28 The Agreement

The chances were limited…

Thulhu repeated the sentence in his mind and already had a lot of theories.

It was true.

Extraordinary power came from fundamental changes in a human being. No government or authority would allow this kind of power to spread unchecked.

Thus, it made sense that governments and authorities would strictly control the power by restricting it to some secret families and organizations, and treat the power as a national secret.

The world of extraordinaries was completely different from the world of ordinary people. Jumping from the ordinary world into the extraordinary world was extremely difficult.

Katherine was more likely a lucky, ordinary person who had obtained extraordinary power by accident.

And Donald was greedy for the power.

It seemed that Donald had run in some sort of trouble recently. Hence, he had to obtain extraordinary power as soon as possible despite the costs and risks.

"St George's University is a church university, and thus no dark extraordinary power is allowed here. Therefore, the person who attacked us might have somehow gotten lucky in acquiring dark extraordinary power. That person is, without question, extremely dangerous. We have to do something!"

When Donald said this, the look on his face was rather serious.

It was a reasonable deduction. Thulhu nodded. He couldn't help wondering how Donald would respond if he told Donald that in fact, there were two people who had this power, and it was very likely that there was an organization behind them.

Something suddenly occurred to him.

And this opened the floodgates to even more ideas.

Donald was right. The Goddess of Light Church promoted a righteous and bright image, and everything about this church had always been very positive. Thus, it was very likely that Katherine was hiding herself in this university.

Thulhu remembered those rats in the sewers. They didn't really have to find any evidence – if they reported this to the church, it was very likely that Katherine would be tracked down right away.

Thulhu suddenly felt much more relaxed. "So, what's your plan?"

"As I said, there's a wild extraordinary on campus, and I've found some people to spread the news," said Donald calmly.

Then he continued, "If everything works out, the problem will be solved by the end of today. We can get a reward if there's one, and we don't even have to personally get involved. In the near future, we can use this as a merit to join an organization in the extraordinary world!"

"Impressive! That's why you never asked me who the person is… You don't need to know."

Thulhu clapped.

In this entire process, Donald was only a middleman, and there was no risk for him at all.

However, Thulhu was the person who knew who the murderer really was.

If he had Donald's social connections, he would have been able to get this thing done on his own.

Thulhu sighed inwardly and said, "So how are we gonna split the possible reward?"

"Easy. All I want is a copy of anything relevant to the secret of extraordinary power," Donald said in a low voice, his fingers steepled together.


Thulhu smiled. "So, what good news are we waiting for in the afternoon?"

Donald looked up at Thulhu and answered, "If things go well, a member of the school board will see us."

When Thulhu and Donald walked out of the fight club together, people were shocked.

Especially Charlie and Baron.

They thought that Donald would take revenge on Thulhu, but Donald canceled the contest for no reason. Now, Donald was even having lunch with that little bastard!

They believed that Donald and Thulhu had struck a secret deal. Both of them felt betrayed and abandoned!

Their eyes turned red as they stared at Thulhu from behind. Thulhu could feel how Charlie and Baron were looking at him, and it made him rather uncomfortable.

At that moment, Donald let out an ill-timed chuckle.

"Honestly speaking, it's true that my club suffered a loss because of you. You should become a trainer for me. What do you think?"

"I don't like jobs that don't pay well, let alone those that don't pay at all," said Thulhu with his trademark poker face.

"You just need to put your name on the wall; you don't need to teach. How about that?" Donald insisted.

Thulhu could tell that Donald cared about the club a lot.

"Well, I don't mind that!"

Putting his name on the wall would do him no harm, but Thulhu added, "You need to pay me for that, though!"


Donald immediately agreed at first, then asked puzzledly, "Why do you need money so bad?"

"I learned it from my roommate," answered Thulhu.

Thinking of Shawn, Thulhu's face turned gloomy.

Katherine had taken advantage of Shawn's admiration, which made Thulhu really dislike her.

That was also one reason why he wanted to fight back as soon as possible.

Donald was obviously much better off than Thulhu. They walked to a fancy restaurant located off-campus.

Thulhu had to admit that Donald was really good at socializing as the president of the club.

His appearance and big smile easily made him popular with people.

However, Thulhu believed that the family behind Donald was the major contributing factor to this.

Thulhu got to know more about Donald's family during this pleasant lunch. Donald's full name was Donald Wesley. He was the second son, and his father was a successful businessman who owned an iron and steel family business which had been established by Donald's grandfather. Donald's father was a devoted follower of the Goddess of Light, which was why Donald was at St George's University. His father also made a few generous donations to the university, which gave Donald more opportunities to stand out from ordinary students.

Second son?

Thulhu looked at Donald and pondered.

Donald's identity made him think. Thulhu made some vague connections in his mind. In the Middle Ages, the second son of a noble family wasn't entitled to inherit his father's title: he could choose to either serve another noble family as a butler or find another way out by joining the church.

And the Goddess of Light Church was very influential and powerful in this world.

Thus, joining the Goddess of Light Church by studying at St George's University was in fact a great choice for Donald. Serving the church, he would enjoy a great reputation as well as a high social status; moreover, people weren't restricted from getting married in most church positions.

Donald was so interested in extraordinary power, and the church had to know the secret. However, to join the church, he would first need some merits. Thulhu finally realized why Donald had decided to help him.

Thulhu didn't feel angry about being used at all.

Each took what they needed – that was all.

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