TOWER OF TRANSCENDENCE: The Abandoned Young master Book

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TOWER OF TRANSCENDENCE: The Abandoned Young master


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When every species in the universe were at the end of their evolution then a tower appeared in the middle of the universe shining brighter than any star.It was so huge that it could be spotted from any darkest corner of the universe along with it came a ancient voice, which said "CLIMB TO TRANSCEND" many gateways which had endless stairway on the other side appeared in various inhabitant places of universe . soon every intelligent species abandoned universe and entered the tower, a great migration in the history took place. one of these species was mankind. millions of years passed since then.... Wait!! hold up... before you continue your synnopsis please tell me what am I doing in this novel, I should be reading this novel not living it and why am I the thrash abandoned son of the Winwar family. *** Disclaimers : pic used in cover is not mine