18 17 Last Night, Last Day☺️

"The prawn rice cake was good and delicious" as I taste carefully.

"I'm glad you like it, try this one" when he lend the fish soup to me.

"Alright, what about you? You don't want to try to eat the food you cooked?" Where I take one piece and put on my food pack with rice in.

"I will" but I didn't see him get his spoon and fork, instead he's looking at me eating as I saw at peripheral view of my eyes while I'm eating.

"The fish soup is good too, try it" then he scoop a bit and sip after I said.

"Your right" and he take scoop of fish soup then put in his food pack with rice and began to eat.

As we enjoy eating, talking and laughing to each other like we're knowing more each.

"Wait!! What time is it? We should go home now" as we forgot the time along.

"Oh yeah, the time is 9:15pm, we almost forgot the time by enjoying ourselves talking or more like knowing again to each other" when we pack hurriedly the food packs and bottles and put into the basket.

"Haha, Yeah and thank you" as we done packing the food packs.

"I'm the one who must thank you because you accept my invitation and making this a memorable one as our first date" when we both stand up and fix ourselves to leave.

"As we both enjoy this night" and we both take shoes in as we both step out of the picnic blanket.

"Yeah, but can you hold this basket first? Hehe, I'm gonna fix this blanket in a sec" were he lend me the basket to hold.

"Alright" and I take and carry the basket which is bit heavy.

"Is it bit heavy?" As he noticed.

"Hehe, Yeah" where I smile a bit.

"Take down the basket and I carry that after" while he's fixing the picnic blanket.

"I'm sorry that I let you carry the basket" as he done fixing the picnic blanket and put above the basket.

"It's alright, because we thought it's not heavy either a bit" while I'm checking myself using my camera phone if there's leftover food on my face.

"Here" as he take out the one piece of rice above my lips.

"T-thank you" then as I'm about to keep my phone on my purse when he lift my chin up and kiss me again in same way he did hours ago. And I kiss him back which lean me forward to him after.

[beep, beep]

That made us break the kiss suddenly.

"Did you enjoy the night?" Rendy shout ask.

"Yes, we did enjoy though it has bit argument, hehe" when we head towards to him.

"Haha, that's alright, come on in" when he invites us to step in into his car and to go home.

"I think the most enjoyed is you, Yuri, am I right!?" Where maybe he teases Yuri because of a bit lipstick evidence on his lips and I saw just right now. Hahaha.

"I think so too, haha" as I and Yuri both step inside to Rendy's car where his on other side.

"So your teasing me now, huh!?" He says in a smile after he close the door and put down the basket at the front seat which in-front of me. When Rendy starts the car and we leave.

At Rendy's car...

"Wait!! How about the telescope? You won't get it?" When I face turn to him.

"Somebody will get that to him" Rendy answers.

"I see, did you wipe your face already?" Do I have wipes here? And yes I do have. I didn't take out always as I remember.

"Not yet, do you have wipes?" And I get the wipes.

"Yeah I do have, here" as I lend to him.

"Thanks" he takes and he wipes his face after he get one piece of wipes.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Mom

Where are you now? It's nearly midnight


I take out the phone from purse.



To: Mom

We're on the way



"Here's the wipes" he lend back the pack of wipes. And I take after I keep my phone to purse.

"We're here" Rendy announce as we arrive at my house.

"I enjoy the night and goodnight to you both" as I'm about to open the door.

"We're glad that you enjoyed the night and goodnight too" he says before I step out of the car.

As I'm stepping out of the car, a hand grab me where makes my body twist a bit and kiss me in my lips at seconds. Which is Yuri who kiss me.

"You're not that addictive to her lips, do you?!" Rendy said after Yuri kiss me.

"I think that too" as I twist back to step out of the car.

"Thank you again Rendz for the ride" then I'm stepping out of the car.

"My pleasure" and I close the door then head to the house.

At the house..

"I'm home" when I step in and about to close the door.

"I think that's not hangout of where you went, right!?" Mom guess as I close the door and lock.

"Why? Haha" were I head towards to her at the living room and kiss her on the cheeks.

"Because the way you drew today is different" Mom observes.

"What's the difference? When I meet the client, I also wear like this but the difference is the shoes I wear" while we're heading to stairway after we turn off the lights downstairs.

"Don't deny sweetheart, because I smell the aroma cologne of a man from you" as we stepping up in stairway.

"Haha, Alright I'm gonna tell you" when we head now to my bedroom.

"I had a date with Yuri" and I open the door to my bedroom.

"So did you enjoy the night? Where did you date?" Mom is so happy and excited to hear about as I head to the closet to change. But the purse was on the table I put.

Minutes pass when I change clothes on the closet then back to bedroom.

"I do enjoy and so was he, the food is good and delicious which he's the one who cooked" while I'm putting the purse into the bag but I take my phone.

"Really!? He takes an effort to it, by the way you need to rest now for tomorrow right!? You still need to prepare yourself, goodnight" when she stand up from sitting on my bed.

"I know and I appreciate that too and goodnight too, Mom" where Mom was leaving and about to close the door.

"I'll be the one to close" then I close the door and put my phone on the table and turn off the lights.

Hours to sleep 💤💤💤

[niimm, niimm]alarm tone of phone

[ziimm, ziimm]

[ziimm, ziimm]

At early morning 2 messages I got huh!?

Might be Ally and Yuri. I'll look later while I'm taking breakfast but now I'm gonna fix my bed.

[knuck, knuck]

"Sweetheart Sha, wake up now" Mom thought I'm still asleep.

"I'm awake, Mom" I answered and done fixing my bed.

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"Alright and head downstairs to breakfast" mom adds before she leave from outside of my room.

"Yes Mom" as I take my phone, unlock and open the door then close.

And head to the kitchen.

At the kitchen..

"I've done made of chocolate latte" while she's making chocolate hot cake.

"I missed that chocolate latte" as I get a cup and head to coffee machine.



From: Jake

Good morning, are you ready Miss Stammered? Hahaha


While the chocolate latte was pouring down in the cup.

He's teasing me huh!? Tsk!!!

So I'm wrong about the guess earlier but who's the other one who send message?



From: Yuri

Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well last night? I think yes, am I right?!


I'm right about the other one.

Oh it's done pour the chocolate latte. Where Mom still cooking the hot cake.

I head again to the stool to sit and wait the chocolate hot cake to be cooked.



To: Jake

Good morning too, Mister Chikboy, I'm ready, haha





To: Yuri

Good morning too. Haha, Yeah I sleep well last night but I think as well as you, you sleep well which you dreamed of me, are you?! Hahaha



Because it's been hours again before I've fallen asleep last night and that's the second time I have experienced again at night.

"The chocolate hot cake are cooked" Mom says as she put the plate of chocolate hot cakes in the island.

Just in time that I'm done sending messages to the two. And get small plate and spoon.

"Get 2 small plates as well as spoon" Mom said as follows.

"Ok" so I get 2 small plates and spoons as well and back to the stool.

"Here's for you, Mom" as I lend the small plate and spoon to her.

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