8 Fight Club

In the morning, sunlight snuck into the bedroom.

Thulhu opened his eyes, still feeling exhausted. His arms and legs all felt heavy and sore.

Everything that had happened yesterday was like a dream: the cafe, the date, Beatrice, the shadow, and the corpse princess…

He then checked the attributes panel again.

Giving the command silently in his mind, he pulled up the panel that was only visible to himself:


Name: [Thulhu Botley]

Occupation: [none]

Class: [0]

Title: [none]

Strength: [1.1]; Agility: [1.2]; Constitution: [0.6]; Spirit: [1.6]

Skill: [Corpse Princess LV1]

Passive: [Common Heber LV3]; [Basic Physics LV4]; [Demon Hunting LV1]; [Ancient Heber LV2]

XP: [0]


The constitution value had dropped by one third, but the spirit value had increased by 0.1. Was it because he had successfully cast the spell last night?

The changes on the attributes panel proved that everything that had happened last night was real.

Silently, Thulhu accepted the truth.

Although he had temporarily solved the problem last night, the true murderer would certainly become aware of it very quickly.

He also had no idea how well the corpse princess could carry out his command, which could also be a problem.

Now, Thulhu even hoped that Roald would come sooner.

His elder brother was obviously a more qualified demon hunter than he was. A true demon hunter would know much more about this sort of extraordinary case.

Meanwhile, Thulhu knew that he couldn't pin all his hopes on someone else. He should master the power on his own as soon as possible.

Thulhu stared at the panel.

It proved that he wasn't a caster yet. When he decided to cast a spell, the energy that was pulled out was very likely to be his life force!

A single spell could consume 0.3 of his constitution. Two more would directly kill him!

And here came the other question: How could he collect mana points? Which led to the ultimate question: How did one become a real hunter?

Although his family would know, they were too far away.

He stood up slowly and put on his clothes. He then went to the residential hall.

"Thulhu! What happened to you? You look pale!" Shawn was shocked when he saw Thulhu's dreadful face.

"Do I?"

Thulhu looked at himself in the mirror and realized that he indeed had black bags under his eyes and very dry hair.

"Bro…" Shawn patted Thulhu's shoulder and said hesitantly, "It's alright to pursue pleasure. We're all young and I get it. But you gotta be careful…"

"Fuck off!"

Thulhu rolled his eyes and started considering what his priorities should be.

He had to heal his body first and then start investigating. Maybe he could talk to Molly first, since she was the one who had handed him the note.

The secret murderer behind all this might keep attacking him. Thus, he had to become strong as soon as possible.

Also, he had better figure out what happened to the corpse princess.

Maybe he could join a fight club, and check out the library at the same time.

Students here usually had quite a lot of spare time to join all kinds of clubs.

Thulhu, however, had spent most of his time in the library in the past few years.

Now, Thulhu wanted to spend some time learning fighting skills to improve his constitution and make himself braver.

"Hey, man," Thulhu said to Shawn with a playful punch to his chest, "I got something to ask you. You know Molly?"

"You mean Molly Apple, who studies under Katherine? Of course!" Shawn rolled his eyes and put on a cunning smile. "You like girls like Molly, eh? I prefer Katherine actually, mature and sexy…"

"What are you talking about…?"

Thulhu changed his mind and shook his head slightly. "I… well… I like her, yes. I need her information, the more the better. You think you can help me?"

"Absolutely! We're brothers!" Shawn patted his chest and grinned. He then rubbed the pads of his thumb and forefinger together.

"I know, you'll get a reward for this. I'll pay you later!"

Thulhu knew that his wallet was going to be empty again. But he had no other choice.

Thulhu still had two months left before he took up the position at the research lab.

Before taking the job, maybe he should find himself another way to make some money.


Shawn clapped his hand against Thulhu's cheerfully. He then turned to look at a clothes hanger, a deeply suspicious look on his face. "So yesterday… Did you wear my suit? Was that for a date with Mary?"

"No, no… Why would you say that?" Thulhu hurriedly denied.

After finishing a sandwich for breakfast, Thulhu went to St George's University's fight club.



Some young male and female students were practicing in the spacious stadium. All of them wore the same uniform. Some were practicing fighting techniques, while others were using the workout machines.

It seemed that the training was quite formal, and it was much cheaper than training sessions outside the university.

Thinking this, Thulhu walked into the stadium.

A tanned girl with a ponytail came over and greeted him. "Can I help you?"

"My name's Thulhu Botley. I want to join the fight club and get a workout!"

Thulhu introduced himself politely.


The girl frowned slightly. "In most cases, we recruit new members at the beginning of each semester. Few people join during the break. By the way, I'm the vice president here and part-time trainer. You can call me Andrea!"

Andrea showed Thulhu around. "We're free for students of St George's University. Of course, you have to pay for your uniform and if you want to use those machines. There are three public sessions every week, and there's an extra charge if you want a personal trainer. Twenty coppers for a private session."

"Fair enough," said Thulhu.

Thulhu had done his research already. Getting a private trainer here was half the price and cheaper than finding one outside the club.

"I don't have much time, so I prefer to get a personal trainer to master some basic fighting skills."

"No problem!"

Andrea instantly agreed. "The president usually doesn't hang around. We have three trainers, and you can choose whoever you like. Right, which grade are you from?"

If Thulhu chose her as his personal trainer, she would be able to get a commission. Andrea was looking forward to it.

Thulhu smiled. "I have all the credit points I need and I'm about to graduate…"

"I see…"

Andrea coughed a bit to hide her embarrassment. "So you're a senior… Why do you want to study fighting now?"

"Because I've finally realized my passion!"

Thulhu pretended to be very serious as he answered her.

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