2 Chapter 2: Resurrection

Chapter 2: Resurrection 

Theos Evergarden had his final thoughts as his head was ruthlessly decapitated from his body.

What he experienced next was nothing. He looked and looked but it didn't matter where he turned his head, all he viewed was nothingness. 

To say he was in a dark abyss would not be accurate to call this realm. He found himself in a realm devoid of all concepts. It was neither dark nor bright here. Even the supreme laws of time and space that govern all universes ceased to exist here. 

There was simply just nothing there besides him in this grand void that seemed endless yet at the same finite size. Of course this sense of space he felt was just his mind trying to comprehend the realm he was in and make sense of it. 

'Where am I? What even is this place?' 

'No...Who even am I?' He thought while being confused at his current situation. It didn't last for long as soon  bits and bits of memories came rushing back into his mind.

Amidst the endless sea of nihility a bright blue hue was present as a transparent human with no features to be seen on his face started to shine brighter and brighter as information came flooding into his head. 

'Oh...oh god, did I die? No it can't be. Must be a cruel dream? Hahaha, no way I could've died when I lived for so long. And especially died in such a manner.' He said in a chaotic manner with a tone of disbelief plastered over his face. 

'Yes maybe this is all just a nightmare. A terrible one at that. I must've been anxious and thought of the dangers in the tower and hence I had this nightmare.' He assured himself as he then attempted to wake himself up.

'Alright..time to end this nightmare...hnnnng.'


It was to no avail however as no matter how many times he tried, he never woke up. Always finding himself still in the same void, still in the realm of complete and utter nothingness. 

Realization started to dawn on him as the more and more he tried to deny it and desperately get out of this realm, the more times he would fail and be forced to fail the truth.

'I truly did die, didn't I.' Acceptance loomed over his being. He couldn't deny what was there in front of him any longer.

'Oh no, all the things I could've ever achieved and done in life, now just hopeless dreams never to be completed.'

'Everything is taken from me and my dreams are even less than dreams now because I was too weak.'

'If only I was stronger,then I could've fought back and survived. If only I was stronger I wouldn't be in whatever the fuck this place is. If only I was stronger I could've accomplished and achieved my dreams.'  

His mind fully sunk into depression as he knew fully well he was doomed to remain here for eternity. 

"Is that all? Will you succumb to your fate?" In the midst of the void an ancient voice spoke out that seemed to be able to shake the entire void.

"W-who was that?" Shock covered Theos face as he heard the voice and he had tried locating the source but it had seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. A slight glimmer of hope  was heard from his voice as he asked out this question.

He had assumed he was the only one here but now upon hearing a voice coming from someone else that wasn't him brought some sort of relief to his soul. Maybe he didn't have to spend an eternity by himself. 

"It doesn't matter who I am, child. Only what I can provide you." The primordial voice of mysterious origins said with a calm tone.

"And what is that?" Theos asked, with unhidden curiosity.

"Kekekekeke..." A terrifying cackle resonated throughout the area as the mysterious entity said, "Another chance."

At this moment intense excitement overcame Theos and took control. Another chance? A way to start over and have another attempt at achieving his dream? A way of getting out of this god forsaken plane? Intense desire plagued the entirety of Theos mind. 

It didn't even matter if he had to serve this being or whatever price there was to pay. For another chance of going up the tower he was willing to accept anything.

"It seems I needn't even ask. I can sense your desires from over here. Kekeke…"

The voice started to get dimmer and dimmer as a red crystal grew and grew to the point where it became visible to the eye and could be seen taking a major portion of his chest.

'What is thi-' He couldn't finish his sentence as great pain engulfed him. The enlarged crystal started to glow and emit smoke out from itself and melt from the extreme heat it generated.

After fully liquefying it spread through his veins and settled after it ran and spread throughout his entire soul. Red lines covered his whole body and took the form of faint red circuits. It had glowed for the last time as it started to finally reveal its purpose. 


