Trace of Fate (English Version) Book

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Trace of Fate (English Version)


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Sanesha Yamien Yamada is a typical rich girl. She is in her senior year in high school when she got pregnant but her ex-boyfriend, Dominick Bernardino did not take responsibility for their child. Despite being a teenage mother, she refused to abort the baby. She asked for help from her closest yet elder cousin, Arvie Johnson Capistrano. Arvie is a womanizer who is taking the position of Chief Executive Officer of his father's company. Sanya moved to Arvie's unit even the latter did not allow her but because she was already carrying her things, he accepted her. Sanya does not know how to tell her situation to her parents because she is scared that they might disown her. On the other hand, Arvie does not want to marry Reign just because of the contract prepared by his father. He believes that he must marry the one he truly loves so he thinks an effective excuse but this excuse leads them to the truth behind the family's matter between Capistrano and Bernardino. Sanya's best friend, Lilliene Espinoza did the wrong decision. All of them do not know where their fate leads them to. Only they know is to take the trace of their respective fate.


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