Ashu removed his spiritual energy from token and came back to his senses. He came down from hideout and started to survey the area of surroundings; he soon found out Medicine Valley's ten important zones, which were leading zones for medicine hunt and were captured by Top 10 participants. They were not forbidden zones, but essential areas for medicinal growth; they had rich medicinal growth coverage areas, but didn't have top quality medicines, rather they had average quality medicines.

Ashu heard from other participants that, these Top 10 participants had monopolised these territories of important zones and created a hierarchy system, where each Top 10 participant will be leader of a group and their group would have around 500 follower participants. If any follower participant gets any kind of medicines, then the leader will get 50% share of credit points i.e., followers were forced to pay tax of credit points for every medicine to leader, in exchange of security from wild beast and other Top 10 leaders and his followers. They get to explore these captured territories, which were monopolised by Top 10 leaders and if they don't want to share their credit points with these leaders, then they have to leave these captured territories; they have to wander alone in Medicine Valley for their survival and earn credit points themselves, where they not only have to survive from wild beasts, poisonous plants and insects, but also other opponents or they have to quit tournament in critical situations, where they are unable to defend themselves.

Ashu further found out about these territories; they were exotic physiographical regions with abundant Spirit qi and medicines, such as Volcanic Mountain Range, Cold Desert Region, Evergreen Rainfall Region, Swamp Region, Dry Arid Region, Poisonous Miasma Region, River Territory, Central Plain Region, Western Fog Plain, Southern Hurricane Region; there were many more regions in medicine valley, but the level of danger was high in those areas to hold ground. Later, he understood the distribution of these territories by these Top 10 participants.

Volcanic Mountain Range was under the control of 10th rank participant leader, Xu Reisha. She firmly captured this territory; there was very high temperature in these mountain range. Exotic plants related to specific physiography were available in this mountain range. She had bloodline of ' Rock Bird Clan' with her 500 followers, she was defending this territory; she would have 50% share of credit points from any medicine found in her territory by her followers, therefore automatically raising her ranking. So, with less effort, these Top 10 group leaders had a great boost, in their credit points; followers of this group wore a Gold band in their hand and had a Gold flag, as their symbol.

Cold Desert Region's leadership was under the control of 8th rank participant leader from 'Wolf Tribe', Han Dao. He had wolf bloodline with strong tracking powers; in cold desert, temperature was very less, but still he was able to hold ground and fight easily. He also had 50% share from his follower participant's credit points over medicines; he was able to easily increase his credit points from his follower participants, but still he was able to track medicines and was hard-working. His group had a white band with a white flag of wolf symbol, embedded on it.

Evergreen Rainfall Region was under the leadership of 7th rank participant leader, Re Yasmine. She was from the 'Elf Tribe' and her affinity with plants and trees was very deep, therefore she chose evergreen rainfall forest. She also had her 50% share of credit points with her follower participants and she had the miraculous ability to heal wounds and soothe mental exhaustion. She had bloodline of 'Elves' and her group had Green band, on their hand with Green flag and a tree symbol, embedded on it.

Swamp Region was under the leadership of 5th rank participant, Yan Shifan; his techniques were based on blood sacrifice, as part of 'Blood Sect' and he like damp and shady places. He also had his 50% share of credit points with his follower participants; swamp region was very desolate region, because opponents here kill wild beast mercilessly and their blood was used as sacrifice, by Yan Shifan for training. His group had Red Band on hand, while Red Flag as symbol.

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Dry Arid Region was under the leadership of 9th rank Xiao An; he like dry region, as an artifact refiner. He also had 50% share of credit points with his follower participants; this dried desert region has xerophytic medicines i.e., succulent plants. He focused on his refining practice, in this dry arid region, but he still helped his follower participants; his group had Brown Band in hand and Brown Flag as a symbol.

Poisonous Miasma Region was covered under the poisonous smoke, all year round and it was under the control of 3rd rank participant, Yun Megha. She practice thunder arts and as an Alchemy disciple, she like poisonous medicinal plants; she prepared lots of antidotes for her group and she also had 50% share of credit points with her follower participants. She was ruthless in behaviour and sharp with swords; she cared her relationship with siblings and elders. Her group had Purple Band in hand and Purple Flag, as a symbol.

River Territory was under the control of 4th rank participant, Yun Jyosen. He practiced flame elemental power and as an Alchemy disciple, his skills were auxillary; he also had 50% share of credit points with his follower participants. He was very arrogant, deceitful and narcissistic about himself, but he was really quite capable; his group had Blue Band in hand and Blue Flag, as a symbol.

Central Plain Region was under the control of 1st rank participant, Sen Riyana. She had bloodline of Dragon; she had very explosive power, in her body. Central plain had abundant medicines and a very rich spirit qi; she also had 50% share of credit points with her follower participants. This region of medicine had dense forest, clear sky and variety of wild beasts; she didn't allow anybody to randomly kill these beasts, but instead, she protected them. She was a peaceful natured person, but if somebody touched her bottom line, she will beat that person, until he cries for his grand mother; her group's band was Yellow and Flag was also Yellow with Dragon symbol, embedded on it.

Western Fog Plain was under the control of 6th rank participant, Fu Rosalin. She was heir of the 'Fu Clan' of medicine; she loved to explore mysterious places. This region was covered under fog and she found this place interesting and variety of exotic medicinal plants. she was a strong person with great battle skills; her group's band was black in hand and flag was also black, as a symbol.

Southern Hurricane Region was under the control of 2nd rank participant, Hao Chen. He had the bloodline of 'Tiger Tribe' and he was a battle maniac; he loved challenging problems. He was a crazy martial artist; so, he chose Southern Hurricane Region, where thunder and hurricane always cover the sky. He also had 50% share of credit points for medicines with his follower participants; his group had Orange Band in hand and Orange Flag, as a symbol.

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