[System integration..80%..99%...100%]

[System fully integrated, inspecting host]

Theos Evergarden

Race : Reminiscent Soul

Health: Void

Mana: Void

Life span Void

Strength: 0

Dexterity: 0

Endurance: 0

Intelligence: 0

Wisdom : 0 

Charisma : 0

Luck: -5 

After the system fully integrated itself into Theos's entire soul. For the first time, he had seen a glimpse of what belonged to the mysterious entity that spoke to him.

 A giant dragon-like finger with nails sharper than any spear and a hide thicker than any metal appeared before his very eyes and tapped his head.

"I hope you enjoy this little gift, young one. Farewell..kekeke." These were the final words the young teenager would hear from this entity for a very very long time before they meet again. But that's thousands of thousands of years too far. 

The entire void trembled and shook as a powerful energy swirled and spiraled in it. A green tornado capable of decimating anything in its past swept up Theos and turned and turned. The powerful energy in it that made the entire void tremble and shake quickly rendered Theos unconscious as it turned and turned before simply disappearing as if it never was here in the first place with Theos with it.

 The void stopped to tremble as it returned to its form of complete nihilism. 

Inside of the tornado if one looked around he could make out faint images on the walls of the wind.

Except, after he had begun to concentrate a bit more he would realize these were images of his memories going backwards!

The more he remained inside this tornado the further back he would go. The tornado even went back before he entered the trial and stopped as soon as Theos was chosen and about to enter the tower. 

The wind slowly died down and the faint blue figure that represented Theos soul emerged from the tornado that had now dissipated into nothing. 

The soul of Theos constantly emitted faint speckles as well. It would only make sense 

after all, if the soul could exist without a body without any sort of special ability or artifact then the need for one wouldn't be present.


[Soul dissipation sensed. Searching for suitable body]

[Mana not present]

[Detecting new energy source to serve as suitable replacement for mana]

[New energy signature sensed]

[Deemed as suitable replacement for mana commencing procedure]

[Task: Turn new energy signature as main power source] 

[Bing! Procedure completed]

[New task: Crafting new body for host]

Soon the surrounding shinsu around the area started to swirl and cover itself onto the unconscious soul of Theos and start to concentrate itself to the point where it solidified. Bit by bit the shinsu would construct an entire new body for his soul to inhibit. Until all the shinsu would fully redesign his body before death to a perfect degree and not getting even a single detail wrong.

[Ding! Task completed. Body completely crafted]

Theos woke up soon after his body was created and looked at wonder around the area.

The first thing he did was bring his hands up and form a fist and then check his heart beat soon after.




He breathed in the air intently as if he had never breathed in his life and a smile bloomed over his face.

"Oh my God! I am truly revived, hahaha!" A jubilant smile and expression appeared over his body as he examined him further. 

He laughed and laughed as nothing but pure happiness and euphoria covered his mind. 

Though, unknown to the boy what he had done would affect his life greatly. He was too clouded by his emotions at the moment to think why. Why would an entity such as that figure grant him the opportunity to start over and have another chance. Why? Of course this was a question he would find the answer to centuries later.

As he was laughing, a portal came before him and pulled him in. He remembered that this should be around the time he went into the tower so he wasn't surprised and let it happen.

 Of course he truly became surprised when he found himself inside of an area he didn't recognize and a mysterious white figure with a blue staff in his hands and no facial features present in front of him.

He wasn't a human by any means necessary but had a humanoid form.

'This isn't the second floor..where the fuck am I?' Theos thought now, as confused as ever.

But soon he ended his confused expression and a serious gaze remained present on his face. He was given another chance to succeed after his previous failure. He will not waste this opportunity.

Author Note : I forgot to mention this last chapter though I guess it was kinda obvious (not really) but MC isn't in canon time. He is several centuries away from the canon cast and trials so don't expect to see Bam or anyone else soon. 

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