Torturing the Good Mafia Book

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Torturing the Good Mafia


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Mandemus Malfur saved his childhood friend from a Ginsaeng House in China. As he was about to close the deal with a Chinese business tycoon, he saw the woman inside the mafia's house in Underworld. Without hesitance, he bought the freedom of the woman and keep her close at his side. However, as they live with each other, the woman seemed to torture his life as she was immensely cold-hearted to return his love. Valkyrie Mexica was ashamed of her life's state when her childhood friend saved her. She was not the typical woman from a Ginsaeng House. She always fights her dignity whenever someone tried to buy her body. As soon as Mandemus bought her freedom, her pride was abolished as she knew him in childhood. She did her best not to be captivated by his goodness and she succeeded. However, things have had gotten hard for her when she fell in love with someone, and it wasn't Mandemus. If you want to read the whole novel, visit my account @viranomata69 on goodnovel. Download the app or you can check the website and search my username @viranomata69. Thanks!


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