27 The Plan

"But you escaped, didn't you?"

Katherine's voice turned sharp. "You also saved Beatrice! I don't know how you did it, but you have no idea how important that task was for me!"

As Thulhu expected, the witch neither had full control of the shadow nor could track it all the time.

Thulhu suddenly relaxed, but he still pretended to be angry. "That isn't an excuse! You tried to kill Beatrice and turn me into your scapegoat! Last night, you attacked me again! You're challenging me and my backer, aren't you?!"

Thulhu pretended that he had support behind him.

After all, Thulhu came from a family of demon hunters.

"That's why I need to talk to you today!" Katherine stared at Thulhu. "Where did you find Old Ram? You have to know that greed creates disasters, and foolish people tend to keep things for themselves even though those things don't belong to them."

Thulhu was right again.

He sighed inwardly.

Molly did tell Katherine that he was asking about Old Ram.

He didn't know if Molly had done it on purpose, but in any case, her decision could have killed him!

"I got it from my family. You got a problem with that?"

Thulhu wasn't going to admit what happened in the sewers.

"Your family?"

Katherine looked rather suspicious.

"Yes. You can do your research on it if you want. The Botley family, an extraordinary family that has served the Goddess of Light for generations!"

Thulhu said it with great confidence.

In fact, if Katherine did decide to dig into his family, she would see that the Botley family did indeed exist. However, the family had started declining many years ago, and only had a few members now.

"I'll look into it. If it's true, I'll apologize to you for what happened last night!"

Katherine blinked at Thulhu.

Her incredible charm even made Thulhu's mind go blank for a second.

This wasn't just a lady's beauty or charm anymore. Instead, it was some extraordinary power which could affect one's mind.

Thulhu was on high alert, but still pretended that he had been captured by Katherine's charm. Thulhu knew how he should act because he learned that look from Shawn.

He had to take action as soon as possible.

After Katherine walked away, the look on Thulhu's face suddenly turned gloomy.

This meeting hadn't been too bad.

He had gained some information at least, and had temporarily misled Katherine using a mix of truth and lies.

Of course, she wouldn't just stop here.

Since even Katherine was deceived by the corpse princess, Thulhu could now directly turn to the police for help. But there was still one thing he needed to figure out: Why did Katherine have to kill Beatrice?

Staring at the people walking by, Thulhu was lost in his thoughts.

He had finished taking all the required subjects to graduate, and he would be kicked out of the school by the end of July.

After taking a short break, Thulhu went to the fight club.

"It's you?"

Andrea was obviously very surprised.

"I'm here to see Donald. He knows," said Thulhu with his poker face.

"I know. Donald told me. Follow me!"

Andrea walked ahead of Thulhu and asked in a low voice, "What did you tell Donald yesterday? He canceled the fight today."

"It's a secret!"

Thulhu smiled slightly. Donald was clearly quite efficient.

Donald's office was on the second floor. The office wasn't big, but it was well-decorated. An elk head was mounted on the wall.

Sitting behind his table, Donald was thinking hard, rubbing his chin with his hand.

"How are you, Thulhu?" Donald grinned when he saw Thulhu come in.

Andrea would obviously have liked to stay, but when Donald glanced at her, she flushed slightly and hurriedly left the office.

Thulhu guessed that Andrea probably had a crush on Donald.

After all, Donald was quite good-looking and was an outstanding young man.

Andrea closed the door as she left.

Donald stood up and poured Thulhu a cup of coffee. "Want one?"


Thulhu took the cup and took a sip of the coffee. "We need to have a good chat, about extraordinary power and your teacher."

They had agreed on it last night.

"If you want to get help from my teacher, sorry…" Donald shrugged. "I've lost contact with him."

"Alright. But I've figured out who attacked us last night. So, what should we do next?" Thulhu put down the cup. "I'm a good citizen; I won't do anything illegal!"

St George's University was sponsored by the Goddess of Light Church, and thus might be very powerful.

If they pledged revenge on Katherine and caused a ruckus, the university would surely get involved and suppress everything. Neither of them wanted that.

Donald agreed with Thulhu on that. They were still students, after all.

Donald said, "I spent the whole of last night thinking. It's impossible for us to tackle two extraordinaries, so we need help. Do you have any ideas?"

"I can ask my family, but they're far away."

Thulhu deliberately mentioned his family again to show that he had backers.

Also, by saying so, Thulhu could hide the fact that he had already turned to Roald for help a long time ago, and Roald might reach Niah soon.

Thulhu was used to hiding his trump cards.

"Family? The Botley family?"

Donald murmured and tried to recall something about this family, but soon gave up and forced a smile. "You're right. We have to take action as soon as possible as we don't know whether they'll keep attacking us. I've got some friends who have a voice in the university. If things go well, we'll hear the good news this afternoon."

"Awesome," said Thulhu.

Another reason why Thulhu hadn't turned to the police yet was that he wasn't able to explain the "who" thing.

He wasn't going to tell a police officer that a lady tried to kill him by manipulating a shadow. That sounded too ridiculous!

But if Donald had some friends in high places, that would be a different story.

Thinking this, Thulhu looked at Donald and asked, "Excuse me, may I ask why? I mean… You don't have to do this and get involved."

"I see… It was you they were most likely targeting!"

Donald smiled and took a sip of his coffee. "I've told you why I'm helping you out. I want to become an extraordinary, and the chances to do so are limited!"

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