6 Exploring the Forest, Hints!

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Everyone in the world knew about the terrible situation in Blossoms Country.

At this point, the capital of Blossoms Country, Neon, had fallen.

It became a playground for monsters.

And adding on the 30 plus people who died in the Tower Defense world, the life expectancy of Blossoms Country's citizens decreased by 30 years.

At this moment, all the countries in the world were gloating, but their hearts were in a mess.

If their country were to face these ten thousand giant monsters, what would they do?

What would they resist them with!?

[Starting countdown to the next invasion: 48: 00]

[47: 59: 59]

[47: 59: 58]

[47: 59: 57]


The timer from the Tower Defense was ticking on the top left corner of the livestream room.

In Pierce's live-stream, the viewers from all over the world were in disbelief.

How could a single person defend against a hundred level-three zombies with only four arrow towers?

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed it.

Country C audience: "Are you kidding me? Aren't those four flaming arrow towers crossing the lines!?"

Country T audience: "Even if it's compensation, isn't this too much? You've already broken the Tower Defense's tradition!"

"This should be reported. If not for the fact that there's no reporting button, Country M would have been destroyed today!"

"F*ck, I just transferred my nationality to Country T, and you gave me a slap on the face. Hey, can I go back?"

On the other hand, Country M was already celebrating.

It looked like they were about to fall into the abyss, but who knew that Pierce would soar high!

In short, today's scenes could be said to be a great upheaval for them.

On the Internet, whether it was in Country M or the various search websites overseas, Pierce occupied the top spot on the trending topics.

He even took at least half of the top ten search topics.

The other half was about the tragedy in Blossoms Country.

"God Pierce is so strong!"

"Just this? Your Blossoms Country had a veteran, and this is the outcome!?"

"Such a huge joke!"

"If anyone dares to question Pierce again, I'll slap them across the internet!"

"This is too cool, too cool! Hubby, love me!"

"Heh-heh. My Pierce. My Pierce…"

In short, Pierce's live-stream was flooded with comments.

There was only one player in Country M this time. This was definitely cheating.

Faced with these rabid comments, the Country M's citizens no longer wanted to bother with them.

At the start, there was only one contestant in Country M, and the people of other countries were so happy that it was as if they had taken drugs.

Now that our contestant is fighting against a hundred Level 3s alone, you're blaming us for only having one contestant!

Countless people looked at those angry comments as if they were watching clowns.

They were just a bunch of useless, barking mad dogs.

Meanwhile, in the Tower Defense world.

Pierce, who had dealt with all the monsters, picked up a backpack and walked into the forest under the gazes of the whole world.

Through the comments flying past the screen, Pierce learned something.

No one knew that this Tower Defense world had materials that could strengthen the arrow tower.

This meant that…

This dimensional world had not been explored at all!

That meant that he was the first pioneer!

In addition to the golden hints, he could come and go as he pleased in this forest.

Pierce grinned at the dark night sky.

He seemed to see countless resources waving at him.

Using the darkness, Pierce left the empty city.

He strolled into the forest.

Seeing Pierce's unusual actions, the Country M's audience was confused.

"What is God Pierce doing again??"

"Previous poster, don't talk too much. Master Pierce naturally has Master Pierce's thoughts!!"

"F*ck, is he going to explore this forest?!"

"That can't be. Now that you mention it, no one has explored the Tower Defense world before!"

"No, no, no. Someone already explored it in the first Tower Defense."

"However, the outcome was very tragic. None of the exploration team of fifteen returned.

"The live-stream didn't give them any screen time either. The live-stream is based on the number of people."

"What? Is Pierce going to the forest to look for resources?"

"He's so brave!"

"Right now, Pierce is the only one from Country M. Of course, the live-stream will follow Pierce, but isn't it a bad idea to leave this place!"

"Yes, there was no one in the city to begin with. Once Pierce left, it became an empty city. What if the monsters invade?"

"No, no. There is a time limit for the invasion of monsters. Until that time, the monsters will not invade."


Pierce had just reached the entrance to the forest and stared for a moment.

[There seem to be many creatures in the forest, and there are also abundant resources, but you still have to pay attention to the dangers.]

Pierce looked indifferent.

Apart from searching for resources, he had no other choice.

Every time the monsters invaded, there would be more of them.

There was no way for him to defend with just the four towers on the city wall.

In the end, the city gate would be broken, and only death awaited him.

At this thought.

Pierce stepped into the unknown without hesitation.

Golden words condensed in his vision once again.

[There is an empty space to your left. Please be careful. There seem to be many traps there.]

[Right in front of you is a long path that can speed up your exploration of this forest!]

[There is a group of unknown creatures to your right. They seem to pose a great threat. I hope you will not advance rashly. After all, you did not tie the arrow tower to yourself.]

Pierce went straight forward.

Based on these golden hints, if he could die in this forest, he should explode on the spot!

Wasn't this equivalent to cheating in the game?

Pierce smiled knowingly.

This was probably the only thing that had helped him since he transmigrated.

Regardless of whether it was the energy stone that he had obtained previously or the guidance mode, they were extremely helpful to him.

With this golden hint, what if he had to defend the country alone?

He was still invincible!!

In the broadcast room.

Countless people looked at Pierce, who was suddenly very excited. They were confused.

After all, in their eyes, Pierce's actions were akin to suicide.

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