12 A Winning Streak


Seeing the taunting look on Thulhu's face, Charlie's eyes turned red.

What? This rookie was challenging him!

What the hell! Charlie now almost wanted to kill Thulhu.

"Charlie! Calm down! He isn't your match!"

The other Caucasian trainer frowned. "As long as you exercise enough caution, you'll win for sure in the end!"

Charlie calmed down a bit at the reminder. He took a deep breath and stared at Thulhu.


However, this time, Thulhu didn't want to wait at all. He burst out with a shout first and aimed his fist right at Charlie's face.

Charlie covered his face with his hands and was ready to fight back.

However, Thulhu's feet suddenly shifted and his target changed. He punched Charlie right in his lower belly.

Andrea and the audience were totally surprised by how well Thulhu had mastered Eight Sets.

That was exactly what Maga Fighting LV2 should be!

At LV1, Thulhu had a good command of the basic movements; at LV2, he could use the sets flexibly and change between them at a thought.


Charlie was punched hard in his lower belly. He yelled bitterly and fell to his knees, his hands over his belly.

Now, Thulhu's strength had reached 1.3!

Thulhu's guess was that he was now much stronger than most adults. The punch might have been a very painful one for Charlie to take.

Thulhu wondered if he could keep practicing fighting to improve his attributes in order to finally become an extraordinary.

He clenched his fists and pulled up his panel again. He couldn't help frowning slightly.

[XP +5]

He only got 5 points! It seemed that defeating the same enemy wouldn't give him many more points, but he decided to try one more time.

Thulhu had never been a mean person, but he decided to experiment on Charlie. "Charlie, are you still a man? If you are, stand up. Let's have a third round!"

"Shit! Charlie, stand up!"

"Charlie, beat him!"

"You gotta stand up, man!"

"Kick his ass!"

The club members were all yelling at them. Some were doing this for the honor of the fight club while some were simply enjoying the excitement.

Andrea was quite disappointed with Thulhu.

After all, although Charlie was the one who had been in the wrong at the beginning, Thulhu was going way too far.

"Fu*k! I'm gonna kill you!"

Charlie rubbed his lower belly, and when the pain subsided slightly, he instantly jumped up and made a dash for Thulhu.

"Tornado kick!"

Thulhu also jumped up and kicked Charlie right in the neck.


Charlie's face directly hit the floor and he passed out immediately.

Thulhu frowned slightly, not at him, but at the number on the panel.

[XP +5]

The number didn't change. He got zero experience from defeating Charlie the second time.

He knew that getting XP from the same enemy repetitively wouldn't work!

He wondered why his cheat code had to be this smart. It was so hard to find a bug in this system!

If just defeating an enemy wouldn't bring him much XP, then what about killing his enemy…?

Well, in a country governed by the law, Thulhu would be put into jail immediately if he dared to do that.

"Charlie! Charlie!"

The other male trainer checked Charlie and heaved a sigh of relief. He then turned around and yelled at Thulhu furiously, "How can you do this to him?!"

"It was a fight, and we exchanged pointers," said Thulhu. "If he has an opinion, come to me anytime!"

Thulhu shrugged his shoulders casually.

Why should he be the one lying on the ground?

At his words, Thulhu saw Charlie look away slightly to avoid eye contact.

It was just an ordinary conflict. Things wouldn't get out of hand.

Thulhu had lived his life twice. Thus, he was well aware that some bad guys were nothing more than paper tigers. Once he taught them a good lesson, those guys became as docile as rabbits in front of him.

Charlie was one such person. He knew how to fight, so he thought he could do whatever he wanted.

However, after three rounds, he had lost the confidence to give Thulhu a harsh time.

After all, they were all just ordinary people. They didn't have any powerful family supporting them from behind. If an ordinary person couldn't defeat his enemy, what else could he do?

Well… there was in fact one more option: Seek help!

Thulhu turned to look at the last trainer, and the taunting look appeared on his face again. "Or… do you want to give it a try?"

"Of course!"

The last trainer walked into the ring, "Although we're just a university club, we can't let a rookie beat our trainers! The president would punish us when he comes back! I'm Baron Benleon!"

"I'm Thulhu! Thulhu Botley!"

Thulhu looked very serious now.

Baron was clearly different from the other two trainers.

When Baron walked into the ring, his breathing became slower and deeper. Staring at Thulhu, he was like a monster ready to attack at any time.

Thulhu knew that this Baron must be very experienced in real combat. Perhaps he had even killed someone!

Thulhu's senses were sharper from his improved spirit attribute.


Baron instantly moved!

The audience became very quiet. Baron burst out with a roar and lunged at Thulhu!

He was beyond fast!

What was even fiercer was Baron's desire to kill! Without any hesitation, Baron went right for Thulhu's face.

For a second, Thulhu thought that Baron really was trying to kill him.

His mind went blank in that second, and he almost caught the scent of blood.

After all, he was just a university student who barely had any fighting experience.

At the crucial moment, however, Thulhu's body moved on its own. His body bent backward, and at the same time, his right hand ferociously reached out to grab Baron's throat like a claw!

If he was going to get hurt, so would Baron!

Baron was aggressive, but Thulhu was even more determined!

Seeing that, Baron instantly stopped his momentum and switched to defending himself. He was quite shocked.

He was shocked by the rookie's reaction. The other man didn't care about getting hurt at all! That was crazy!

It was just a match. Was it that important?

While the thought flitted through Baron's mind in less than a second, Thulhu had come right up to Baron's face and started unleashing the whole eight sets on Baron like raindrops in a storm.

Baron finally lost his balance when Thulhu grabbed his throat.

"I… I lost?"

"Yes, you did."

Thulhu released his grip and he stood up, gasping.

Carrying out the full eight sets consumed a lot of his strength.

In fact, Baron was more powerful than he was. However, Thulhu's fearless way of fighting had intimidated Baron for a second.

However, after that second, Thulhu had never given his enemy a chance to retaliate.

That was a real fight. A few seconds were enough to determine the winner, and the winner was not always the more powerful one!

Anyway, Thulhu had just achieved a winning streak.

He saw the notification pop up on the panel, [XP +15], and his heart was full of joy.

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