17 16 Date with Yuri☺️

At Rendy's car...

"I'm just glad that you accept my invitation yet I'm feeling jealous right now as I'm seeing you texting or chatting to someone and imagining you that your with some guys talking and laughing to each other" he notice his self act.

"It does hurt right, Yuri!?" Rendy told Yuri in a man talk.

" I have a reason why I accept" where I keep back my phone on purse.

" I know it's not that easy to forget of what I've done but give me a chance to prove my love for you, Sha" as he held my hands.

"Act in it if you want to prove" when I lift back my hand from him.

"Sha is right" Rendy agrees at me. Where I see Yuri's face was down.

" I'm sorry, Sha" and he never held my hands again.

"Don't ruin your date for that because we're here" Rendy says as the car stops.

"And enjoy" as I and Yuri both prepare ourselves.

"Thanks Rends" where Yuri tap the right shoulder of Rendy before he open the door beside him.

As I'm about to open the door right beside me, when Yuri was the one who open the door for me and he lift his left hand as a sign of inviting me to held, and I held it as well my purse. Then he close the door after I step out.

"Thanks Rendy" before Rendy leave.

"Close your eyes first" and I close my eyes as he said.

"Don't worry I'm here beside you and just walk slowly and follow as I say" as he instructs me before we head to where we go which I don't know.

"Ok" and he hold my hand.

"Let's go" then we head.

As we're walking and head to where is, I feel of how gentle and care Yuri towards to me, until we stop in a moment.

"Why did we stop? Did we reach now? Can I open my eyes already?" As I stand still.

"We're here and you will open your eyes after I count back to 1, ok!?" He says and instruct me again.

"Ok" then he let go my hand.

"3..2.. and 1 open your eyes" then I open my eyes and blink one more time.

"It's beautiful" where I saw full of Christmas lights that surrounds at the pine tree and in between of, and the bushes as well, then a scented candles around the picnic blanket, but there's more. It has a tree house near the left bushes and filled with scented candles too in stairway.

"I know your gonna like, and shall we!?" As he invites me to head there.

"Of course" then we heads through.

"So you prepared" where we both removing our shoes on the grass.

"Yes, for you to proved that I loved you" and he held my hands again and hold.

[ziimm, ziimm]

When I'm about to get my phone on my purse, Yuri stop me by griping my hand.

"What? I'm just gonna look if Mom was the one who message me, ok!? Because I send her a message permission that I leave already awhile ago" and he let go after.

Then I get my phone.



From: Mom

Alright and be home before midnight, ok!?


I'm right that it's Mom who messaged me.



To: Mom

I will, Mom



"I'm sorry if what I react, but do you want to stargaze?" He invites me after he apologize and that made me surprise because stargaze was one of my wish to happen yet I don't expect that he's the one who will make my wish came true.

"Yeah sure, I love that" and he gave me bunched of roses.

"Im sorry I forget to give you this earlier, but hope you like it" then I take though roses has no smell but, that's my favorite flower.

Did he know this is my favorite flower?!

"It's alright and thank you, actually this is my favorite flower" as we stand still.

"Really!? I'm glad to, and shall we?" And he lift his hand as an invitation to held his hand.

"Where are we going?" As we take our shoes in.

"To the tree house to stargaze" and we head to.

"Oh yeah" as I feel his hand holds my hand gentle.

"You step up first" then he let go of my hand when I head up.

At the tree house...

"It's more beautiful in here and the wind was refreshing" as we reach.

"But for me there's only one that brights the most" where I look around the tree house while he saying that.

"I wonder which star is that, and look!! A fallen star, do you wish if you saw a fallen star?" Where I look back at him and I feel awkward after because he's staring at me until he grab my wrist and he kiss me again in a passionate and pull me bit more into him like no space between us. And he's urging me to kiss him back, then I kiss him back but it's not that I just follow him, I like too.

Until we both breathe taking after.

"Your still wonder which I'm talking about?" He says afterward where he still lean my back by his hand into him.

"No!? Hehe" were I'm still leaning to him even my feet are on toe up.

"There's still a question on your answer, I think you might want to have a proof again" he says with smirk. Oh my!!!

"Oh is that a proof? Haha" cause I was confuse of what that's for and even I'm still lean to him.

"It is, do you believe now?" The way he said that, are his eyes questioning and saying to believe him where I'm still curious if I believe him or not.

"Maybe? Shall we stargaze now!? We might lose the time to see the other stars" for changing topic. Because I don't want to expect from him and I'm not sure for other days if he's still like this.

I'm not a fool to follow heart fully, because if you follow your heart fully, then your lose when someone like him might you met or other guys like playboy neither a guy your not sure of if he's the one.

I'm just careful and use brains before heart.

"Yeah and let's go there" and he let me go where he taking down his hand from my back, and his face was down again.

And I'm head to where the telescope place.

"Look!! There's so many fallen stars and stars that brights beautiful" as I'm looking at. I don't know if he walk towards to me.

"Really!? Let me see" and I step back for him to take a look of the stars.

"Just stay here by my side" where he hold my arm.

"I'm here, I won't go anywhere and it's dark to go somewhere" were I stand still in his left side.

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"I know but just stay by my side" as he still looking of the stars.

"Alright" where I just stand still and follow him because he's like mad now. What could there be mad about?

Few minutes passes, he's done looking the stars even he's still holding my arms then it moved into my hands.

"Why your taking so long to look at the stars?" And he look at me after.

"Because I realize that your the star I've always miss even I'm counting the stars" where he still hold my hands.

"Haha" because he's like a playboy that acts.

"Why do you laugh? I'm not kidding" and he tantrums.

"I know and don't mind that, are you hungry?" As I smile a bit and change topic.

"Don't mind that?! Are you serious?? I'm trying now to prove to you that I loved you and want to get a chance to you and your just-" when he let go of my hands and step back a distance from me.

"Are you going to ruin this night? This our first date?!" As I'm stand still near the telescope.

"No and I'm sorry and I'm hungry, let's go" then he hold my hand again until we reach the picnic blanket. And take off our shoes and step into the blanket.

"Hope you like the meal I cooked for us" when he get the basket on his back and put between us.

"You open" He says after he set the aside the holder of the basket.

The I open the basket and set aside the cover.

"I don't know of what's your favorite food but hope you like the foods" as I'm bringing out the pack foods beside us.

"I think it's quite delicious by the looks through" then I open one by one and it smells so delicious.

"You want to try that one now?" And he get the spoon and fork for me and lend to.

"Yeah" I take the spoon and fork from him.

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