32 Arrival

It was a sunny day. Thulhu woke up in bed and stretched languidly.

He had slept through the night; it was a very good rest, after he saw the murderer killed.

Walking out of the bedroom, he saw Shawn.

Shawn was sitting on the couch and eating a sandwich. Seeing Thulhu come out of the bedroom, he quickly jumped up and said, "Hey, Thulhu… I, I have something to say to you…"


Thulhu glanced at him and sat down. Seeing that there was another sandwich on the table, he grabbed it without asking.

"It's about what happened the day before yesterday. I… I gave it some thought, and I think my attitude was… unacceptable. I need to apologize to you!" said Shawn sincerely.


Thulhu stopped chewing and turned to look at Shawn.

Was it because of Katherine's death? Had the spell worn off?

Guessing this, Thulhu picked up a cup of milk. "Just forget it. We're good. So, how do you feel about Katherine now?"

"I still like her!" said Shawn decisively. "She… she's my goddess!"

Well, that was that.

Thulhu rolled his eyes and didn't say anything else.

In Donald's office, in the fight club.

"Welcome, my friend!"

Seeing Thulhu come in, Donald gave him a big hug and then closed the door. "Though something unexpected happened yesterday, the problem's been solved!"

Thulhu guessed that Donald had also been around last night.

Thulhu feigned ignorance and asked, "What was unexpected?"

"There was another extraordinary beside Katherine last night. The cops suffered some losses. Fortunately, they were prepared. Both of them died at the scene. What a pity!" said Donald.

"Another extraordinary?!" Thulhu pretended to be very surprised. "Who?"

Donald cast a meaningful look at Thulhu and said, "Professor Alannys from the ancient languages department! She was an old friend of Katherine's and they were very close. There were rumors about them. We should've guessed."

"I see…"

Thulhu nodded seriously. "They find anything?"

"Of course! They found lots of terrible evidence to do with sacrificial rituals at Katherine's place. The cops believe that she was a heretic, and had something to do with a few cases of missing girls…"

Heretic? Girls? Sacrifice?

Thulhu nodded and already had a rough idea of the situation.

Maybe that was why Beatrice was so important to Katherine. Maybe Beatrice was a great sacrifice, a sacrifice that an evil god really liked…

That wasn't a good thing.

After all, the gods in this world were mostly creepy and horrifying.

"Well… all in all, those rituals are cruel and evil. They would probably have gotten the death sentence anyway…" Donald didn't want to talk about that anymore and quickly changed the topic. "Let's talk about what we'll get, besides gold dragons… Katherine's extraordinary power is very evil, as well as Alannys's, so Mr. Vinci said he wouldn't give it to us, especially Katherine's!"

"So we did so much just for a scholarship?" Thulhu didn't look very happy.

Thulhu had more or less expected this, however, and thus wasn't genuinely angry, but that man called Vinci was really stingy and greedy.

"It'll be twenty gold dragons, all for you!" said Donald, who somehow felt a bit uneasy.

Donald didn't take anything for himself behind Thulhu's back. However, Lyme had told Donald that his contribution and effort had been taken into account and he would be rewarded further once he joined the church.

Therefore, comparatively speaking, it wasn't completely fair to Thulhu.

So Donald hurriedly added, "The butler came and talked to me early this morning and said that we're allowed to copy parts of the occult book… You know, the neutral, mild parts…"

"Such as?" Thulhu lifted an eyebrow.

It seemed that Thulhu could still get hold of something that was at least related to extraordinary power. However, Thulhu didn't think it would say anything about how to get an extraordinary occupation.

"There's no 'such as'! There's only one thing!" said Donald. "It's the notes on an ancient language which Professor Alannys left behind. They'll review them first and then let us take a look!"

"So they're gonna cut some of it out?"

The corner of Thulhu's lips twisted slightly. Old Ram was just an old language, like ancient Heber.

Even if Thulhu and Donald learned how to read Old Ram, without specific spells and rituals, the department didn't believe that they could do anything with it.

"Alright, deal."

Thulhu nodded. He thought about the parchment pieces in his possession.

He had taken those parchment pieces off the mysterious body in the sewers. Thulhu believed that Katherine had something to do with that person.

But since Katherine was dead, this had turned into a complete mystery.

Maybe some good extraordinaries could communicate with the dead or read someone's mind, but this required special occupations and a higher class.

Since extraordinary power was still waking up slowly, whether any of those did exist was a question that had yet to be answered.

As for the church, maybe they had some people who could talk to spirits, but it had to be a very small number.

Reviewing and editing the notes would take time…

Walking out of the fight club, Thulhu squinted in the bright sunlight. He didn't really care about the taboos or secret rituals mentioned in the notes, but he had made up his mind to learn Old Ram.

That reminded him of Molly again.

He was sure that Molly, Katherine's student, had something to do with this entire case.

But Donald had just told him that Molly disappeared after Katherine was killed.

This wasn't really the cops' fault. No one had expected it.

After all, Katherine and Alannys had many students, and some of them had strong family backgrounds.

Just because their teachers were suspicious didn't mean that the students had to be watched closely.

Thus, Molly had gone missing.

Thulhu sighed. He remembered how shy Molly always seemed.

It never occurred to him that Molly would be so deeply involved in this. Now when he thought about it, it was very possible that Molly was in fact Katherine's apprentice, and not just her student!

But no matter where Molly was now, part of the problem had been solved. Then, what should Thulhu do next?

Wandering around aimlessly, he finally returned to the dorm.

His gaze was suddenly caught by something.

A tall man with a black suitcase in his hand was standing in front of the dorm. His blue eyes watched the students pass by, his expression slightly absent-minded.

That face with its distinct features instantly evoked memories for Thulhu.

Sensing that someone was looking at him, the man turned around, and then grinned. He walked over quickly and gave Thulhu a big hug.

"Thulhu! Hope I'm not late!"

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