6 Chapter 5☺️

Chrysha Pov

"I take this meal and this for you" were Kris take the egg drop soup and I take fresh prawn lumpia with mixed cream and chili sauce to dip.

"Hey, it's not just you who want to eat that ok!? Give us some"

"Hahaha, kidding, but give me too of that prawn lumpia" as he laugh, yet he give the bowl of soup and I gave him some fresh prawn lumpia.

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"What is this? Who make this?" Mae ask when she saw the mint truffles at microwave were I made and keep hours ago.

"It's mint truffles and I made that an hour ago and were I serve to my client" then Mae get and eat one.

"What's your opinion about the taste, sis?" When I putting my dishes I used to sink.

"It's delicious and we can add this to our desserts" Mae's opinion and get the one truffles she take awhile ago using her fingers.

Then Mom try it too and get a fork first before she taste the truffles.

"What's your opinion about the taste, Mom?"

"Yeah it's delicious and can add to our desserts"

"But who will list for the desserts?"

"I'll be the one to list and I think it will be click to our customers" Mom said in confidence.

"Alright, But now I need to start to paint" and I head towards my artwork station.

At the artwork station..

Before I start to paint, I check on my Facebook account to see the reaction of Yuri on his post and it was none, yet I have one friend request on the people icon and it's Ally. So I confirm it and I would like to know if whose are his friends in this Village. Well I might be one stalker but not a bad way, I was concern in some matter and I found that only me whose the first friend of his. He's way fast too.

When my eyes got itching, why is this? Some people said that when your eye got itching, it says that there's someone wants to see you. Also in some parts of face when it got itching, they have sort of means like in the lips, nose, and ears. But who wants to see me? I don't think it's Yuri, might he has girlfriend. Hmm..well I need now to log out and start painting.





Until I heard from the kitchen of getting materials. Maybe Mom and when I feel hungry so I head towards the kitchen.

At the kitchen..

"Hey Mom, what will you make?"

"I try to make sweet potato cake" were she was smashing the sweet potatoes on the bowl.

"Oh!! I like to help you with that but can't, I'm sorry Mom"

"It's alright, you feel hungry?"

"Yeah and hoping that there's still left on the truffles I made" then I found one left truffles.

"Is there still left?" While Mom now mixing the egg yolks, flour and the baking soda.

"Yeah but only one left" then I get a cup to make caramel macchiato.

"Will you make me one too of caramel macchiato!?"

"Of course" and I get again one cup for Mom.

"Whose your new client whom your talking about when we arrive?"

"It's Mrs. *******"

"Where she from?"

"Apart on her business card she gave to me, she's from USA, she works on ******* company and she's the CEO?!"

"And what kind of deal she's dealing with you?!" Were Mom putting now the bowl of mixed batter and sweet potatoes on the oven to cook.

"A semi wedding dress about 20 pieces to paint"

"So she's an event executive, might be she's a blessing to you"

"Hope for, I'm going back to my station, and there's your caramel macchiato behind you"

"Thank you"

At my artwork station..

I didn't think that I turned off my mobile data, because there's many notifications that pop up above, when the last notification pop up was from Yuri where he greet me. Then I greet him back. And he message me back until I were painting of how many and the conversation was not yet end. When Mom came along to me to say to dinner. That I realize of it's midnight already and don't know of what time is.

At the kitchen..

"Who cook?"

"It's Mom and did you taste already the cake which Mom bake?" As Mae placing the juice on our glasses.

"Not yet, maybe later if I feel hunger"

"Do we still have ice cream of not selling?"

"None, unless you want to make"

"Maybe tomorrow I can make before I start to paint again"

"What flavor?!" Were Kris felt like excited.

"Mint or caramel?, which of the two you want? Cause that's the only flavor ingredients we left here"

"Let's try the caramel" Mom's suggestion.

"You two? What flavor?"

"Caramel" As the two both said.

"Alright, caramel it is" and I'm done eating and drink and head back to the station.

At my artwork station..

As I back and see my phone on the left table, I saw 3 messages from Yuri.




- where are you?-

-are you busy?-

-did you dinner already?-

-I'm sorry I forgot to say to you that I will dinner before I message you back again-

-it's alright-

-how about you? Did you dinner already?-

-I'm about too-

-take a dinner and advance goodnight-

-you will sleep already?

-Your just done take dinner, might you have nightmare later-

-or you might have something to do!?-

-Yeah, I have something else to do-

-I see-

-if your thinking that your gonna be disturb me, it's not that, well my phone were got to be near low battery-

-I'm not thinking of that and can I have your number?-

-haha, Alright 09*********-

-why you laugh?-

-oh nothing, don't mind that and take care-

-haha, such cute, and goodnight and sweet dreams, take care-


Our end of chatting conversation. Then I start painting again.

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