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At the ******* private airplane...🛩

"She is!! Because the way you look at her is different from other ladies you've been hanging out in a days" the man said as he's insisting Jake to tell of what he's talking about.

"Don't you have anything to do?!? I'll give you one" Jake said when he about to annoys.

"What is it??" The man looks it challenge Jake of what task will it give to him.

"Your game to it!?" Jake said which sounds into smile.

"Yes and said it before I refuse, hehe" the man said like he's kidding.

"Alright, the task are, ???" What is the task which Jake needs to whisper to him?!

"Are you serious?!" The man sounds in shock of what Jake must need he to do.

"There's a reward if you do that" Jake said to the man after he whisper to the man.

"I don't want to, and might she has a boyfriend and I'd be killed if I did that even it has reward" the man sounds offensive about what Jake whisper to him.

"Alright, then keep our conversation about her" Jake said in low voice where I'm still heard while I'm still on nap.

"Fine" The man agreed and as I fell into deep sleep.




Until my stomach growling of hunger so I blink my eyes to open.

"I think our sleeping beauty is hungry" Jake said while he's eating as I full awake.

"What time is it?" When I sat properly.

"It's 2pm, Miss Larry" Jake answers as he cutting a meat.

"So I've been asleep in hours" when I took my phone from the bag.

"Yes but I think your hungry, do you?!" Jake answers as he reminds me of my growling stomach.

"Hehe, yes but is there any payment if I order here a food?" As I comb my hair using hands.

"There's no payment and it's free accommodation for you" Jake said before he sip his glass of wine.

"Seriously?! It's free??" I'm a bit shocked.

"Lend her the menu, Genty" Jake's order to the man who is in-front of him.

"Yes Mr. *******" Mr. Genty follows Jake's order where he lend me the menu instantly.

"Thank you" as I take the menu.

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"So what's your order?" Jake asks like he's curious.

"Hmm.. I'll take sweet and sour prawn, garlic fried rice and strawberry shake, that's all" and I lend back the menu to Mr. Genty.

"Sweet and sour prawn, garlic fried rice and strawberry shake, ok" Mr. Genty replays my order before he left bedside me.

"Wait!! Genty, bring her too a blue berry ice cream, I'm sure she's gonna love it" Jake said as he add my order.

"Yes Mr. *******" then Mr. Genty agreed and heads to where the kitchen is.

"There's a chef here?" I'm just curious, ya know.

"Yes, there is Miss Larry, and do you sleep well?" Jake said after he eat one spoon of ice cream but I don't know of what flavor is but the color is like mango.

"Yes I sleep well and what flavor of ice cream are you eating?" As I'm facing him.

"Oh this is cheddar cheese ice cream" Jake answer after he ate again of one spoon of ice cream.

"I see" and he scoop again one spoon of ice cream on his glass.

"Here's your food, Miss" where Mr. Genty said and as he interrupts on our Jake's conversations.

"Thank you" and Mr. Genty serve the food and put on the table one by one to me.

"Your ice cream will be serve later" Mr. Genty adds after he serve the foods.

"Thank you again" and he left after.

"Eat well, Miss Larry and enjoy" Jake said before I eat.






Then drink..

"How was the food?" Jake ask while I was drinking the strawberry shake.

"The foods is delicious" I answer after I drink the strawberry shake.

"We're glad that you like the food which you still have a leftover in your face" Jake said while Mr. Genty is getting the dishes of Jake used.

"Which part of my face?" And I'm finding of where is.

"At the right side of your face above your lips" then I take my make up kit to look my face.

"Let me wipe for you" as he heads towards to me.

"No thank you, I'll wipe my face" where he's getting closer to me.

"Here's your blue berry ice cream, Miss" When Mr. Genty came at the moment. And Jake step beside me where Mr. Genty serving my blue berry ice cream with small spoon as he taking too the dishes I used.

"Thank you" and Mr. Genty left and heads to where the kitchen is.

"Mr. *******, will you sit down because I'm not comfortable that you're standing there beside me, and I'll wipe my face after this" before I take to eat the blue berry ice cream.

"Really Miss Larry!? But your comfortable when we're sitting beside each other like earlier on my car" he has sharp mind does he!?

"Hehe, cause your position today is like your a beggar that pleasing to give you money or foods" and he sit on the chair where in-front of me.

"Is that how it looks like to you!?" And he grab my glass of ice cream into him.

"Hehe, kind of!? Take back my ice cream" where he's gripping the glass of ice cream tightly.

"Your not teasing me are you?!" He does believe of my serious kidding.

"Haha, no I'm not so can you take back my ice cream?!?" And the grip of his hand into the glass of ice cream become wild and I fast take it and eat as fast as it could before he would know that I'm joking him.

"Mr. Genty, can I have water to drink!? Thank you" until I feel a thumb of hand wiping my face where the leftover food stick on my face above my lips.

"Your still not wiping your face so I wipe it now" where the way he wipes my face is slowly.

"Here's your water, Miss" Mr. Genty said after Jake wipes my face using his thumb of hand and it's better that he came instant before something might be happen like kiss.

"Thank you" as I took the glass of water and drink after.

"Your not thirsty, do you!?" He ask while I'm drinking water.

"No and I don't want to have sore throat" I answer after I drank a glass of water.

"I see but that's good, your taking care of your health" as he sit comfortably where his back leaning on the chair and his hand are crossed and looking at me.

"Of course, why didn't you!?" And I takes wipes from my bag.

"Of course I do take care too, I've been going to a gym every weekends" he said while I'm wiping my face using wipes paper.

"It looks in your body figure but do you have here a trash bin?" As I'm done wiping my face.

"Yea it has, there's a button in your left arm chair and click that" as he instructs then I follow what he said.

"Thanks" then the trash bin pulled out.

"We're landing in rooftop deck of ******* company" the assistant pilot shout announce.

"Are you ready? And Genty can you lend me please my tablet" he ask and order Mr. Genty where I'm taking my phone from my bag.

"Yes I'm ready" while I'm taking back my wipes on my bag.

"Genty, could you later bring down the luggage of Miss Larry?!" He ask and order where I can feel that the airplane was taking a landing.

"Yes Mr. *******" Mr. Genty politely answer where we waiting the airplane to land off.

"I'm curious to know that why you don't have a luggage you bring" when I'm bringing back my phone on my bag. And it's useless that I take out where I didn't use.

"I didn't bring because I will back tomorrow morning" he answers while he's looking at his tablet.


"We're now landed at the rooftop deck of ******* company" the assistant pilot shout announce as we ourselves are preparing to step out of the airplane. Then Mr. Genty took my luggage.

After that, the 3 of us heads to the door of the airplane to step out.

"Be careful of your steps to step out" the assistant pilot advise while I'm about to step out and next to me on my back is Jake and the last as Mr. Genty with my luggage carrying.

"Wait for us after you step down" he said as I'm bit closer to step on the ground.

"Yea I will" as I'm stepping down in the stairway of the airplane.

"Annyeong, Miseu" a man bow which maybe in 20's or 30's of age he is came to us.

"Annyeong" as I lift my hand as a greet again.


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