29 28 Way Back 3: Traveling☺️

Ally's Pov

"I want soccer ball, Uncle" before I stand up.

"Alright a soccer ball but if ever I can't buy a soccer ball, I'll exchange for a little car, do you like that?" I said to make him agree.

"Ok but when you will be back?" Morgan ask and Nicky came from the bedroom of Marky where they slept.

"I don't know Morgan but I'll send after I buy that so don't worry" and I tap his head.

"Alright" Morgan said as he agrees to what I said.

"What is that again, Morgan?" Nicky ask Morgan in furrowed where I'm about to carry my luggage and the bag.

"Don't tell to Mommy" Morgan whispers before I step out.

"Why? Your mommy will known that soon"when I stopped and Nicky was sneering. And Morgan face turn grimaced.

"By the way, where's Mom?" I ask before I head out of our house.

"At the garden" Nicky answers and I head towards the garden.

At the garden..

"Mom I'll head now" where I bid farewell.

"Be careful and call us" Mom said while she's watering some plants.

"Yes Mom and tell Dad" and I left.

While I was heading out of the house carrying my luggage bag and back pack, Nicky was giving me a sign of hand text about the conversation earlier between me and Morgan and I agreed. Then I make my way now towards to church.

Upon walking and not far from house, I saw the van of Father heading towards maybe in our house and I stopped from there then look backward to where the van is.

Right then the van stops in-front of our house and Father step out of the car. Then I rushed backward towards to house.

While I'm heading back to house, the man on the front where a driver sits was taking glimpses at our house and waiting for Father to step out.

As I was heading inside, Father alerted me and head towards to after he talk to Mom.

"I thought you almost forgot that we'll leave today and you still asleep until 6 or 7" Father said while we're heading towards his van.

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"Haha, I woke up 5am" I said as the man opens the door at the middle.

"Really!? Well, let's go" Father said and we step in.

After we step inside the car, the man starts the engine and drive away.

In the middle of the journey we make conversations about what age I am, if I have a girlfriend and others but not too many personal things. Then we laugh as we heard our stomach get growled in hunger.

"Seems we're all hungry so we need to stop by in cafeteria or a fast food restaurant"Father stated as we agreed.

"Let's try Father to eat in ******* and I think the place there was refreshing"the man suggests and Father was thinking of.

"Aright let's try there"Father said and when the man turn the car right.

"Here we are" the man said as he park the car. Then we brought out our wallet and keep in the pocket as well the phones before we step out of the car and make way to *******.

At the *******...

When we enter, we head directly towards in the counter and look up the menu board to see what type of foods are they selling.

"What do you want to order?" Father ask and peek on us.

"I like to order 1 grilled salmon, and rice of course then water" I stated and look for our seating place.

"What about you Jess?" Father ask him as we still standing in the counter.

"For me is 1 seafood soup, 1 and a half rice then water too" the man answer which Jess is his name.

"Alright but I'll be the one to pay for our orders" Father said as I'm about to take off the money from my wallet.

"But Father!?" as I and Jess both in awe.

"My treat and the rice we'll make in one plate" Father said where I keep back my wallet.

"That would be nice and I will help you Father to carry our orders" Jess said before we order.

"And I'll be the one to look for our seats" I said and look for our seating place.

When I found our seating place I was in deep sigh of what else I could do for myself and for living not just from Father's giving until Father and Jess came with our orders. And I help out them to put our orders on the table.

"Nice choice of seating place, boy" Jess said towards to me before they sit.

"Thank you" and I dig in.

"Your right Jess, and refreshing" Father said before he eats his foods while Jess was now eating too. This might be the cause of hungrier. 😂😂😂

Of just dig in until the food was empty.

"Your done both of you!?" Father said in awe when he saw our plates are empty and bowl as well.

"Your not that hungry, do you!?" Father said while he's still eating.

"Do you want to order again?" Father ask and I think I'm craving for fruit salad.

"Side dishes maybe but I'll pay for it, how about you? What's your name?" Jess said and ask while I'm drinking water.

"I'm Ally and yeah or dessert something" I said and suggests after I drank the bottle of water.

"I saw earlier a crab noodles while we're ordering for savory" Jess said where Father was almost done to eat.

"You like that Ally?" Jess ask and I was thinking that it's not bad to try something new to eat such that food where Jess mention earlier.

"Yeah and I think it's good, how about you Father?" As I made my decision.

"I think so too and who will go to order?" Father agrees and ask while he's getting a table napkin to wipes his mouth maybe.

"I am Father, but I don't know if how much is that" Jess said before he go to the counter while I'm taking out my money.

"I'll ask first if how much then I will back" Jess thought and he head towards to counter.

"Can I ask you Father?" While he's wiping his mouth now.

"What is it?" Father answer and ask after he wipes his mouth of table napkin. Then Jess came back where I'm almost to ask of what age he is.

"The crab noodles was worth *** pesos" Jess said and there's a possibility that I have change from the money I take out.

"Here's mine" as I lend my paper money to him for the payment in the food.

"Here's mine too" Father said as he lend his money too to Jess and left after.

"Where do we stop on our conversation?" Father ask after Jess left.

"I was about to ask of how old Jess is" I stated and Father was thinking of how old Jess is.

"But I'm not sure of his age today, his maybe in 33 or 34 like that" Father said in reminiscing face.

"If that's the case his older than me" I said and Jess came back with 3 bowls of crab noodles in the tray and spoons as well. And I help him to put down and separate the bowls from Father, to him and mine where Father was on the spoons who's separating.

"The smell was delicious" Jess said and he's right then I dig in and was so good to eat. The taste of the crab was there. Until I finish eating it and the bowl was now empty like there's no leftover of noodles neither the broth.

"I'll get a bottle of water and who wants to join?" before I stand up.

"Get one for me too, how about you Father?" Jess said and ask Father as I stand up.

"I still have bottle of water in the van but thank you" Father said and he continues to eat. Then I make way to the bottle area near the counter.

As I'm heading to the bottle area, I roam around this cafeteria and it was big enough and how plenty of customers coming by to eat. Customers where like us a traveler, some are coming home, some are vacationers and even drivers of trucks in big or small.

When I reach the bottle area and as fast I get a 2 bottle of water, I head back immediately to where our table is.

"I forgot to give you this earlier, your change" Jess said as he lend back my change.

"Thank you" as I take my money. And we head way to the van after Father eat his noodles.

At the van..

As fast we reach here, we immediately open the door of the van and step in. Then Jess starts again the engine after we step in the van and close the door.


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