Torn Between Twin Brothers
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Torn Between Twin Brothers


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What is Torn Between Twin Brothers

Read Torn Between Twin Brothers novel written by the author AJZHEN on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering r18, comedy, weaktostrong, teen, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


She was betrothed to one and loved the other. Thus, she became torn between twin brothers. [MATURE CONTENT R18] The story is a continuation of ‘The Billionaire Contracted Wife, and I accidentally married a CEO.’ It's their children’s story. You do not have to read the parent’s story, but if you want to know all the characters, It's up to you... Ava is the daughter of Ann and Jeff, ‘I accidentally married a CEO.’ The twins, James and Ashton, are the sons of Tanaga ang Ashley ‘The Billionaire’s contracted wife.’ One drunken night, Jeff and Tanaga made a brother covenant to betrothed their children if one has a boy and another has a girl. Everything was fine, except while Jeff has a girl, Tanaga has twin boys. Read the story to find out how it came about that Ava became torn between the twin brothers? ~~~~ Excerpt: ~~~~~ "It is with great pleasure that I introduce to all of you our newlyweds. Mr. and Mrs. Jones!  Mr. Jones, you may now kiss your bride!" Everyone applauded and cheered, shouting for the couple to kiss. "Kiss!  Kiss! Kiss!" The bride and groom were glaring at each other, while the groom was not moving to comply with the guests' requests. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Shouted the guests once more, waiting for the groom to comply and kissed the beautiful bride. Suddenly, the church door flew open and banged against its stopper, and stopped with a crack. All eyes swiveled to assess the intrusion. A smile surfaced on the bride's flawless angelic face. Then suddenly, she runs as fast as she could muster toward the intruder, leaving the groom standing on the altar dumbfounded. As the smattering of polite applause died away, the bride and groom's parents got up and shamelessly followed to chase after the bride and the intruder... Journey with me and find out what happens in the end... **** If you want to chat with me and has some question. Join me at discord. Link below: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG Instagram: @Ajzheny If you want to donate, you can at: https://ko-fi.com/ajzhen I own the cover, text done by ‘Bloom759’. Thanks to 'Ace Agustin for editing. Thanks to ‘Marichat_nettenoir’ for proofreading.


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If you've read any of the books written by the lovely AJZHEN you'll know that they are all worth your time, powerstones, freepasses and coins. The mother, sister and aunty books as I would call them are all outstanding, so now that the daughter book has arrived be prepared because it wont disappoint. My lovely AJZHEN welcome back🎉😍😘


This is the tale of the Ava and her friends growing up and to eventually find true love. There are twists and turns.The author has used the back setting of her previous stories. Because this is the children's tale, the story can stand alone or be read as part of the ongoing compilation. The author likes to involve her readers. And who knows, you may find yourself getting drawn into the story.


Hello, potential readers. The author here giving the story and myself five stars. I believe this story is one of my best yet, after writing their parents' stories, now is their turn. It will be a slow burn at the beginning but will go fast-paced once the story progressed to adulthood. Come and join me in my world of fantasy, where you could be one of the characters... The following readers had been with me from the beginning and this is to show my appreciation. Denise Williams- Headmistress Shannon H-Guidance Counselor Chupsy- Secret service Pisces-Personal bodyguard Mary_Ghan-Personal bodyguard


Finally! Its only over a year that I waited for the children story. It’s only the beginning and I’m loving it already. Keep up the good work and hope you update a lot. Highly recommended, I know this will be another good one.


So excited for this sequel for both CEO' and their family. The story was so interesting and intriguing just a couple of chapters release good job as always author Ajzhen 👏👏👏💐💐💐


[img=coins]😍 so lovely the story is, feel to keep on reading it, without break. Restless to know, who will be paired with whom? Such a mystery 😌


So loving characters, with comedy in different ways, the story just keeps revolving in mind all the time. I egarly wait to read next chapters.


interesting.....love it🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 thank you [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This book is so good!!! I just want to binge read it!!! I really want to read the next chapters!!! I 100% am loving Torn between twin brothers!!! I cant wait to see what will happen next!!!


I am super happy with how frequently it updates and the story development is great! I cant wait to see how the relationship between Ava and the twins evolves!!![img=recommend]


If its from AJZHEN you know its going to be good. And I am really not disappointed. So hooked up! More chapters to go Madam! Lets see who is the best twin win or baka pwd both. Haha


Behold, AJZHEN's spirity entry! It's a refreshing read, something to look forward to reading, as every chapter will leave you on your toes and anticipating what the next will entail. Anything with AJZHEN as its author is a must-read, and I'm excited to read how this story progresses, and what happens next! (To Ava especially o_o) - mari <3


Nice, its the continuation of my two favorite books and all the characters are back. I’m loving it cause i get to read them again . I just love the Love story of their parents, I cant wiat to get to know the children .


It’s only 13 chapters but im already hooked. come and join me read this wonderful original story. You will not regret once you start. It’s really cute and funny.


Read the story and tou will know that its enjoyable to read. it’s my stress relief after a hard day from work. From the parents story to the children , its superb. kudos to the author you came a long way.


Finally! The children story is out. If you have not add this to your library , your missing out. Heart warming , fun loving characters all around .check it out and join the party.


If your looking for a fun book to read, this one is for you. Highly recommended. Check it out! Very different than the normal cliche story with a evil step sister and step mother. it’s original.


The author has previous works that are very popular in the romance genre! I do not know how to make a hot and romantic plotline, so I will focus my review in an objective manner Writing Quality-4.5 (but i made it 5 overall. The descriptions are nice, but there are times that the scenes were "told" but not "shown" to the readers. Things like "he was upset" and other emotions are out there, which I think could be improved. Another point is that there are a lot of passive voice misuse such as "were scattered, began gathering, he was able to catch". The author could change these sentences into a more active one by making the word "was" into an active verb "scattered, gathered, caught" would be preferred. Stability of updates- The author has an uipdate schedule so 5/5 Story development- I like it. It seems solid and unique Character design- Very well made And world background 5/5 kudos for the author!


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