11 XP

"You lost, Andrea!"

The two male trainers walked through the crowd to the ring.

"Yeah, I lost."

Andrea had a tired smile on her face.

When she thought back on it, she knew that even if she had been on high alert the whole time, Thulhu would still have defeated her. Thulhu's mastery of Maga Fighting was totally beyond her expectations. He didn't act like a rookie at all!

She said to Thulhu, "I don't have anything else to teach you. Our private sessions end today."

Thulhu could save a lot on this for sure. But he felt kind of sorry when he saw the dejected look on Andrea's face.

"Lad, you're good! Why don't you give me a try?"

A male trainer suddenly jumped into the ring.

"Charlie, enough!" Andrea looked pissed. "It was just a simple match. What do you want?"

"Andrea, Charlie's just excited at seeing a good fighter. Calm down…" The other trainer grinned and walked over to Andrea. The way he looked at Thulhu was a little hostile.

Thulhu knew that he had pissed off some people.

He needed some time to catch his breath. "Alright, but I need a break first!"

Thulhu wasn't afraid of the next round. Instead, he was even a little excited.

It was probably because of his poor constitution that he was tired.

He walked to a corner and opened a sports drink.

He sipped on it. It was a special sports drink available in the fight club, and it tasted a little salty.

At that moment, Andrea walked over to him and helped him relax his muscles. "Sorry, Charlie likes me, but I don't like him back. Sorry for causing you this trouble…"

"I should be the one to say sorry."

Thulhu didn't mind.

Young people could be very reckless and act on sudden impulse, which was more than normal.

With all the fighting skills he had, if he lost, at least it wouldn't be too embarrassing. Thulhu would consider it an opportunity to get more real fighting experience.

"Charlie has an injury on his right leg. Also, be careful of his stranglehold!"

Andrea cautioned him in a low voice.


Thulhu warmed up a bit and walked into the ring.

"Good. Let's start."

Charlie stretched his neck a bit and it made a cracking sound. Smiling ruthlessly, he jumped on Thulhu and threw out a right hook.


Thulhu lifted his left arm to defend himself and he suddenly felt a sharp pain. It was clear that Charlie's arms were strong.

Overall, this Caucasian trainer was slightly stronger than Andrea.

Fortunately, Andrea had given Thulhu a heads-up earlier. He kept moving around and avoided all head-on clashes.

Suddenly, he saw Charlie jump up again with his arms wide open. He instantly realized what Charlie was trying to do, and he dodged by crouching down on his left leg.

Charlie was trying to grab his throat!


Charlie missed and lost his balance. Looking very unhappy, Charlie's face hit the floor.

Thulhu was gasping hard.

Seizing the chance, Thulhu walked out of the ring. Charlie might be stronger, but fortunately, Thulhu still won.

At that moment, a light screen only visible to Thulhu popped up.

[XP +10]!

He just got some experience points!

Thulhu wiped his face with a towel to hide his surprised expression.

He wondered why. He had defeated Andrea earlier but gotten nothing.

Then he saw Charlie stand up, simmering with rage.

Thulhu suddenly realized something – the key point was whether or not he was fighting an enemy. Andrea had only been practicing with Thulhu, while Charlie truly hated him! In other words, it was like the difference between monsters with green and red names in an online game. Monsters with red names were a threat to him, and he could get XP from defeating them!

Thulhu suddenly felt refreshed at that thought.

Then that meant…

Thulhu looked around and saw that a few more club members were still rather excited, ready to challenge him.

What did Thulhu see?

An endless source of XP!

"That didn't count. Let's go one more time!"

Charlie stopped Thulhu, his eyes red with humiliation.


The look on Andrea's face suddenly changed. "You can't be like this! I'm going to tell the president!"

If the first round could be explained as a friendly exchange, there was only one purpose for the next round: pure revenge!

"Andrea… you like him?"

Charlie yelled, "Go ahead and tell the president! I'm going to beat him up today!"


Andrea didn't know what to do. When she was about to say something, a hand patted her shoulder.

"Andrea, it's okay. I want to get more practice!"

The corner of Thulhu's lips curled up and the smile on his face was taunting. "No matter how many times you want to fight, I'm always here."


Before the next round, Thulhu hurriedly pulled up the panel:


Name: [Thulhu Botley]

Occupation: [none]

Class: [0]

Title: [none]

Strength: [1.2]; Agility: [1.2]; Constitution: [0.7]; Spirit: [1.6]

Skill: [Corpse Princess LV1]; [Maga Fighting LV1]

Passive: [Common Heber LV3]; [Basic Physics LV4]; [Demon Hunting LV1]; [Ancient Heber LV2]

XP: [10]


The light blue screen which was visible only to Thulhu appeared. There were some minor changes on the panel.

The XP he had just obtained couldn't be used for improving the four most basic attributes. He wondered if it was because he didn't have enough XP.

After all, learning the Corpse Princess skill had cost him 50XP.

He carefully checked and found a small '+' behind the Maga Fighting skill, which meant that he could upgrade the skill using the XP he had.

[Spend 10XP to upgrade Maga Fighting level. Yes/No?]

A box popped up.


Thulhu chose 'yes' without any hesitation, despite the fact that he knew that Maga Fighting wasn't as powerful as an extraordinary spell.

But he only had 10XP. There was no such plus symbol behind Corpse Princess LV1, so obviously, to improve the level of this skill, far more XP was required.

[Maga Fighting level has been upgraded to LV2! A good command of 'Eight Sets'. Constitution +0.2; Strength +0.2!]

Another box popped up.

So when the Maga Fighting level improved, his strength and constitution also increased?

Thulhu could feel a warm stream flow through his body, and he now remembered Eight Sets even better. He smiled and walked into the ring again. "Come on! Don't disappoint me!"

He crooked his finger at Charlie.

In Thulhu's eyes, Charlie was a big XP gift pack!

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