Ashu smiled at her and said, "Eyana, you are underestimating your elder brother too much; your elder brother is a 'Primordial Transcendent Star God' and primordial star god's innate ability is that they are immune to all poisons and poisons don't affect them, at all, therefore, don't worry, allow me to help you." Eyana's eyes moistened and she said, "Elder brother, be careful, nothing should happen to you, I can wait for thousand years if it's my destiny." Ashu looked at her affectionately and said, "relax, nothing will happen to me, trust me" and soon, he transformed himself into human and activated Astral Sphere, and astral qi circulated all over his body and protected him from external poison. He placed his hand at the base of the stem and soon, there was the emergence of the vast amount of 'Yin Poison Gas', which surrounded him completely, but it didn't affect him heavily; his astral qi circulated in the body and repaired the damaged area from 'Yin Poison Gas' and this process continued until, the ice started to melt from all over the 'Yin Poison Ghost Tree' and soon, all icicles over the parts of the stem were freed from the ice. 'Yin Poison Gas' covered him entirely, but he moved forward and drip his blood on the tree. He used his divine skill 'Primal Eyes' and soon found a complicated array; it took him some time, but he eventually found the solution to crack the array. He made a mini star-shaped array with his blood at the center of the big array, in the tree; soon, the whole tree started to shake vigorously, while leaves and branches, started to sway in the air. Finally, a big crack appeared, in the outer region of the tree and it showed a hollow space, inside the tree; as Ashu came near the tree, and glanced inside the hollow space of the tree, he found a sarcophagus, inside the tree. Ashu removed the sarcophagus, outside of that tree and put it slowly on the land; he turned towards, Misr Eyana and asked, " Is this sarcophagus, where your real body is being kept?" Eyana was so happy, that she took three rounds, around the sarcophagus and said, "Yes brother, this is my sarcophagus, where, my original body is resting inside; please try to open the lid, but carefully, don't hurt yourself."

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Ashu put his hand on the inscription of the lid, where, a body of the girl was inscribed on it; Ashu's hand, touched the hand of that girl, on the inscription lid; soon, after touching the hand on the inscription, after that immediately, a huge force erupted from inside the sarcophagus and lid was blown away. When Ashu's eyes glanced over the sarcophagus, he saw that the whole sarcophagus was filled to the brim with supreme grade Ghost Spirit Stones, which were providing ghost qi. Soon, Ashu saw all those Ghost Spirit Stones, falling down from the sarcophagus and a girl stood up in between them and she was looking at Ashu, affectionately, tears rolling down her cheeks. Ashu was surprised to see this girl, she wore a black colored ball gown and her hair was of blue-green color; her complexion was white and her teeth were beautiful like pearl, she really looked like a princess and there was also an air of domination, around her. She floated in the air and appeared in front of Ashu and said, "Thank You, elder brother, I love you, and I will forever remember your kindness; you have not only broken my seal but also woke me up from sleep, when that tree started to shake." She circled around Ashu, five times in happiness and hugged him deeply, while, tears were still rolling down on Ashu's Shoulder.

Ashu and Eyana slowly separated from each other; Ashu further realized, that her body was very illusory, cloudy, semi-transparent and she was floating in the air; her body appeared to be hollow, she looked a hollow beauty, her eyes were very optimistic, as of an innocent child. Ashu said, "Naughty girl, you are free now; then, what have you decided, about your future? You can't go back to your home immediately, because your cultivation is too low; what will you do from now on? Where will you stay from now on ?" After listening to Ashu, Eyana fall into deep thought and she was in dilemma, about her choice; therefore, she replied, "Elder brother, are you going to abandon me here, now you are my 'Ghost Chosen Heavenly Destiny Guardian', there is nothing for me to think about, you are my saviour and elder brother, you decide for me, wherever you will go, I will follow you to the ends of the world."

Ashu thought about it and said, "Girl, if you want to follow me, then let's share vows of Bother and Sister Ceremony." Ashu took out 'Bin's Sake Wine' from his storage bracelet and two cups; he poured sake wine in both cups and both toasted each other while cheering cups in their hands. Ashu told Eyana that "Dear, you stood up in front of me and I will transfer you into my ' Ghost Sphere', which is a 'World Seed', developed as heavenly treasure and now acting as my 'Ghost Sphere', later it will develop into my 'Ghost World'. The Ghost energy in the 'Ghost Sphere' develops according to my cultivation, therefore it is a 'Ghost Universe' with 'Ghost Plantlet', growing inside the Ghost Sphere and you can also absorb ghost energies inside my Ghost Sphere because they will be continuously emerging inside my Ghost Sphere, therefore you will be getting a continuous supply of ghost energies inside my body, but these energies won't be beyond my cultivation and you will get the best media to live in my 'Ghost Sphere'."

Ashu further said, "Eyana don't resist and I will activate my 'Ghost Sphere' in energy Seed; you just touch my hand and enter my energy seed's Ghost Sphere." He then activated his energy seed and Eyana touched his hand and entered his energy seed. Before entering Ghost Sphere, Eyana spoke, " Elder brother let's be each other's back and move forward on the Cultivation path of Transcendence." Ashu immediately touched that 'Yin Poison Ghost Tree' and said, "You are my sister's previous home and her previous guardian, I will not leave you here alone for eternity; hey buddy, come with me, let's journey together." As soon as he finished his words, he released his black fog which covered the whole tree entirely; soon, the whole tree disappeared in thin air and entered in his Ghost Sphere. Yin Poison Ghost Tree entered its roots inside the center of Ghost Sphere and stabilized itself completely while starting to absorb ghost energies, which led Yin Poison Ghost Tree to become lively again. Eyana wandered in the 'Ghost Sphere' and was very happy to see her new home; it was like, she was on a planet where there were mountains, rivers, plants, stones, etc. There was a giant ghost plantlet inside the center of Ghost World which was floating in the center of the universe, maintaining the balance of this world and emitting ghost energies in this world. As Eyana was floating in the space, she saw her Yin Poison Ghost Tree at the center of a Ghost Planet and she immediately flew down towards Yin Poison Ghost Tree while loudly expressing her thanks to Ashu for this gift. She was very happy to see her old friend; she roamed happily in the space and she could also see events happening, outside of Ashu's body.

As Ashu was thinking about his further plan, he could also hear excited voices of Eyana which he accepted as a little girl's playful excited heart, and he retained his focus once again on his present situation, he looked around himself and found all the resources were scattered on the land and time was of the essence, because he was already late from his schedule due to rescue of Eyana; he spoke with Eyana in Ghost Sphere with his mind," Well, I will keep these 'Ghost Spirit Stones' first and later we will use them for a breakthrough in the cultivation of ghost path." Eyana was enjoying in her fantasy and was interrupted by Ashu's voice, for which she replied," Elder brother take everything from here if you can because in the future these resources will be helpful for our growth." Ashu immediately responded with his actions while storing all resources in his storage bracelet and he soon engulfed all the medicinal plants on the land; after keeping all the resources in his bracelet, he transformed himself into his ghost form while maintaining his disguised form, Ashu floated forward and resumed his journey once again, to save Tara.

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