4 3. Meeting with the Client☺️

Chrysha Pov

Artwork Station..

"What will you draw this time?" Mom ask were she was behind me and I startle.

"I thought no one's behind me, you startle me Mom"

"Well I was thinking of Jesus and Virgin Mary having conversations as Son and Mom as my gift for Father and as Father's favor, I think it might be the Holy Family in a paradise"

"It's beautiful as I imagine from now, and I thought that is the other batch" Mom's opinion and I'm glad that she likes even though it's not to her.

"Father asking me a favor if I would make and bring him just one piece of my artwork, and as I arranging and cleaning his to be bedroom, I observe that even one wall painting on that room was none that's why I will make two"

"When you will give that?" Mae ask where she's in front of me suddenly.

"Tomorrow afternoon" as I starting to draw of what I said earlier it must be.

"How was the sales today?" While I'm drawing the first one.

"It's getting higher" Mom said while they was watching Korean drama.

"Try to add the eggplant steak in the menu"

"She's right Mom" Mae agreed.

"Do you have Desserts?"

"None" Mom said in a low tone.

"Add even few" While I'm putting some colors on my drawing.

"Right Mom, even just 15 desserts would be good" as Mae agreed on me and added to.

"That's plenty already, maybe 10 or 12 is enough" Mom commented.

"Yeah that's fine and when do you start to make desserts?" As I'm done on the first one, and I set aside, next is the second one which the Father's favor.

"This coming week" Mom said.

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"What dessert will you make first?"

"Mango graham ice cream" that's a good choice.

"Nice choice Mom, and will make a list after" and I'm almost done of my drawing.

"Is there something we could eat this night?"

"Mango graham that I made earlier" Mae answered.

"Join us if you get" Mae suggest.

"What time is?"as I heard Mom asking.

"Quarter to 11, Mom" Mae answered were I heard while I'm scooping the food and putting on 3 small plate. Then, I heard Kris going downstairs and heading towards to me.

"You cheat on me, how come you get when Sister Mae said that isn't time to get" Kris reacts and assaulted me of the food were I didn't know Mae said that.

"Don't assault me because I didn't know that it isn't time to get this and she doesn't told me" defending of myself.

"Then, if you want to get, get it after I've done scooping and putting this" and I'm done and head to the living room.

"What was the noise about?" Mom ask as I arrive at the living room.

"Kris assault me of getting the food were you Mae said that it isn't time to get this because it's not ready to eat"

"Yeah I said that an hour ago and we're just try this time if might be to eat" Mae answered defensive.

"Are you done of your artwork?" As Mom change the topic.

"Yeah" then each of us get the small plate with food and eat.

"Kris gets too of this?" Mae ask randomly.

"Yes and is dad arrive already?"

"Yeah while you were working on your artworks" Mae said.

"After this chapter, we're head upstairs because my eyes were about to sleep" Mom commented.

"You need to walk a bit after this before you sleep Mom, because you might have nightmare and will cause you stomach pain"

Minute pass the chapter of the Korean drama we've watching was done, the 3 small plates were put on counter top and we head upstairs.

As I woke up, I've check on my Facebook account and someone was requesting a confirmation to add him and that is Ally, so he immediately add me huh!? It's not bad to accept his request. Upon I'm scrolling, I saw a post from Yuri that he's waiting which I don't know of who and what he's waiting then, I comment down to, until someone comment too, and the comment from that someone was referring to me. Then, I log out. And I head to the kitchen to breakfast.

At the kitchen..

"When do you plan to enroll?" Mom ask suddenly as I enter and got to make cream latte.

"This coming Monday, at morning"

"Do you have a bag to pack your artworks which you will give to Father?" While she was making too, a cream latte.

"Yeah I have" we're we both about to sit.

"How about Mae, when she plan to enroll?"

"She said this coming week" as we're both too, pick hot cakes and put it in our small plate using fork.

"Good morning, woah!! Hot cakes, who cook?" Mae greeted.

"Me" Mom answered as Mae get a cup and make coffee latte, as Kris was walking towards us.

"Good morning, Mom, woah!! Is that all mine?! Hahaha" were he was joking.

Then, he get cup, and make choco latte on his own too while Mae get small plate and pick hot cakes too in 2 pieces and put in her small plate as well Kris did.

After I breakfast, I directly head to my artwork station to continue my business, and I have my client to contact with.

[ziimm, ziimm]

—————————————————————From: Mr. *******

Good am Miss Larry. Meet me tomorrow at ******* Restaurant, 9am in the morning and bring the artworks with you. See you

—————————————————————Hope he likes that I made. But do I still have a bag to pack these artworks? Might be few yet, I need to see again if how many are there on the box.

At my bedroom..

I'm right, my bags were few as well the art boards are few then, I need to buy tomorrow after I meet to Mr. *******.

I must pick a simple formal dress and classic wedge.

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