Trails of Genesis
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Trails of Genesis


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What is Trails of Genesis

Read Trails of Genesis novel written by the author Genesis_King on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering comedy, magic, weaktostrong, superpowers, nonhuman. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When visions seem to become a reality, the successor of House Lapis embarks on a journey to protect what he holds dear. 'I will use whatever means possible to bring him back', vows a younger sister who is afraid of her brother turning into something unknown. 3000 Years into the Genesis Era, where supernatural, magic, and science go hand in hand . This is the tale of two siblings which begins on a small planet and will dictate the dawn of a new era or will lead the current universe to its doom.


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First things first, I'm jealous of your ability of description! Awesome job as I was able to vividly picture everything in my head. Very interesting intake on combing sci-fi and fantasy elements. The cast of characters introduced so far has also caught my attention. Great job writing them! Hope you keep up the hard work and continue writing~!


Thank you readers for all your support. I am lacking in several aspects but with your kind guidance im sure that i will be able to make this book better.


From what I have read till now the story properly suits my tastes. A blend of sci-fi and fantasy with some real world elements mixed in. The fighting is also descriptive and easy to follow. The description in the initial chapters is a lot to take in but it just builds up a good world.


Well, this is an interesting story. The plot is so amazing because you mix magic, supernatural and science in your novel. Anti mainstream also neatly writing style, make me curious with the content. [img=recommend]


These are amazing chapters, can't wait to see this book get more popular, keep it up and keep writing a great job!!! can't wait to see more updates from you.


Without knowing what the original chapters were like, and having now read this one, I can’t imagine what needed changing in the original but so far, it’s a smooth read; flows effortlessly. The plot is interesting and this has great potential. Writing is only as good as the writer. And this writer is good.


The story is really well written, which is obvious, because author knows what he is doing after re-editing this novel. The development is really well, and I can tell that this time, the author and us all, will be very proud of this work!!


So... I finished the first chapter of the revamped version. I don't know what made you revamp the story, but it's definitely not an easy job to re-edit an idea that you have already written so many chapters (I normally just edit some mistakes here and there because of my laziness). So, kudos to the author for taking such a big challenge and revamping the whole story. It's definitely enjoyable this revamped version, everything is so detailed that it's easy to imagine the scene that you are currently reading.


Very interesting start so far. You write well and I can see that you have really good imagination. Keep writing and bring your characters and story to life!


Based on the chapters out, the story is well written and vivid. It has the potential to be in the top 5% of the novels here. goodluck and keep working author nim!


Well the book looks has a very good premise. My review is based on what I have read in the first chapter. I am looking forward to the upcoming chapters. The plot also has a very good idea and looks something really original in a website like this. I just hope that the chapters come in soon.


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