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Toxic's Love


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The vampire and vampire hunter became a friend but something unexpected happened to them. Suddenly, William and Evvy became stranger. William became more and more without humanity. They started to hate each other. Something was prevert them, they could not be each other. Evvy must killed William but in her heart William was someone she love and William was in love with someone else. That person always wait for William for along time. In William heart Evvy just his best friend and no more than that. Evvy was confused about what her heart told was not same with her action. William also confused about what happen between he and Evvy and why Evvy must to kill him? William always wanted to know about the answers for the questions in his mind. One day, he accidently killed Evvy parent to get the answers for his questions. That made Evvy became someone else and she not like the old Evvy that him know. Evvy started to hunted vampires after the incident. William was the one she wanted to kill even she love William but revenge was made she became more and more cruel from William.


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