26 Negotiation

Time in the union was measured in a similar way as in Thulhu's past life. There were twelve months in a year, thirty days in a month, and twenty-four hours a day.

Three hours later.

The enervation state suddenly disappeared. Thulhu felt as if some unknown heavy burden was suddenly lifted off his shoulders. Instantly, he was so energetic that he almost yelled out.


He clenched his fists tight.

His constitution and strength had further improved, which made Thulhu feel like a mini superman.

With the strength he had just regained, Thulhu wondered if he could defeat one of the witches when she wasn't prepared.

Thinking to himself, Thulhu returned to the dorm.

Whistling a pleasant tune, Shawn was sweeping the floor. He was in a pretty good mood.

"What happened?" asked Thulhu curiously.

Thulhu wasn't planning to ask at all, until he saw Shawn put on his suit.

"Sorry…" Shawn apologized sincerely. "I can't keep track of Molly for you anymore, bro…"

"Oh, why?"

"Well…" The look on Shawn's face turned a little bashful. "When I was following Molly today, I ran into Katherine! Her soft voice and hot figure… oh my! I think I'm in love, man!"

"Well… congratulations, I guess…"

Thulhu had a sip of water and continued, "But honestly speaking, I suggest you just keep it to yourself and don't do anything about it."

Based on what happened to Thulhu tonight, even if Molly was innocent, her friends or the people close to her were suspicious. Thulhu didn't want to get Shawn involved.

"How can you say that…?"

The look on Shawn's face suddenly changed as his eyebrows twisted. "I thought you would understand."

Thulhu understood how great falling in love with someone was, but he believed that Shawn was falling into a big trap.

Molly still believed that it was Beatrice who had asked her to deliver the letter, which meant that the murderer might have some horrible power like 'mental suggestion' or 'planting memories'!

Staring at Shawn, Thulhu already felt that it was dangerous.

So far, Molly and her entire social circle looked suspicious to Thulhu.

That was the only way that Thulhu could explain why he was attacked on the same day as when he had told Molly about Old Ram.

"So, what did Katherine tell you?"

"Lots… lots…" Shawn was drunk on his fantasies. "We even mentioned you, and I promised her I would never stalk a lady anymore, even if you forced me!"


Thulhu swore.

Shawn had confessed everything. No wonder Thulhu got attacked earlier tonight.

"How can you be so mean? She's my goddess!" Shawn was annoyed by Thulhu's attitude. "Yes, you went down into the sewers with me, and I appreciate that. But if you keep saying things like that, I won't be your friend anymore!"

Thulhu almost rolled his eyes. Shawn still remembered all the hard work Thulhu did for and with him. Good for Shawn!

At the same time, Thulhu felt a little suspicious.

Honestly speaking, Thulhu believed that he knew Shawn relatively well. Although Shawn wasn't some virtuous man, he was acting quite weird tonight.

Shawn must have been swayed somehow… Then, by whom?

Thulhu kept his thoughts to himself and pretended he was angry. Going back to his bedroom, he purposefully slammed the door.

Fortunately, he had always felt that the murderer was secretly watching him; thus, he had hidden his gold dragons, important letters, the iron piece, and the page from the magic book elsewhere, instead of in the dorm.

Lying in bed, Thulhu felt tired and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Early in the morning on the second day. In the dining hall.

Thulhu was completely refreshed after sleeping through the whole night. He tore the bread into small pieces to soak them with milk.

After what happened last night, he believed that he couldn't remain passive anymore.

He had to find an opportunity to kill the two witches!

What happened last night had also provided Thulhu with lots of clues.

Perhaps he really should look for help from the police. Although Donald said that they could do this together, Thulhu didn't quite trust him. Once the police was involved, he could wait for a good chance to secretly kill the witches!

Meanwhile, he had completely forgotten the contest at the fight club, because he knew that Donald would take care of everything.

"Hey, Thulhu!"

While Thulhu was ordering a portion of butter and bread, Shawn found him, a hesitant look on his face. "Yesterday, Katherine told me that she wanted to see you!"

"Katherine wants to see me?"

Thulhu suddenly felt a bit nervous. "When? Where?"

"9 o'clock. In the central garden!" Shawn added, "Will you take me with you?"


Thulhu didn't know what to say. His brain was working hard.

Thulhu was sure that Katherine had something to do with the murderer.

But Katherine's response was quite a surprise to Thulhu.

If Katherine had asked him to go to some quiet and remote place, Thulhu would have called the cops. But Katherine wanted to see him in the central garden…

That was a public spot. Lots of people walked past every day. Neither of them would want to fight there.

The central garden was quite an ideal place for a negotiation.

It was almost time to go. Thulhu stood up and said, "Thanks, but I think I better go alone."

Sending away a rather disappointed Shawn, Thulhu went to the central garden.

The garden was built on a spacious square. The tiles were all made of white marble. The flower beds were marked out with assorted pebbles, and lots of colorful flowers produced pleasant, sweet fragrances.

From time to time, a few students would enter the garden to enjoy the view.

Thulhu took a deep breath and walked to the center of the garden.

Roughly ten minutes later, a lady carrying her lesson plans walked toward him.

She was in her late twenties, and was tall and gorgeous. She had long, blond, curly hair and big, bright eyes. Her nice curves and red lips demonstrated the great charm of a mature woman. That was exactly Shawn's type.

"Hi, Katherine. You wanted to see me?"

Thulhu quickly looked around.

Although there were people walking by, as long as they kept their voices down, no one would hear them.

"I'm here to negotiate!"

Katherine's voice was low and cold. "I know you recognized me, and I'm not denying it. Although I have no idea how you became an extraordinary, trust me, you're still far from reaching our level!"

Katherine thought that Thulhu was an extraordinary!

Thulhu suddenly became a little excited. He knew that the misunderstanding was caused by his unusual constitution and strength.

Behind an extraordinary, there was most likely a backer in the wings. Thulhu guessed that they were starting to get nervous.

Thulhu was now more confident, so he smiled and asked, "It was the two of you from the very beginning, right? Ever since White Tower Cafe!"

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