5 Chapter 4☺️

Chrysha Pov

As I'm heading to the bathroom to take a bath.

[ziimm, ziimm]phone vibrates


From: Sister Tessa

Good morning, Father likes the look and arrangement of the bedroom and he says, it's match on him.


Then another message came.


From: Older Honey

They have another game tomorrow, 3pm of afternoon at *******.


Until Kris enter at my bedroom.

"They have another game tomorrow, will you watch?" He ask.

"I will and you?"

"Yes" his shoutout answer.

And I message back to Sister Tessa and Older Honey.


To: Sister Tessa

Good morning too Sister. I'm glad that Father likes it and I'll be there later.




To: Older Honey

Alright, and can I ask you a favor?



Then I head to the closet to pick my outfit before I head again to the bathroom.

[ziimm, ziimm]


From: Older Honey

What is it?



To: Older Honey

Would you mind to take me way down first in the church before we head to the place? I have things to give by.



Hope she accept my favor.

[ziimm, ziimm]


From: Older Honey




To: Older Honey

Thank you



Then I head now to the bathroom to take bath to look and smell good.

After I take a bath for about half minutes, I head to the closet to pick simple but sexy like shirt and jeans short, and put face cream to look young, hehe. Then done!! And head to the artwork station to make and sell as many.

When I heard a knock from the main door and it was my cousin, Emman.

"Sha, someone was looking for you" he informs me.

"Is it a man or a woman?"

"A woman" he answer.

"Call her to come in, but what's her name?"

"*******, she didn't say of where she from" he said and he walk towards to woman whose looking on me.

Then Emman and the woman was walking towards on me.

"Sha, I'll go ahead and I might be late on my work" As he goodbye and leave.

"Come in Ma'am and I'm Chrysha Larry your looking for and take a sit"

"Thank you and you look young in personal, I thought your in 30's of age" the woman said and how she reacts on my appearance.

"Haha, Same as you Ma'am, you look young but what brings you here and why your looking for me?"

"I heard from my friends that your good at arts so I want to make a deal with you?" The woman said.

"What kind of deal Ma'am? But do you like coffee or something to eat? I make for you"

"A tea is better and thank you, dear"

"Alright Ma'am and your welcome" then I head to the kitchen to make two tea and with mint truffles on the small plate.

"Mind you to ask this?"

"What is it Ma'am?" Were I'm preparing the tea and mint truffles.

"Were you alone here in this house?" As she's roaming the house through her eyes.

"I'm with my family Ma'am" as I'm heading back to living room.

"It's big and how many are you in this house?" She's curious.

"We're five Ma'am, and here's the tea and mint truffles, might know you don't want sweet so I serve you this"

"Your right, too sweet might get you sore throats and toothache and thank you for this"

"Your welcome, and how about the deal, what kind of deal is that Ma'am?"

"Well, I would like you to paint me a dress" looks interesting.

"What kind of dress Ma'am?"

"A semi wedding dress in a 20 pieces"

"Semi wedding dress, 20 pieces, is that all Ma'am?"

"Yes and thank you for the food and drink, but how much the painting, will I pay you now or after?" Were she might issue of money.

"After, Ma'am"

"Alright but here's my business card if you have questions on me" and she lend me her business card.

"Thank you, Ma'am and make a deal again"

"I'll go ahead and nice dealing with you Miss Larry" then I join walk her to the gate and say goodbye.

"Take care Ma'am and thank you" and she smiled before she leave with her own car, and I step inside of the gate and head to the house and lunch.

At the kitchen..

As I was roaming around the kitchen, I saw shadow behind my back and it was Kris who plan to startle me but he failed.

"What's our meal? Where's Mom and sister Mae?"

"I don't know because I'm busy of my artworks and I have client that deals a minute ago" were I found a cooked rice.

"Message them if where are they" and I search ingredients to cook for. Then later on, I saw him sending message on either Mom or Mae.

"I'm hungry, what should I eat?" And he's searching for a food.

"I made just an hour ago of mint truffles if you want", neither one ingredient I find to cook for on the refrigerator, how we supposed to eat without meal!?

"Did Mom or Mae message back to you of where they are?"

"Yeah, they are on the restaurant and Mom said they heading back home with a meal" while he's eating mint truffles by using his hands to get.

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"Alright and use fork or spoon, Kris by getting that"


"How's the taste for you of the mint truffles I made?"

"It's delicious, and make this again later or everyday"

"Haha, thank you"

Until a car arrives, might be Mom and Mae. And I glimpse at the main door and they are.

When they enter right at the door towards in the kitchen were I heard and I head again to the kitchen.

"Why you didn't tell that you will leave?"

"It's an urgent" Mom explained.

"Alright but did you already lunch there?"

"Yeah, you?"

"We're just about to lunch" and I'm getting a plates, utensils and glasses.

"I take this meal and this for you"

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