Ashu observed his hideout and find out everything was intact. In the beautiful Morning, Ashu calmed his mind and took bath in the river and had a breakfast with roasted Mushrooms with added spices and salt. Finally, Ashu returned to his tree house and sat in the middle of house and made a Star Array; he bit his finger and he made a core array with his bleeding finger. After completing Star Array, his finger healed itself. He thought that, if his cultivation pace was very fast, then his cultivation level would not be stable, which will give rise to future hidden problems and there may be chances of cultivation progress being slow or his cultivation path will come to an end. To ensure that, there are no hidden dangers or future difficulties in body, while keeping cultivation speed at rapid pace; Ashu had to tempered his body, soul and energy with according to 'Heavenly Infinity Grinder Diagram'.

While Ashu was thinking how to temper all energy of his body and to overcome various levels of cultivation in short time of 4 days. He brought a small 'White Jade Cauldron' from his storage bracelet and put it in the Core Array. He remembered, this jade cauldron was given to him by his elder sister, Dev Vinashika. She was his blood relative sister in his previous life and gave him this cauldron as gift, in his early period of Godhood to temper energies of his body. This cauldron was a Transcendent Artifact, called Heavenly infinity Grinder, which was used to pulverise the body into different energies and temper those energies of body with external energies. External energies are further added into internal energy and these energies are compressed each time, with the formation of body while accumulation of both energies of internal and external i.e., the body is disintegrated in the form of energies and tempered with internal and external energies; they are further compressed and body is formed once again. After the cycle of body disintegration and reformation is completed, it restarts once again and continues until energies are saturated at each specific level. When the complete saturation is achieved, the body breakthroughs automatically; this is how the whole body is tempered, according to 'Heavenly Infinity Grinder Diagram'.

To breakthrough without side effects of future hidden problems; this artifact is greatly helpful to the cultivators of 'Transcendent Realms'. So, for the beginner cultivators, it was definitely a strong auxillary supporting artifact. This cauldron was created by Dev Ashu's Grandfather, 'Dev Kohran'. He was also a great refiner, he created this artifact by capturing few desolate universes with their spiritual stars; he formed two Giant Mill Stones to temper body of 'Transcendent Realm Gods'. He made a cauldron for the refinement of body of Gods; with refinement of 5 'Yuan Magnetic Worlds' of five elements such as fire, water, air, earth and thunder, which are indestructible, because 'Yuan Magnetic Worlds' are located inside the space storm of 'Astral World River', called as 'Rustumshikha River'. This river is floating in the Myriad Universe with a unpredictable trajectory, according to it's own wishes and it is always moving through different universes;

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it helps many Transcendent experts to temper their body, but it's very difficult to locate this

'Rustumshikha River'. These kind of 'Yuan Magnetic Worlds' are formed in the 'Astral World River', due to collision of magnetic waves of each other world's, leading to the birth of different elemental worlds.

After Ashu's elder sister, Dev Vinashika, entered 'Transcendent Realm', she travelled with her Grandfather to Transcendental World's to gain experience. During expedition, their enemies surrounded them and tried to sneak attack on them, but on the last moment, Dev Vinashika found out about their plot and fought beside her grandfather with enemies . Finally, they escaped with their lives intact, while greatly increasing enemies casualties. After returning to God's Domain, Dev Kohran gifted his precious 'Heavenly Infinity Grinder' to his grand daughter, Dev Vinashika. Later when Dev Vanshika's cultivation realm increased greatly, she gifted that cauldron to Dev Ashu, his little brother and left for Transcendental Worlds.

After Ashu's reminiscence ended, he increased the size of cauldron to his size with his spirit energy. The difficulty to use cauldron was that it required, large amount of high quality spirit stones; to produce grinding power to temper body, of 'Tempered Body Realm' cultivator, he needed top grade level spirit stones and every hour required 100 spirit stones. He placed 9,700 To grade level spirit stones in the array and entered the cauldron. As soon as he entered the cauldron, the lid was automatically closed.

Ashu found himself in the pitch black darkness and it gradaully turned bright, as if seeing the glittering sparkles in the darkness. He felt the appearance of heavenly bodies, it seemed like he was surrounded by many universes; he felt that, he was a tiny particle in the Myriad Universe, but soon his dignified appearance came back to himself. Ashu also found Temporal energy in the cauldron; it meant that, 'Time Array' was added in the cauldron. This Time Array's Temporal ratio increases according to the cultivation of cultivator. Ashu was greatly delighted to remember about Time Array. Ashu observed towards Altar and suddenly, a information popped up in his mind, that for below 'Nascent Soul Realm' cultivators, temporal ratio will be 1:5 i.e., outside 1 hour will be equal to 5 hours inside, for below 'Nascent Soul Realm' cultivators. Therefore, if he was going to train for 4 days, then it will be equal to 20 days inside the cauldron.

In the Universal space of cauldron, Ashu was floating like bird, but he was not feeling any pressure yet. At the centre of these universes, there was a Giant Altar with staircase leading upwards. Ash stretched his limbs while kicking and punching in space to loose himself. He floated towards the Giant Altar, called ' Heavenly Infinity Grinding Altar'. Ashu stepped on the staircase and as soon as he stepped on the first step of Altar's staircase, he stumbled and fell down on the stair. He felt a huge and vast amount of pressure on his body, while his body was of a child of 7 years with 3rd stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' cultivation, but still he felt that, as if he was being trampled beneath the foot of horse. Bleeding started to come out from his mouth, but soon he found himself healed automatically, due to the 'Healing Array' present in the cauldron. The Spirit qi of the cauldron was very pure, which was very refreshing, due to array's changing the quality, but the energy source for working of cauldron was spirit stones. There are many great arrays in cauldron, created by grandfather, 'Dev Kohran', which can modify the atmosphere of inside the cauldron. There was increase in the pressure and pain, but there was not any harm to body's energies; infact, they started to temper his body. He felt himself perspiring, as if he was being whipped by surrounding all over his body; it was very tiring and painful towards his body, which was increasing his mental exhaustion. He finally broke down and fainted, but soon he came to his senses,; after 1 hour he found himself in physical pain, but mental exhaustion disappeared and he was able to stand firmly on the 1st step of staircase.

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