As 'Heavenly Infinity Grinder' was already embedded with Trinity Diagram Array and many other energy gathering array diagrams, which are helpful in the gathering of various energies from Myriad Universe. It is a great artifact, created by Grandfather, 'Dev Kohran'. As Trinity and Ghost energies were continuously supplied in the cauldron; Astral, Divine, Spiritual and Ghost energies had different sources, such as Astral energy came from Stars. Divine energy comes from nature's soul energy, generated and regulated by Myriad life forms; Spiritual energy was directly supplied from spirit stones and finally Ghost energies were gathered due to increase in the negative energy by tournament development. Ghost energy is also a part of Myriad Dao; therefore, it freely circulates in the Myriad Universe. 'Heavenly infinity Grinder', not only temper body, but also various kinds of energies available in the body, through it's 'Energy Gathering Array Diagrams' of Myriad Dao. These diagrams are the replica created by grandfather, 'Dev Kohran' from his understandings, after studying the energy Laws of Myriad Dao for millenneiums.

After resting for 30 minutes, Ashu finally adjusted his body to 1st step's pressure; then he further stepped towards 2nd step of staircase. As soon as he stepped on the 2nd step, the pressure increased two fold and his body once again bent, but this time, he was able to hold his ground barely. Ashu tried to stand firmly on the 2nd step, but immediately his skin started to rupture and cracks appeared on the skin and blood started to ooze out; he started to feel weakness due to blood loss, but soon his body also started to repair automatically. His skin was continuously being teared and mended; leading to very painful flesh pain, but he preserved. After 4 hours, his body had formed various calluses due to continuous attacks from all over surrounding and many scabs were formed. His clothes were started to look ugly due to stains of blood and perspiration. Ashu, removed his white robe and bodily accessories; he kept them on the first step, otherwise they will be teared until, a shred of those tattered belongings will not be seen due to pressure acting on the body and his bodily accessories. He felt that, 2 horses were trampling him under their feet; he was now feeling continuous fleshly pain, but he was still able to stand firmly on the 2nd step of the staircase. Ashu took a deep a breath and made his decision to step on the 3rd step of staircase and finally, he stepped on the 3rd step. As soon as he stepped on the 3rd step, the pressure increased three fold; his muscles started to crack and wounds on his skin, once again reopened and deepened with the pressure increased. Wounds were healing at their normal pace, but to conserve time and efficiency, he decided to use Mortal Pills; these pills are helpful for breakthrough in different stages of 'Tempered Body Realm'. In tempering of body, medicinal pills plays a vital role to strengthen over all energy aspects of body. Body Tempering is essential with the increase in cultivation, because to hold the strong cultivation of a cultivator, a strong body is needed; therefore, at each realm of cultivation, body tempering is important. Medicinal energies dissolves into the energies of body, which enhance their strength and tempering is boosted. So, medicinal pills in adequate supply are a primary requisite for the growth of cultivator and achieve breakthroughs. He took out 10,000 middle grade Mortal Pills, which he found in treasure chest of cave dwelling of a cultivator and started to gulp down these Mortal Pills in large quantity, like candies. As these Mortal Pills entered his body. There was a vast surge of energy eruption in his body and started to circulate in various parts of body and limbs. Soon, the injured parts of body, immediately started to recover; as soon as crack appeared on his body, it mended itself at a visible speed.

As the pressure increased, his body was continuously tempered for few hours; he felt the pressure of being trampled beneath 3 horses. After some time, his body was feeling great pressure; as if, something was going to break in his body. Finally, as he opened his eyes on the third step, he found his body's skin as hard as rock or wood; he felt as if, his strength and speed has increased. Soon he heard a 'crack' sound from his body and the 4th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' i.e., 'Skin Hardening Stage', was achieved. His body was strengthened due to Astral qi; Divine qi, increased the growth of plantlet of 'Divine seed' to 1 inch and 2 more leaves sprouted i.e., 4 inch and 8 leaves. His meridian's vessels were further strengthened and increased in size, which will lead to store more spiritual energy in the meridian's vessels. Ghost Stone also absorbed ghost energies in the cauldron; Ghost Stone, sprouted a 'Ghost Plantlet' in the centre of 'Ghost Stone World'. 'Ghost Plantlet' increased 1 inch in size and 2 dark ghost leaflets emerged from the plantlet. Now, he can stand firmly on the 3rd step of staircase without being hurt. His wounds were healing rapidly due to Mortal Pills; after some rest on the third step, he stood up once again and stepped forward on the 4th step; he suddenly discovered 3 days had already passed.

As soon as he stepped on the 4th step of staircase, he was surrounded by 4th fold pressure and he felt as if, he was trampled by 4 horses; he immediately fell down on the 4th step, but pulled his guts together and tried to stand up with difficulty. At this stage, the pain started to emerge on the bones and he continued gulp down Mortal Pills; the pain fluctuated from muscles to bones and bones felt, that they were pressured from surrounding. He found, gradually density of bones increased and suddenly there was a sensation of benig pricked by needles, all over body; there was 'chatter chatter' sound, coming from different parts of body. He sometime felt cold, all over his body, while sometime hot all over his body and there was a feeling of snake biting all over his body. After whole day of tempering his body at this step; he found himself stable, to be able to stand firmly on the 4th step.

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On the 5th day, Ashu stepped on the 5th step of staircase, he found himself surrounded by a great pressure, which even penetrated his bones and his bones started to have cracks, which led him to utter the painful sound of 'Aah', withholding pain he further gulped Mortal Pills and started to refine those energies in his body. His bones were cracking as if, somebody was hitting his body with powerful rod all over his body; he tried with his all might to handle this Grace , but still he was tortured with 'Heavenly Might' and he felt as if, he was surrounded by enemies attack, but was unable to counter attack those enemies. He beared the pain whole day and finally was able to relieve himself next day; as he was able to stand firmly on the 5th staircase and sound, 'kee kee'of bones rubbing with each other was still coming from inside of his body, but he was still able to tolerate it.

On 6th day, he finally stepped forward to the 6th step; the pressure was 6th fold and it felt as if, he was being trampled beneath an elephant and he vomited black blood, which were impurities. His knees bent, his shoulders dislocated, his legs were fractured and many bones in his body were broken; he immediately gulped down Mortal Pills and continued to preserve. The sound of 'char char' was heard, while his broken limbs and body parts automatically healed and joined once again; the painful feeling of having 'live surgery' of body was a risky endeavor and his body continued to break and join up, until the morning of next day. On the 7th day, his condition stabilised; he gulped down another mouthful of Mortal Pills and started to refine medicinal energies inside his body and the energies gathered by cauldron saturated inside his body.

As Ashu was thinking that, he has to walk once again, this painful path of cultivation from childhood, he felt very upsetting, but soon he heard a 'crack' sound from inside his body and 5th stage of Tempered Body Realm was achieved; It is also called 'Bone Refining Stage'. Their was increase in strength and speed; he felt as if, his 'Divine Seed Plantlet' has increased 1 more inch and 2 more leaflets were produced i.e., 5 inches and 10 leaflets. Astral qi made his body much stronger and toughness of his bones increased tremendously; the meridian's vessels started to develop their network completely in the whole body due to expansion of Spirit qi. Ghost qi continued to gather in the 'Ghost Stone World' and 'Ghost Plantlet' grew 1 more inch and 2 more ghost leaflets were sprouted i.e., 2 inches and 4 ghost leaflets.

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