11 Chapter 10☺️

Chrysha Pov

"What's your order, Sha? I'll be the one to order for you"

"Alright, the chicken cheese burger, cookies and cream sundae and medium cola, thank you, and here's the money" and as I lend to her the money.

When someone bump on me.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you" and I look to whom it bump on me. And it's Russy. Russy is a friend of Yuri and Cyndrix.

"It's alright but next time you better look your way"

"Yeah and thanks, your kind one" Russy says were he's behind me until someone grab me of bit strong. And as I see the hand who grab me, it was Yuri.

"Hey, why you grab me? Russy and I were talking"

"I know and I don't just want you to talk with another guy" as we face to each other.


"Sha, where are you, here's your order and your change" were older Honey was looking for me.

"I'm here and I'll be there"

"If you don't want to answer then, I go ahead" and I leave him and walk towards to older Honey.

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"What did you two talk about?" As older Honey see us talking to each other.

"I just ask him and we're friends" and I get my order from older Honey.

"I see, shall we go to the car!?"

"Yeah" Acy answered. Acy was the first daughter of older Albeit.

And we head to the car.

At older Albeit's car..

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

It annoys me seeing you talking to another guy, ok!? That's the answer., but are you still mad at me?




To: Yuri

Maybe because the another question I ask on you was you didn't answer yet



And I wrap out my burger and eat.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

The answer was the one I said first to you, are you still mad?


Actually I'm not that mad I just want to know the answer from him and I'm not just the one who got mad I think



To: Yuri

Are you still mad on me about the answer?



And I drink my cola after the burger I ate.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

I'm not mad and eat well




To: Yuri

Eat well too



A sip on my cola..

Eat the sundae..

As I'm almost done to eat my sundae, I saw on the mirror of the car that the players was heading now to the car.

"Come here, baby bhim" as older Honey is about to carryover the second son of older Albeit were I face back little at the back of the car.

"We're going inside now of the car, you want to stay here? and we'll leave you?" were older Honey trying to scare a bit of our niece.

"No" then baby bhim went near to older Honey to carry him and they step inside of the car and close the door, while the players were sit already at the back of the car.

"Let's go" and we're to head back home.

After few minutes we arrive at my house, step out of the car with my tote bag and say goodbye to them.

At my house..

"I'm ho- " as I startle of the man facing back on me.

"Oh she's here, and I leave you" were Mom stand.

"Hi, I'm Chrysha Larry" were I face the visitor.

"Hello, I'm Mr. ******* the assistant of Mrs. ******* and the one who send here to give you the payment and to pick the paintings" as he held his hand to me for a way of greeting too.

"I see, do please take a sit and I'll pick the paintings and your in perfect timing because I just done paint last night of the last piece"

"Thank you" and he sit.

"What do you want to drink? Coffee, juice or tea while waiting"

"Maybe a coffee"

"Alright" and I head to the kitchen carrying again the tote bag.

At the kitchen..

"What's we have here to eat? Oh I bought fruits and artificial flavors" as I bring out the items.

"Will use that"

"Which one? Or maybe some stock ingredient we still have"

"Yeah, I think caramel mousse is fine"

"Caramel mousse and plain coffee, and we'll take care to that and you, take care of your visitor"

"Nice idea and I'll prepare the paintings" but I head back again on the living room.

At the living room..

"I'm sorry Mr. ******* for waiting you to serve of the food and the paintings"

"It's alright, and I'm not on a rush"

"I'll be back in a minute"

Then I head to my artwork station to prepare the paintings.

"Here have something to eat and drink, Mr. ******* while waiting" As I heard Mom invites our visitor to eat and drink she serve.

"Thank you"

"Enjoy" and Mom leave as I'm entering back to the living room.

"Here's the paintings but enjoy first to eat and drink"

"The caramel mousse was delicious and thank you for this" as Mr. ******* compliment about the food.

"Your welcome"

And after Mr. ******* done eat and drink, he get the pack bag and see himself of the paintings inside the bag.

"This is cute and gorgeous"

"Oh thank you"

"Well here's the payment" as Mr. ******* lend the medium white envelope to me.

"Thank you"

"I shall go now" and he stands to leave.

"I'll go with you" and we head to the gate.

At the gate..

"Thank you again for the food and drink and see you again next time"

"Your welcome and see you again too"

"I'll go now" and he step inside now to his car.

"Take care Mr. *******"

"Thank you and call me Jake" As he face turn on me before he close the door beside him and starts the engine and leave. As I'm head back to the house which still hold the envelope.

At the house...

Hence, I open the envelope and count the money and it's worth ***** pesos. And keep on my wallet.

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