him in forest and he lost his some memories and he didn't knew, where to go? so she brought him back with her and requested elders to enrol him as Outer disciple. ''' Sister, Aunt Xu Hua, was present at Heavens Pavilion, yesterday and she helped me to recommend him and admitted him as an Outer disciple. Today, he came with me, as you can see him, he is 'Ashu' and Ashu she is my elder sister 'Sophie'; If you need any help, you can ask her, she is my beloved sister and a good person'', said Tara.

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Ashu ponders about yesterday, when he came here and was recommended for Direct admission for Outer disciple on request of Tara; He had to take a trial, which is ten times more difficult then entrance exam of disciple selection. He was brought to Trial's Peak and elder guardian was already informed and door of trial was opened and he entered the trial's cave. Everything here covered in fog, an illusion which was created through various array formations; as he entered array formation, illusions started to projected, everything was so realistic that anyone who enters, forgets that it is an illusion; This trial test the Martial heart of the cultivators. How much strong it is and how can cultivator overcome this illusion and find the core of array ? and finds his way, out of the cave . Illusion, depicted scenes of his past life based on his heart Demons in which he was shown as, 'Primal God Star Ancestor', was injured during his breakthrough to higher transcendent realm, after experiencing Devourers calamity; 'Celestial God Clan', Prince 'Rougan' found this opportunity to sneak attack 'Ashu' and gives him a fatal wound; Inspite of that, a great battle was fought and Ashu was forced to use 'Divine Stone for Holy life Reincarnation'. '' Don't forget prince 'Rougan', this God is the Ancestor of Primal God Transcendence Tribe, a Primordial Star of Royal Family, you will not be able to enjoy this peace for longer time; This God will soon come back for his vengeance, you will not be able to kill me 'Rougan', Goodbye....Hahaaha'', were last words of Ashu. A giant explosion occured in the Gods domain and his body disappeared in the Time and Space chaos. As this scene appeared, Ashu was shocked and immediately regained his senses and used his Divine skill of 'Primal Eyes', he immediately found core of the array and came out of trials cave. The examiners of the trial were impressed by his performance and he was admitted as Outer disciple and was granted his accessories like dress,rule book, sword, badge and courtyard. His dress was also blue robe, as an outer disciple and badge was a blue color, star shaped insignia.

'' You are Ashu, right ? such a pretty name and handsome boy; If I were not elder sister, I would have married you!'' said Sophie while teasing Ashu. ''Sister Sophie, you are being mean, you can't talk to him like this'', Tara immediately retorts; ''why ? are you jealous ? my little darling'', Sophie asked; ''no, sister he is my friend!'' tara pouts, ''okay, okay my dear sister, your friend is my friend; now, you are happy, my sweet heart❤️. let's keep these things aside, I want to remind you, why we are gathered here together, because we have taken a group task to collect, medicinal herbs from Medicine Valley; let's go, dear!''

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