9 Chapter 8☺️

Chrysha Pov

"Are you done making ice cream?" Mom ask when she's walking towards to me.

"Yeah and will you lend the pack"

"Why you take long time to make?" Were she's getting the pack.

"Mr. ******* called that their president decides fast"

"And?" As she putting the packs on the table.

"She will buy my artworks"

"How about the payment?" While we putting the ice cream in packs.

"Mr. ******* will message"

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Mr. *******

I'll meet you tomorrow on the restaurant at the same time for the payment


"It's Mr. *******, that message right now about the payment and we're gonna meet at the restaurant at same time"



"What do you want to eat Mom?" When we're putting the pack ice cream in the refrigerator.

"We made earlier a mint mousse"

"Let's try to make a banana macchiato because I saw awhile on our stock room" and I head to the stock room to get some.

"What time will start the game?"

"At 3pm" While I'm peeling the banana as I back to the kitchen.

"Here I get one for you of the mint mousse" were Mom lend the small plate with mint mousse on, to my place.

"Thanks Mom"

"I do get the grinder" as Mom volunteer and getting the grinder on the wall cabinet.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Older Honey

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Are you done taking a bath? Because we will leave later about 30 minutes


"Older Honey messaged me that we will leave later about 30 minutes before the game starts"

"We better make fast to make this"

"Yeah" and we're grinding now the banana.

After few minutes, the banana grinded very well and we start to do the another procedure of macchiato. I will message back Honey after this. Must finish this before 30 minutes or half. Then, we're now about mixing the two and done. It's about to taste, so I get 2 cups, then placing the macchiato into the cups.

"It's taste so fresh" As I sip.

"Yeah, and delicious"



To: Older Honey

I'm eating today and I've done take a bath



"Take it slowly to eat, you might get stomach ache"

"How many minutes are left?" And I check my watch.

"It's 15 minutes"



To: Yuri

Did you miss me already!? Cause your asking and I see your face on a sad face



"I'm done and will get now the artworks and I leave" then I head to the station and prepare.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

No, and I'm not


Haha, tricking him is a bit fun and might also on his actual face. So he's in the game place now. Until I heard a car outside of the house that beeping and it's them and I head walk fast to the car.

At Older Albeit's car..

"What's that?"

"The artworks that I will give to our new priest"

"Can I see?"

"Sure, here" as I give the bags to Older Honey.

"This is beautiful" as Tita Nel grab too of the artwork and see as well the other one.

"Thank you"

"We're here at the front of the church" Older Albeit says.

"Oh here's your artworks and the bag" were Tita Nel is fixing and putting the artworks on the bag and give to me.

"We will wait here and be fast" as I'm stepping down out of the car and head to the office of the church.

At the office of the church..

"Hello!? Is there some- " when I saw Ally coming towards to me from the house of the priest.

"Hi, is this the artworks?" Were he saw the bag I'm carrying on my right.

"Yeah and here" and I give to him, the bag.

"I won't take long, so I will leave now and I trust you that you will give that to Father and thanks" as I was about to leave when..

"Wait, Miss Larry, I'm shy to ask this but can I have your number for...some matter and can you be my friend?"

"Haha, of course I can be your friend and my number was 09*********"

"Thanks and I'm glad that I have a friend now, here in this Village"

"I'm glad too, I leave you and their waiting for me"

"Take care and enjoy wherever you go, and by the way if your gonna ask about sister, she leaves with Father" as he shout while I'm heading to the car.

"Ok and bye" as I shout back at him and almost near at the car. And I hurried walk fast towards to car, then open the door and step in inside the car.

After 40 minutes we arrive at the game place but I'm heading first to other way which is to ******* Shop.

"Where you will go?" Older Honey ask as she saw me heading other way.

"You go in first and I'll go there later, I have something to buy"

"Alright" then they go inside while I'm heading now to the ******* Shop.

At the ******* Shop..

"Hi Miss, May I help you?" The woman greet me as I came in.

"No, thank you, I can manage myself"

"Alright, Miss but if you need a little help, call me" and I head to the area of flavor bottles after I get the basket.

I think we need to add some new flavors like fruits. But I'll get some of here like 3 of artificial flavors then, head to the fruits station. Why don't we try a watermelon, green mango and orange. And head to the counter to process and pack my items to bought.

"How much?"

"Worth *** pesos, Miss" then I pick a cent on my wallet and lend to her.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Older Honey

Where are you? The game will about to start now


"Here's your change and your items, Miss, it's *** pesos, thank you and come again" when she lend my change and the items.

"Thank you" and I leave.



To: Older Honey

I'm heading there now, where did you sit?



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