3 2. Arriving of Ally☺️

After I've done cleaning and arranging to Father's bedroom, I head to another room and roam around which Sister Tessa arranging and cleaning. The looks are clean, simple and fresh to see.

"How does it look for you?" As I startle when Sister Tessa came suddenly and ask as opinion.

"Well it's not bad, a clean and simple is nice looking after all" where I am standing and looking from the door.

"Which color of the curtains would be look great?" as she ask an opinion on me like I was an expert in interior design but I just has a good taste. And I was a fan of those interior designer. Hehe. Nevertheless, I was thankful too because there is someone who sees my other talent like this.

"The green one, Sister" I thoughtful answered.

"Really!? Let we see" and she hang up the curtains instantly above the window and I'm right, it looks simple, fresh and manly now of the bedroom.

"Your right, and the bedroom looks manly now, how creative thinker you are" as how she amaze and said and I smile.

"Thank you" she said. I couldn't wonder if they have here a wall painting until Sister reacts of how the bedroom looks like when we're back at Father's bedroom after I hang up the curtains on the window.

Until we heard a car's arrive and must be the new priest and his assistant who came. And we both, Sister Tessa look if it's them. Their actually 3 when we're welcoming them.

"Hello Father, glad to meet you and you two come inside to take you rest from long journey, and Jess, how are you? It's been a long months since we see each other, and he must be your assistant Father!? What's your name boy?" As Sister Tessa greeted the new priest and the two men.

"Hello too, Sister, I'm Father Simon, what's your name Sister?" As Father greeted too and introduce himself to us.

"Oh Father I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself to you earlier, I'm Sister Tessa who manage here and taking care of church and to serve you, and by the way Father, this is Chrysha Larry who helps here through donating her artworks" as Sister Tessa introducing herself to Father while the man she ask minute ago are ready to introduce himself to us, but he noticed that Sister Tessa was busy making conversation to Father, when I almost to help Jess to carry the luggage and that's I observe a little while to him until Sister Tessa introducing me to Father and head to him to greet.

"Really!? So it's true of what Father Miguel told me about here, can I ask you a favor Miss Larry? Will you make and bring me a one piece of your artwork?!" Where Father reacts and suggest about my artwork.

"Yes Father and shall we go inside Sister, Father and gentlemen?!" As Sister invites them to head inside the house.

"Wait, let me introduce to you my assistant Ally" as Father face to him as well as introducing.

"Hello" a shy greet of him.

"Let's go inside, for you might have a rest and take a meal" as Sister Tessa invite them.

Father might has to say about the luggage that he face turn back were Jess instantly recognized and said "don't worry Father about the luggage, I've already put them inside".

"Thank you, Jess, your the reliable" Father said in a genuine smile.

Before they go inside the house, I'm gonna say goodbye yet, Sister Tessa stop me for awhile.

"Jess, will you take a ride of Chrysha to their home?!" As Sister Tessa asking favor to Jess.

"Sure Sister, shall we go Miss Larry!?" Jess answered and we head to their car and left.

At Father's car..

"Nice meeting you, Miss Larry" Jess said when we just left.

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Jess" I said politely as I took my phone from my pocket.

"I think Ally has interest on you" Jess said while I open my phone and sign into my account.

"Really!? How can you say that?" I ask while I'm scrolling down at my phone.

"The way he stares at you when I'm picking up the luggage at the back and there I saw" Jess said when I saw a video and I played.

"What kind of stare? Hahaha, oh I'm sorry, I was listening to this" I deadpan and laugh as I was listening to the video.

"It's alright, he mesmerized by you" Jess said

After we arrive at the house, I thank Jess for the ride and he left.

At my house..🏡

"What took you so long and who take you home?" A sudden ask of Mom when I get in.

"We make sure that the bedrooms we arrange and clean are cleaned, and we welcome our new priest and his assistant that's why, did you already dinner?" when I'm closing the door.

"Not yet, because we're waiting for you" Mae answered as she was preparing for our dinner.

"What's the name of our new priest?" Mom ask as she is curious.

"Father Simon" and I help preparing plates, glass and utensils for dinner while Mae are on the foods.

"Where is Kris?" When I'm almost done preparing the plates, glasses and utensils.

"He's upstairs, at the living room doing his homework" Mae answer.

"Kris, come down and we dinner" Mom called Kris.

"A minute, I'll finish this one" Kris answer.

"Alright" and we eat.

While we're eating, we're having conversations and Mom start it.

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"Who take you home?" Mom ask the same question that I didn't answer awhile ago.

"Jess, their driver" While I'm scooping a big spoon of rice.

"Is he young man, middle age man or old man?" Mom question like it interrogate you.

"A middle age man, I know you know him Mom" Before I eat a spoon of rice with small piece of meat on top of rice.

"You mean, Jess Green who usually the driver of Sister!?" As Mom reacts of knowing Jess well.

"Yes" After I eat a one spoon of rice with eggplant steak above on it.

"You done finishing your homework?" Mom ask Kris as about to sit and assures him.

"Yeah and what is this meal?" Kris reacts of how the eggplant cooked.

"It's eggplant steak and try it" Mom answer.

Then, Kris pick one and taste and Mom ask him of what's the taste for him.

"It's good" and he get few of it and eat, while we Mom, Mae and Me was done eating. And I head towards to my artwork station and thinking of what I must draw for Father's favor.

Artwork station..

Maybe a simple paradise would be nice.

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