2 Chapter 2 Change Your Ticket

I was relaxing in my room, reading a book, until my dad came into my room.

"Victoria guess what!" he said excitedly.

"What?" I said, not caring,

"Well, my boss pitched in a new opportunity for the next few months!" he said.

"Okay and? How does that involve me?" I asked.

Personally, I don't know why he's talking to me about his job. It's not like my dad and I talk on a regular basis.

"Well, for around 9 months, a band is going to be touring, and they need a lot of technicians to make sure everything goes as planned. I really want to do the job as I think it'll help get my mind off things. Plus, they're performing like 130 shows, meaning a lot of travelling." My dad explained.

"Why don't you take mum? She loves travelling, plus she could need it.. What band is it?" I asked.

"I'm gonna keep that as a surprise for a while. And the last thing we both need right now, is your mother. I don't think some bonding time is going to help us right now." He said.

Processing all this, I could only think of one thing..

"Are you and mom getting a divorce?" I asked with eyes wider than a lost puppy.

"I'm not totally sure. But, whatever happens, happens for a reason, and whatever that is, we'll get through it kiddo." My dad said with hope.

I didn't really know what to say.

"So, is that all? Or.." I asked.

"Oh right! So the tour is 9 months and because I've already agreed to go, that means you're going with me. I'm not leaving you home alone for 9 months. You're 17 and-" I could feel that my dad was going to start lecturing me, so I cut him off. The last thing I needed was to be yelled at.

"Dad! I get it! But what about school? And tickets? Is it all paid?" I asked hoping he'd forget about the lecture.

"Yes, management is covering the cost as I'll be working. Think of it as them pre paying me. You'll also get to watch all their performances, be backstage, etc. Don't think of this as a vacation or anything fun! You'll be helping me sometimes, when I need it. And your teachers will have everything posted online."

My dad explained everything. He'd basically just come into my room to tell me that we're going to be touring with some band for 9 months, and we'll be travelling a lot. They must be a pretty good band to have nearly 130 shows. Oh, and I still didn't know who the band was.

"So, when are we leaving?" I asked.

"It better not be tomorrow. I take forever to pack.", I thought to myself.

"In 2 weeks. My boss told everyone that he'd send out the itinerary to everyone who would be attending. Until then, that's all the information anyone has." My dad explained.

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