Trainee in BigHit X Huening Kai

Author: Najwaa_Az
Romansa Anak Muda
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What is Trainee in BigHit X Huening Kai


Perjalanan seorang gadis asal Indonesia yang bermimpi menjadi idol di negara Ginseng a.k.a. Korea Selatan. Ia seorang fangirl, lebih tepatnya Big Hit Stan. Suatu ketika Big Hit mengadakan Online Global Audition. Gadis itu mencoba untuk mengikuti audisi tersebut. Akankah ia dapat mewujudkan mimpinya menjadi idol dan satu agensi bersama para idolanya? FanFiction ini murni dari pikiran author yang berandai-andai menjadi seorang idol:v Maaf jika ada kekeliruan dalam membuat cerita ini. Hope You Liked. [Bahasa Baku] [Upload sesuai mood] [Harsh Words everywhere]

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In the beginning, the sole rulers of the universe were the great dwarfs. They didn't have the power to wield mana, nor did they have the abilities to use skill. It was said that when the creator was finished creating this universe, it wasn't perfect. filled with impurities and unbalanced powers, the universe was moving on the path of self-destruction, so to slow down the destruction, the creator decided to gather a large portion of the impurities and create a new race from it; hence, the dwarfs were born. Born with crippled bodies, they were rejected by mana, but things changed when the dwarfen hero appeared, wielding an unknown power. He shared his secrets and subdued the unbalanced powers that the creator ignored. The universe became stable, and that was the start of a new era called the era of creation. The dwarfs became the great dwarfs ruling this era. A few centuries passed, and something unexpected happened. The great dwarfen hero ***------+++++++////// +-**/--//---* /*---//()///* )//)))++-/--+-*()) +-//-----*------*-- ****^&&*(((###@@_)(***##___) The hero died. To show him respect, the dwarfs decided to name the unknown power in his name. Runes. ---++++------------+++++++--- "Runes." Subconsciously, I muttered. Closing the book, my eyes once again fell on its title. "The myth of creation." The context of this book was hard to believe, but somehow I found myself questioning its truth time and time again. I have already read it five times. Knock—Knock— The sound of knocking brought me back to reality. "Come in" "Young master the preparations are complete, the members have gathered, and they are waiting for you to come out." "I will be there in a minute." "Then I will excuse myself." Stella left the room, and my attention returned to the book. After reading it for the sixth time, I finally found a clue. My lips curled upward, and taking a few steps, I reached the nearest window and threw the book outward. satisfaction. that's what I felt. Turning around, I left the room, muttering in a barely audible voice. Cult creation {✓} check  Now it's time for the unknown to appear and burn this damn planet!!!

USER000 · Fantasy
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16 Chs


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