4 Organizing Memories

St George's University was established in the Union Calendar year of 187 and was located in the suburb of Niah. The university belonged to the Goddess of Light Church and supported students who had done well in high school but came from poor families. Ideally, students should also be followers or at least potential followers of the Goddess of Light.

The campus was spacious. In the male dorms, two students shared one washroom and a lounge area, but had individual rooms.

Thulhu locked his door as soon as he got back to his room, and he closed his eyes as he lay on the bed.

Thulhu Botley's memories had been awakened when the panel was activated. He finally realized that there was a story behind them.

From the panel, it could be said for certain that Thulhu Botley had once learned demon hunting and ancient Heber.

But the previous owner of this body had somehow chosen to forget these skills.

Thulhu had never really dug into the fragments of memories that flashed past from time to time.

Thulhu had finally become part of the world, but today, he realized that the previous owner of this body might be from an extraordinary family!

Recalling the words mentioned by his elder brother, including 'Twilight of the Gods' and 'extraordinary competition,' Thulhu believed that it was necessary for him to try to sort things out.

The letter that came today had activated the sealed memories, and Thulhu now had a better understanding of this world.

According to the textbooks, there were five continents and seven oceans in this world. However, the numbers might not actually be accurate. What human beings had explored so far was very limited, maybe less than 10 percent of the world.

The Botley family was an extraordinary family that had produced hunters for generations. The family belonged to the Goddess of Light Church.

In this world, extraordinary power had in fact always existed, but there were high and low periods. Many extraordinary creatures chose to hide themselves during the low period, which was called Twilight of the Gods. Thus, there was also a period called Dawn of the Gods. The two stages had occurred in turns many times throughout history!

Even during the Twilight stage, extraordinary power still existed.

Therefore, there were still extraordinary people in the Twilight period, and there were the churches of the Seven Gods.

Since the last Twilight, which started more than three hundred years ago, the seven churches of the old gods had started to lose their hold over the mundane world. Seizing this chance, White Eagle Union started to rise.

Thulhu had trained as an orthodox demon hunter according to his father's wishes. However, during the Twilight period, the number of supernatural cases dropped significantly, and most demon hunters thus lost their jobs. Also, to become a real extraordinary, one had to go through a special ritual, which had strict requirements regarding extraordinary power and the environment. Thulhu's father had tried once but failed, and Thulhu's mother died as a result. The relationship between father and son thus completely broke down. Later, Thulhu left the village in Gusta and came to Niah. The two places were in completely opposite directions; as wide as the union was, that was how far away they were from each other.

Then the transmigration happened.

Thulhu abruptly opened his eyes. He couldn't believe that he had never been aware of these painful memories before. He wondered if the previous owner of this body had decided to forget all of it.

In fact, those extraordinary things which Thulhu learned as a kid now turned out to be quite useless. The demons were already gone. Was there a need for hunters anymore?

Thulhu was trained, which was true, but he had never seen a demon as mentioned in those horrifying stories. He didn't believe in those things.

Also, this was just a small part of Thulhu's entire memory, after all. Thus, he hadn't paid much attention to it.

He had been trying to avoid thinking of the family. He stopped digging as soon as he collected some basic information.

Until today, when all of these memories finally gushed out.

Now, he was finally 100 percent the real Thulhu Botley!

Thulhu released a long sigh as his brain worked quickly.

He could tell from the letter that Roald, his elder brother, was involved in something big, and he was asking for help. Was this about the book page?

So what was he going to do? Going back home was out of the question. Although he knew about the existence of the extraordinary world, Thulhu still had to carry out his original plan and become successful first in mundane society.

As for extraordinary power? He decided to study it on his own first.

Thulhu was well aware that White Eagle Union was a big country equipped with outstanding military power, and should never be underestimated.

Even if he was an extraordinary man, he couldn't stop bullets with his bare hands.

And Thulhu believed that the union was also studying extraordinary power.

The most direct proof was the churches of the Seven Gods!

Thulhu had wondered why the churches were so influential in the union. Now he understood. Behind each church was a true god, and the gods weren't even at their full potential right now.

Therefore, while he did have a cheat code, he still had to be cautious.

However, peace wouldn't last long. The Botley family had served the Goddess of Light for generations, but part of the family had only moved here at the end of the first Saint War, along with followers of the Goddess of Light Church. Basically, it was all on record.

Thulhu thought to himself seriously that once Dawn came, the government would for sure respond very quickly. Then what should he do?

He searched for a while on the panel but found nothing else. He was looking for something like "Demon Hunter Blood," but there was nothing. There was no such talent.

Basically, the previous owner of this body had only learned ancient Heber and some demon hunting skills.

Ancient Heber wasn't easy to understand at all. Also, this body's previous owner had picked up some basic knowledge and hunting skills as if he was just listening to some horrible story.

As for promotion through a ritual toward becoming a real extraordinary, Thulhu had no clue how that was done at all.

His father, who was only an amateur hunter, had tried, and had failed at great cost.


Thulhu rubbed his chin and murmured the word. In the family, the father's name was Doncaster, and the elder brother Roald.

Thinking of the fact that Roald was coming to visit him, Thulhu felt a mix of excitement and fear.

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